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top bullying blogs 2013row-of-heartsHi Terry, We hope your having a great week. We are the team behind an anti bullying website and forum based in Northern Ireland and been active since summer 2013. We have people visit our site from the US, Canada, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand to the Middle East and Africa and in April over 60,000 people will visit the website.

We wanted to help parents or children looking for help and advice find local experts and resources, so to this end we started to visit websites in local areas, saving our favourites. We have now listed our favourite 100 anti bullying websites from the past year and created a post on our site, linking to them.


We just wanted to let you know that we added your site to this list – based on its content and impact we feel it is having to people in your local community. We will do a press release on this later this week and hopefully over time this will be a valuable source of traffic to your site.

We would be honoured if you felt it was okay to share this page on social media – as it will in turn bring more visitors to the sites listed and help spread a common anti bullying/cyber bullying message from these amazing sites around the world. We will share it on our social networks multiple times ( the links for these are at the bottom of every page on our website )

I am forever Grateful for your kindness and honored in recognition of this prestigious Award, Lotsa Luv



We know that there are excellent websites run by people whom all have a common goal around the world and that is to share actionable information on bullying and cyber bullying to help people suffering from this. Sometimes, as people – we do not say ‘Thank you’ enough…..and this is what we wanted to change. We wanted to reach out to fellow anti bullying campaigners and thank them for doing such a purposeful job. Discover The Best Bullying and Cyber Bullying Blogs To Read!

There is also a lot of value in connecting with fellow anti bullying campaigners – as a co-ordinated message around the world will make all the difference in changing attitudes to this blight.
We set about identifying websites or projects that we felt had a positive effect in the community – reminding as many people as possible about bullying and being more considerate of those around us, especially with cyber bullying at the moment.
We looked for recently updated websites – with great content, real life experiences and a passion in the writing.
We looked for community projects that got local people together to raise awareness.
We wanted to acknowledge younger people who have taken a brave step to speak out about what has happened to them and start their own movement
We looked for people and groups of people who have been involved in fighting bullies for many years, having helped many people.

Top 100 Anti-Bullying Blogs
Bullying Stories, DitchTheLabel, BuddyUpAgainstBullying, ThroggsNick -LA FAMIGLIA, Jessica Vs Bullying, Cyber Bullying No More, Net Family News, Bullies Be Gone, Minding the Workplace, Richard Paul’s Blog on Workplace Bullying, KickBully, The People BottomLine, Bully Blocking Australia,, Coalition for Children
Inside Outed, Cyberbullying Research Center, Bully Free At Work, Stop Bullying, Stix and Stones, Be A Voice And Stop Bullying, BULLIED NO MORE, Standing Against Bullies, ANTI-BULLYING – ANTI-DEPRESSION – HELP, Bullies2Buddies
Loser Gurl, Mobbing and Bullying, Bullying of Academics in Higher Education, A Day Dreamer’s World, Bullseye, Report Bullying, EyePAT Anti-Bullying Training, The Magna Carta School Anti Bullying Blog, Overcome Bullying, Work Pro Blog, Parenting Ideas, ESRC Bullying and Humour Styles Project, Victims of Gay Bullying, STOP Bullying! Canada!, Stop Bullying at the University of NewCastle, Anti-Bullying: Speak up, Reach out, and Stop Bullying!
Attorney Robin L. Allweiss for Bullying and Cyberbullying Tampa Bay Victims Rights!, DEAR BULLY, The New Bullying Prevention, Stop Workplace Bullies Now!, Carrie Herbert : The Recovery of Bullied Children, CLAPA, Rallying for, Hope & Healing after Bullying, Jackson Quigg Associates Ltd On Workplace Bullying, Kristen Caven, School Counseling By Heart, No 2 Bullying, Lorin Nicholson, Simon Clegg, Wayne Denner, Youth Speaker and Digital Expert, The Resilience Doughnut, Ken Rigby, Stand Up Now Canada, Gabe and Izzy : Voice for America’s Bullied, Shaun Dellenty, Anna Michele, Robert Higgs Anti-Bullying Drama Presentations, Workshops & Resources for Schools, Jodee Blanco, The Peninsula Ireland Blog, ronkempmusic, Bully 4 U, Eternalegacy, End Cyberbullying, Ramon Thomas, di doodles about stuff, Ian Rivers PhD, LGBT youth north west, THE EMPATHETIC ACTIVIST, Dr Michele Borba, Media Mentors, The Bully Doctor, Mobbing 101, School Bullying EU, Moms Fighting Bullying, Bullyb3atdown, SchoolDays, KickBully, The Positivity Solution, EduDabbling, Mummy Whisperer, Stage of Life, ChangeBoard, An Irish Patel, Stop Bullying Canada!

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The Freedom Project: Prevention Through Education

Prevention Through Education

The Village Resource Center

The Village Resource Center

In Thailand, The Freedom Project works with children at risk to prevent human trafficking & child sexual exploitation through education & community development. Through educational scholarships, tutoring, mentors, workshops & additional programs at our community Resource Center, we’re helping more than 130 children reach their potential & become the leaders of tomorrow.

What is the issue, problem, or challenge?
Half of all children in rural northern Thailand are forced by poverty to drop out of school at a young age & very few continue past primary school. The statistics are even worse for girls, who are often obligated to provide income for their families. Many of them, lacking education & resources, end up exploited in Thailand’s sex industry.

How will this project solve this problem?
The SOLD Project developed its holistic “Freedom Project” prevention program and opened its Resource Center to keep children at risk off the path to prostitution & give them hope for a better future. By providing educational scholarships & access to tutoring, mentors, trafficking awareness courses, English lessons & other skills training, SOLD is transforming lives. Drop-out rates have plummeted & for the first time girls in this community are pursuing high school & university degrees.

Potential Long Term Impact
By investing in the education & development of these at-risk children, we not only prevent them from becoming victims of exploitation, but we free them to succeed, rise from poverty, & change the future for their families, their children, & beyond. These children are a new generation with the tools and understanding to become Thailand’s future leaders.

Funding Information
Total Funding Received to Date: $52,797
Remaining Goal to be Funded: $47,202
Total Funding Goal: $99,999

Photos The Freedom Project



Employees being rude to co-workers? Make it your business

rb-ca-bullyingMary has a way of going on and on about things. With her high-pitched voice and never-ending questions about unimportant details, she gets on everyone’s nerves. Over time, team members have marginalized her by excluding her from social activities. She is not included in chatter around the coffee machine or impromptu after-work drinks.
Unfortunately, this marginalization extends to excluding Mary from informal work-related discussions that relate directly to her duties.

When Mary asks her manager for help, he says there’s nothing that he can do. “I am a manager, not a social director,” he says, “I can’t get involved in everyone’s personal lives. Just ignore it. Get a thicker skin and move on.” As the months pass, Mary is increasingly distanced from the team.

Situations like this unfold in every workplace, and employers often take the do-nothing route. They classify these commonplace, seemingly insignificant rude or discourteous behaviours as ‘workplace incivility.’ It’s perceived as a social dynamic issue, where the employer has no business or authority to intervene.

If you are that manager or employer, you may want to rethink your approach. Situations like this can expose the employer to legal liability. Employers have an obligation to provide a safe work environment, and this extends to protecting employees from harassment and bullying. Obviously, employers cannot address situations they know nothing about. However, once they are put on notice, or ought to know, then doing nothing does not satisfy their obligation.

Beyond the legal risk, the do-nothing approach has additional ramifications. First, there’s productivity. Work suffers when the affected employee is distracted, worried, and prone to mistakes.

Second, there’s health. Continuing exposure to persistent exclusion by a group can lead to illness, both mental and physical. Under these circumstances, a person is disposed to develop anxiety symptoms and even depression. Pre-existing mental and physical problems can get worse. The new National Standard of Canada on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace underscores the employer’s role in creating a civil and respectful workplace. While this standard is voluntary, it suggests the direction in which the pendulum is swinging and the increased risk that employers face.

Third, there’s safety. Emotionally distressed and distracted, the employee is bound to make mistakes that may inadvertently result in physical harm to themselves or others. This is particularly true where the employee works in a position where safety is key.

Bullying is a form of harassment that is distinguished by its repetitiveness over time. It may or may not be consciously intended to harm, but it has a damaging effect on its recipients and therefore exposes employers to liability. Even unintentional “bullying” can lead to legal consequences. Employers cannot assume that social dynamics such as those in Mary’s case are not a concern. And, while Canadian legal damages awards still pale in comparison with our neighbours to the south, they are rising. We are seeing more six- and seven-figure awards in cases where employers behave inappropriately and fail to protect their employees.

Employers should train their managers and human resource professionals to be mindful of any team dynamics that are uncivil or exclude someone consistently. Even seemingly inconsequential uncivil behaviour can lead to psychological damage to the employee, affect productivity, and potentially expose the employer to liability. As we as a society develop a deeper understanding of the impact of civility, dignity and respect on mental health, the duty to provide a safe workplace will require that employers address these issues.

What should an employer do?

  1. Implement policies that clearly identify inappropriate behaviour.
  2. Train your leaders on the policies and empower them to act.
  3. Watch for problematic team dynamics that marginalize one or two members.
  4. Don’t assume that bullying is intentional or targeted.
  5. Remember that bullying is an “equal opportunity” problem: it can be directed from a superior to someone reporting to them, between cohorts, or from an employee toward a manager.
  6. Intervene early. Hold people accountable for belittling or ostracizing behaviours.
  7. Enforce the policies and discipline offenders.

Sharone Bar-David is the president of Bar-David Consulting, a firm specializing in creating civil work environments. She is the author of Trust The Canary! Every Leader’s Guide for Curbing Workplace Incivility, due for publication in October.

Stuart E. Rudner is a founding partner of employment law firm Rudner MacDonald LLP, which provides counsel to individuals and employers. He is the author of You’re Fired! Just Cause for Dismissal in Canada.


SHARONE BAR-DAVID AND STUART RUDNER – Contributed to The Globe and Mail – Published Monday, Apr. 21 2014, 7:00 PM EDT

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Victims of bullying live with the consequences for decades, study says

People who were bullied when they were 7 and 11 years old continued to suffer the economic, social and mental health effects in middle age, a new study finds. (Getty Images)

People who were bullied when they were 7 and 11 years old continued to suffer the economic, social and mental health effects in middle age, a new study finds. (Getty Images)

Victims of bullies suffer the psychological consequences all the way until middle age, with higher levels of depression, anxiety and suicide, new research shows.

The immediate ill effects of bullying have been well documented, with experts increasingly seeing it as a form of child abuse. Influential studies from Finland have made the case that people who were bullied as kids continued to suffer as young adults – girls who were bullied grew up to attempt and commit suicide more frequently by the age of 25, for instance, and boys were more likely to develop anxiety disorders.

Now a trio of researchers has taken an even longer view. They examined data on roughly 18,000 people who were born in England, Scotland and Wales during a single week in 1958 and then tracked periodically up through the age of 50 as part of the U.K.’s National Child Development Study.

Back in the 1960s, when the study subjects were 7 and 11 years old, researchers interviewed their parents about bullying. Parents reported whether their children were never, sometimes or frequently bullied by other kids.

Fast-forward to the 2000s. About 78% of the study subjects are still being tracked at age 45, when they are assessed for anxiety and depression by nurses. By the time they’re 50, 61% of them remain in the study, and are asked to fill out a questionnaire that measures psychological distress.

The researchers found that people who were bullied either occasionally or frequently continued to suffer higher levels of psychological distress decades after the bullying occurred. They were more likely than study subjects who were never bullied to be depressed, to assess their general health as poor, and to have worse cognitive functioning. In addition, those who were bullied frequently had a greater risk of anxiety disorders and suicide.

The consequences of bullying were economic as well. Study subjects who had been bullied frequently had fewer years of schooling than their peers, the researchers found. Men in this group were more likely to be unemployed; if they had jobs, their earnings were typically lower.

Adults who were bullied as kids were more socially isolated too. At age 50, bullying victims were less likely to be living with a spouse or a partner; less likely to have spent time with friends recently; and less likely to have friends or family to lean on if they got sick. Overall, they felt their quality of life was worse than people who hadn’t been bullied, and those who had been frequent victims were less optimistic that their lives would get better in the future.

Overall, 28% of the people in the study were bullied occasionally as kids, and an additional 15% were bullied frequently. Boys were more likely to be victims than girls.

“The findings are compelling in showing that the independent contribution of bullying victimization survives the test of time,” the researchers concluded. “The impact of bullying victimization is pervasive, affecting many spheres of a victim’s life.” The L.A Times By Karen Kaplan April 18, 2014, 1:54 p.m.

The study was published online Friday by the American Journal of Psychiatry.


Amanda Todd case: RCMP detail 5 charges against Dutch citizen

'This is truly a day we've been waiting for'  Amanda's mother, fights back tears at a news conference and expresses her wish that her daughter's story will help increase pressure on child predators worldwide. (CBC) - Carol Todd

‘This is truly a day we’ve been waiting for’ Amanda’s mother, fights back tears at a news conference and expresses her wish that her daughter’s story will help increase pressure on child predators worldwide. (CBC)
- Carol Todd

B.C. RCMP announced charges at a news conference late Thursday afternoon against a 35-year-old Dutch citizen in connection with the online sexual extortion of Amanda Todd, the B.C. teen who killed herself in October 2012, and other alleged victims from around the world. “This is truly a day we’ve been waiting for,” said Todd’s mother Carol, her voice breaking as she fought back tears. “I always knew deep in my heart that what my daughter told me was the truth.” The man, whose identity has not been released, is facing five charges, including extortion, internet luring, criminal harassment and the possession and distribution of child pornography.
Coquitlam, B.C., RCMP Insp. Paulette Freill told reporters that authorities in the Netherlands arrested a Dutch citizen in January in relation to an investigation in that country involving Dutch victims.
Freill says Coquitlam RCMP launched an investigation in December 2010 that involved more than 30 police officers. She says the investigation eventually expanded to include local and international investigators and experts.
The National Child Exploitation Co-ordination Centre says the investigation includes victims from Canada and other countries.

  • International investigation

A Dutch man has been arrested in the Netherlands and charged in connection with the online sexual extortion of teen Amanda Todd, one of many suspected victims identified in an international probe. (CBC)

A Dutch man has been arrested in the Netherlands and charged in connection with the online sexual extortion of teen Amanda Todd, one of many suspected victims identified in an international probe. (CBC)

Insp. Bob Resch says the majority of the victims identified in Canada are children.
“All the police forces and jurisdictions where those victims are located have been notified and been in contact with those victims and have advanced their investigations accordingly,” he said. Carol Todd says Amanda’s story has touched a lot of people around the world. She hopes the added attention will result in the arrest of more offenders who target young people. “It is our hope that Amanda’s case will help the international community to work together to target and find those who commit crimes of exploitation against children and youth,” Todd said.

  • Dutch media identified Todd

    Earlier in the day, the Dutch media organization Omroep Brabant published news identifying Todd as one of the victims in the Netherlands case. The journalist who broke the story in the Netherlands, Mathijs Pennings, told CBC News the man arrested is a Dutch national, who is accused of blackmailing numerous minors after recording their webcam activities. He is also alleged to have extorted older male victims for money. His alleged victims include individuals from Europe, the U.K. and Canada, Pennings said. The man allegedly told the Canadian girl to undress in front of a webcam, which she did, and then he saved those images in order to blackmail her, Omroep Brabant reported. Amanda’s mother told CBC that she was in shock at the news. She said RCMP told her there was an overseas development in the case two months ago. “There were multiple people in those chat rooms,” Carol Todd said. “So this would hopefully be the first layer of many layers that they could uncover.” To continue reading and watch the live video reports click here

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My Last Day of Employment at Richcraft

This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012

This is the inside of the unit taken that same day July 10, 2012

It was July 10, 2012 and I woke up as usual at 5:30 am and started preparing myself for another day at the construction site in hell. I arrived the same time as I did everyday around 7:00 am, although I wasn’t scheduled to start until 7:30 am, my first task was to unlock the front doors of all the units I was responsible for, there was two general laborers, Yannick and one other Richcraft Carpenter, between four of us we were responsible for unlocking all the unit doors so the contractors could enter to complete their assignments, after which I would Radio Yannick, if he didn’t already contact me, for my daily work assignments which was always sweeping the units and removing all scrap drywall.
I proceeded to my first unit which was pretty much central to the whole site, so I entered the unit, it was empty no contractors present. I was supplied with a push broom, kitchen angle broom and a 5 gallon plastic Garbage can, so I started picking up all scrap drywall and stacking it in a pile in the center of each and every room after which I started to sweep.
Just after lunch the painting contractors showed up which consisted of two individuals, male and female whom appeared to be a couple. After about an hour I received a call from Yannick on my two way Radio requesting I go to another site, as I was working in a unit on Cooks Mill Crescent, he requested I proceed to Riveredge Crescent which was about 9 kms away. I was paid for my mileage and visited this site a few times before, as we had three to four new houses on this street that were close to completion.
worksite2I finished the task I was working on and then collected the brooms and proceeded to my car parked in front, only to find a Dodge minivan was parked behind me, I went back in the unit and asked the painter if he could move his van so I could get out of the driveway, his lady friend grab his keys and moved the van and I proceeded to the other work-site on Riveredge Crescent.
I arrived at the unit and proceeded to the upstairs to start clean up, after picking up all scrap and throwing it out the windows which is the process for removing scrap and garbage from the units, I started sweeping hearing from outside the backhoe driver leveling the grounds.
Approximately one hour later I was startled by someone touching my shoulder, I immediately turned in defense mode and almost punched Bernie in the face, now seeing both him and Yannick standing there. I was shocked and very upset that they were able to enter the unit and make their way to the second floor without my knowledge. I let Bernie know that he almost got a punch in the face and advice him not to sneak up me like that.
That’s when himself and Yannick made their way towards me and pinned me to the wall at which time I told him I was recording everything being said. This was something I started doing a couple of weeks earlier, turning on the voice recorder while at work due to derogatory name calling, physical jesters and not to mention threats.
worksite4At this point I am starting to sweat and shake, the start of an Anxiety attack, as I have been dealing with the attacks for such a long time, I found that getting out of the situation that was causing the panic attack always worked for me, so my main concern now was to find an avenue of escape, not really listening to what Bernie was saying as he spit in my face, I started looking for an opportunity to make a dash for the exit as I began moving slowly towards the exit, at the same time as they tried blocking me, I kept slowly moving toward the exit as Bernie continued talking. It was when he said “I want you to go home now and bring me back a paper from your doctor I felt a small sense of relief, it was the quickest time I have ever exited a room, saying thank you and agreeing with everything he was saying as I made my way down the stairs and out the front door. I never returned to South Ottawa until July 16, 2012 accompanied by a friend at which time I was fired. All my efforts to obtain employment since that day has been in vain.sensplex

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Bullying incidents of those with Special Needs incite controversy

Bullying has always been a serious problem in American schools and neighborhoods, especially for those with special-needs. In many ways, our culture seems to be evolving into a more tolerant society, as more states are legalizing gay marriage, and schools across the country are taking pledges to eradicate bullying.
Unfortunately, we’ve not come as far as we’d hoped, as evidenced by two disturbing news stories during the past week.
A high school sophomore at South Fayette High School in McDonald. PA, who is diagnosed with delay disorder, ADHD, and an anxiety disorder, was charged with illegal wiretapping after he used his I-Pad to record a vicious incident of bullying. “The audio file records a student saying, “You should pull his pants down!” Another student replies, “No man. Imagine how bad that c**t smells! No one wants to smell that t**t,” as the teacher is helping the victim with a math problem, according to One bully even hit him over the head with a book, despite the teacher’s previous reprimands.”
A loud sound is heard on the recording, then the teacher’s reprimand, to which the student replies, “What, I was just trying to scare him!” Laughter from a group of boys follows.
When the student reported the incident to Principal Scott Milburn, his response was to call the local police and have the student charged with illegal wiretapping.

If you only do one good deed in your life time…There is a petition at calling for Milburn to be fired, please sign and show your support for this Special needs boy and all others like him.

Another disturbing story did not occur at school, but rather at the home of an Ohio family who had a long-running feud with a neighbor. Sixty-two year-old Edmund Aviv was sentenced to stand at a street corner with a sign saying,

“I AM A BULLY! I pick on children that are disabled, and I am intolerant of those that are different from myself. My actions do not reflect an appreciation for the diverse South Euclid community that I live in.”

This punishment is in response to a long-running feud with neighbor Sandra Prugh, who has two adopted children with developmental disabilities, cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her husband suffers from dementia, and her son is paralyzed.
According to court records, Aviv is accused of calling her an ethnic slur while she was holding her adopted black children, spitting on her several times, regularly throwing dog feces on the windshield of her son’s car and once on a wheelchair ramp. He also hooked up kerosene to a fan, which he blew towards the victim’s house in retaliation for an “annoying” smell that he claims was coming out of her dryer vent.
The judge also sentenced Aviv to 15 days in jail, along with anger management classes and counseling. He was also required to write a letter of apology to Prugh’s family. He said,

“I want to express my sincere apology for acting irrationally towards your house and the safety of your children. I understand my actions could have caused harm but at that time I was not really thinking about it.”

Perhaps the young men from South Fayette High should be given a similar consequence.
Autism Daily Newscast – April 16, 2014 by Laurel Joss

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Bullying Quotes : Overcoming Negativity!

Bullying-Quotes-Overcoming-Negativity-642x336There is something inspiring about a set of quotations on a particular topic. Someone has experienced a powerful event, survived (even thrived), transforming thoughts and feelings into aphorisms: clever, cogent, concise, and spot-on observations. Learn our Bullying Quotes! These bullying quotes touch upon topics of authenticity, peer-pressure, power, strength, individuality, resilience, respect, and hope. This is our collection of Bullying Quotes. Reading these Bullying Quotes can inspire so many people! So share them with everyone and help people you love overcome bullying.

Bullying Quotes:

  • If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse, and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality – Desmond Tutu
  • Knowing what’s right doesn’t mean much unless you do what’s right – Roosevelt
  • Some people won’t be happy until they’ve pushed you to the ground. What you have to do is have the courage to stand your ground and not give them the time of day. Hold on to your power and never give it away – Donna Schoenrock
  • When people hurt you over and over, think of them like sandpaper. They may scratch and hurt you a bit, but in the end, you end up polished and they end up useless – Anonymous
  • I was silent as a child, and silenced as a young woman; I am taking my lumps and bumps for being a big mouth, now, but usually from those whose opinion I don’t respect – Sandra Cisneros

To continue reading all the quotes, click here.

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Here at B.P over the last year we have experienced Cyber-Bullying, if you are contacted and an attempt is made to defame us or derogatory statements are shared about us, record the senders user name so there IP address can be traced, you can report it here on facebook at Lotsa Luv


Confronting Suicide Part 1: Teen Suicides

Daniel Moreno photographed with his mother and sister.

Daniel Moreno photographed with his mother and sister.

Daniel Moreno was – among many things – a wrestler, a long-distance runner, a cook and a poet. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia, and his mother Susan sought help for him, even taking him to the National Institute of Mental Health. Still, he died by suicide in 2005. Daniel’s death triggered a crusade mentality in his mother. “It has become my passion to get out there and talk to people about mental illness and suicide,” Susan Moreno said. “This is serious business, suicide is 100 percent preventable yet we have children dying from suicide.” By children, Moreno means teenagers. In Arizona, the percentage of teens left injured or poisoned in suicide attempts nearly doubled from 2003 to 2013, data from the Arizona Department of Education shows. At just two centers in Tucson, the emergency room at the University of Arizona Medical Center and the Crisis Response Center, seven to 10 teenagers need medical attention every day after having suicidal thoughts or suicidal behaviors, said John Leipsic, UA assistant professor of psychiatry and child and adolescent psychiatry. “And that’s not counting the kids who go to Tucson Medical Center, other emergency rooms, SAMHAC (Southern Arizona Mental Health Corp.) and other community service agencies,” Leipsic said.
Nationally, more than 15 percent of high school students have seriously considered attempting suicide, according to the Centers for Disease Control.
Suicide is preventable, and the first step is letting go of the stigma and taboo surrounding the topic, Moreno said.
Because suicides are often associated with mental illness diagnoses, the conversation is more difficult and the stigma is amplified. Experts advise to not keep talk of suicide a secret.
“When a young person dies, it’s difficult no matter how they die, and as parents we always expect to go before our children, we think that we should have known we should have seen it coming,” Moreno said.
Daniel spoke with his mother and with doctors at the National Institute of Mental Health hours before his death, yet “nobody saw it coming … he sounded really good to all of us,” Moreno said.
A high percentage of people who die by suicide have a mental illness, “such as depression, so we need to talk about mental health when we talk about suicide,” Moreno said.
As part of MiKid: Mentally Ill Kids In Distress, Moreno talks to high school students in Pima County about suicide prevention.
Lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender teens are two to five times more likely to engage in suicidal thoughts and behaviors than heterosexual teens, data shows.
“We’ve learned in the last 10 years that some of the critical precursors to suicide or risk factors, such as depression or substance abuse, are higher for LGBT youth,” said Stephen Russell, interim director of UA Norton School of Family and Consumer Sciences and president of the Society for Research and Adolescence.
Russell is working on a multi-city study tracking 1,200 LGBT teenagers for four years to try to understand the risk of suicide and how to protect LGBT teens.
So far, he has found that LGBT teens often perceive themselves as a burden to other people. If they are being bullied at school, for example, teens may feel like they are always upsetting their parents or their friends “because they don’t know what to do if people are making fun of them or not accepting them.”
Arizona consistently ranks in the top 10 the number of teen suicides, and the latest numbers from the Arizona Department of Health Services show there were 56 suicides of people under 19 years old in 2012.
Seven suicides of people under 19 years old were reported by the Pima County Office of the Medical Examiner in 2013, but suicides, especially those of young people, are underreported because of the stigma surrounding the issue.
Hundreds of teens in Pima County have suicidal thoughts and behaviors every week, Leipsic said.
“What we tell kids who have tried to kill themselves is that there is no shame or blame,” Leipsic said. “They say ‘well isn’t it bad to try to kill yourself,’ and we tell them not in the sense that they are going to be punished for it.”
Suicide and suicide attempts should not be approached with prejudice or stigma, and “these conversations are valuable discussions we need to have community wide,” Leipsic said.
Although social media can be a place where bullying takes place, it also has allowed for intervention after teens post suicidal messages on sites, such as Facebook or Twitter, he said.
“A student may post something on Facebook and the next day a friend or family member says ‘I saw your post last night, what’s going on?’” Leipsic said, which is something that teens might have done in a private diary in the past.
The Youth Suicide Prevention Program suggests that if a person suspects a teen may be suicidal, to first listen to the teen without judgment and ask about his or her feelings rather than fix the problem. Next, ask directly about suicide without being confrontational, and finally call a crisis hotline, contact a doctor or mental health professional.
“People should not be afraid to bring it up,” Moreno said. “I found myself talking to a person one time and all these red flags were going off in my head thinking the person might be suicidal but I was afraid to bring it up.”
Once Moreno asked directly, “Are you suicidal?” the person began to cry, and the two were able to talk about it and seek help.
Next in the series: Efforts locally and nationally at suicide prevention among college students, started after a University of Arizona student took his own life in 1998.
Story by Fernanda Echavarri – April 14, 2014azpmlogo (2)

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Our team’s golden boy gets a free pass for bad behaviour

ninetofive14rb1THE QUESTION

I work at a fairly small company, and I get along fairly well with most of my colleagues – with one notable exception.

One of my team members is an extremely talented individual, but he’s impossible to work with. He frequently makes inappropriate and insulting jokes about co-workers, and some of his work contains subtle digs at members of our team.
When it comes to compensation, Careers by Design founder Shirin Khamisa says understanding the climate at your workplace is key. Khamisa says it can take courage start a conversation with your boss about what you earn.

Whenever I gently try to tell him that his comments aren’t appreciated, he sarcastically thanks me for my contribution as a “junior employee,” and suggests it’s not my place to take issue with his behaviour. However, our manager seems hesitant to discipline him because he’s seen as irreplaceable. Whenever I raise an issue about his behaviour, our manager says he’ll talk to my co-worker, but nothing ever changes.

I like my job. I just want to be able to work without being insulted and demeaned by a man who is supposed to be my colleague, or at least have my manager stand up for me when it happens.

I’m not the only person he treats this way, and I feel that everyone’s performance suffers as a result of this high-performer’s inappropriate behaviour. What do I do?


Heather MacKenzie

The Integrity Group, Vancouver

I expect that a lot of readers will identify with your situation, where the office “golden one” gets away with all sorts of unacceptable behaviour. As you have already found, disrespectful behaviour won’t spontaneously change or stop: Someone has to confront the offender, ideally an individual with authority or someone who has the support of management.

Companies sometimes have policies to protect employees from bullying behaviour, and if you work in B.C., Ontario, Quebec or Saskatchewan, there is legislation that employers must follow to remedy such behaviour. Whether or not you have an internal policy or legislation to back you up, you need to bring this employee’s behaviour to the company’s attention in a way that gets results.

Remember, it is easier for management to avoid the issue or procrastinate when only one person is complaining. Talk to your co-workers with a view to having everyone affected come forward to speak with not only your direct manager but to the next level of management as well. It is important that those complaining have specific examples of the disrespectful behaviour (dates, times, things said), which are critical to establishing a record that the offending employee must respond to.

If management sees that the performance of several members of your team is being affected, this employee will have to answer for and correct his behaviour.


Billy Anderson

Founder, Made You Think Coaching, Toronto

Bullying in the working world is just as rampant as it is among kids. We just disguise it better.

Since it sounds like you don’t have faith in your boss to handle this situation, let’s look at what is in your control.

People treat you how you let them, so don’t react emotionally when he demeans you. That alone might take some of the “fun” out of it for him. You can also stand up to him respectfully. Asking “What are you trying to say exactly?” throws it back in his court and might catch him off-guard without sounding offensive. A more aggressive option would be to address it head on: “Are you trying to be demeaning, because that’s how it appears to me.”

But consider his relationship with your boss. Would your boss think it’s easier to get rid of you rather than upset the high-performing, low-self-confidence brute?

It can also help to see who else feels this way about him. Perhaps together you can all stop taking his abuse.

It’s definitely a tricky situation, so start with what feels right. Show respect at all times and never sink to his level. You’re better than that.

Got a burning issue at work? Need help navigating that mine field? Let our Nine To Five experts help solve your dilemma. E-mail your questions to

Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Sunday, Apr. 13 2014, 7:00 PM EDT
Last updated Friday, Apr. 11 2014, 2:39 PM EDT


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4 Ways the Workplace Has Become More Dangerous

Published by The Editor on Thu, 04/03/2014 - 07:50

Published by The Editor on Thu, 04/03/2014 – 07:50

Disgruntled employees, workplace bullies, active-shooter situations, illegal drug use, ex-spouses and dissatisfied clients – all can be found in a random sampling of the 2 million people affected by workplace violence in the United States, according to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

“Of course, of the millions of reported cases, there are many more that go unreported; workplace violence includes any act or threat of physical violence, harassment, intimidation, or other threatening disruptive behavior that occurs at the work site,” says Timothy Dimoff, one of the nation’s leading voices in personal and corporate security who has worked with the U.S. Army, the Pro Football Hall of Fame, corporations, universities and non-profit groups.

“From demeaning jokes to sexual innuendos to genuine fear of shots fired at work, hiring managers and their bosses need to understand these problems of human nature and know how to react. In my decades of experience with law enforcement and as a security entrepreneur, I’ve seen the evolution of workplace violence and management often do not know how to respond.”

Dimoff, founder and president of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services, Inc., (, which analyzes and overhauls security for large public and private facilities, reviews today’s problems and offers a path for conflict resolution and prevention.

  • Inadequate use of hiring tools: Know who you’re hiring! I can’t emphasize this enough; this is the age of information, yet potential employees often provide falsified or misleading details,” Dimoff says. “With so many candidates and so much information available today, employers often overlook useful tools in a hurry-up effort to maintain productivity with a premature hire.” There are many resources, including drug testing acknowledgment and consent forms; fully understanding laws including the Fair Labor Standards Act, equal employment opportunity guidelines and military leave guidelines; and simply knowing how to ask revealing questions to applicants.
  • Workplace intimidation & cyberbullying: Bullying is not exclusive to the schoolyard; it can follow adults into the workplace, and even home via email, texts and social media. “The first and best thing employers can do is prevention, and you do that by creating a positive and fair company culture,” Dimoff says. “Next, implement a zero tolerance policy for bullying; encourage employees to document and report bullying, and take those accusations seriously. Hold occasional staff meetings so that employees are taught to recognize signs of bullying and everyone is reminded of the zero tolerance policy.”
  • Gun violence: It can happen at what appear to be the most secure places in the world, and it can happen to the most innocent among us. Nidal Hasan, the U.S. Army psychiatrist turned jihadi, shot 13 fellow soldiers to death at Fort Hood, Texas. Twenty first-graders at Sandy Hook Elementary School never had the chance to become second-graders. We hear story after story about shootings in movie theaters, parking lots and neighborhoods. Train managers to recognize and attempt to de-escalate the situation, which can include talking to the potential aggressor in an empathetic, non-judgmental way. Fail that, there are situations for which heroes are necessary.
  • Violence against women: Homicide is the leading cause of death for women in the workplace, according to OSHA. Of the 4,547 fatal workplace injuries that occurred in the United States in 2010, 506 were workplace homicides. Once again, this comes down to a zero tolerance policy for bullying and sexual harassment, applicable to all workers, patients, clients, visitors, contractors, and anyone else who may come in contact with company personnel, such as an ex-spouse. A well-designed on-site security protocol can significantly reduce the risk of severe violence.

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Why Straight Women Married Homosexual Men

friends and loversNot all women are married to men who desire them sexually. They settle for a passionless marriage with a man who prefers men instead. Some women know their husbands are gay while other women are afraid there is something terribly wrong with them that keeps their husband at a distance. Some “in the closet” husbands fortify the belief that their wife is the reason for their “not tonight, honey” approach to intimacy in the marriage. Not all gay/straight marriages are unhappy. There are couples who have made peace with each other and who accept each other’s preferences. They know and accept homosexuality in the relationship and remain happily married.

Not all gay men recognize their sexual orientation when they’re dating or when they marry. Some men may be more attracted to their own gender, confused as to why, and attempting to fight their feelings for other men. Some gay men may marry women in the belief the relationship will change the way they feel about their own gender.

It may take years before some men become comfortable enough with themselves to “come out” to themselves and to those they love. Many gay/straight marriages don’t survive once the husband “comes out.”

The following is excerpted with permission from Husbands Who Love Men by Arleen Alwood:

“A recent survey of sex therapists and psychiatrists who treat mostly men noted that the vast majority of their homosexual and bisexual patients (between 40 and 100 percent) kept their sexual preferences from their spouses. Those wives who do finally discover that their husbands are gay rarely, if ever, understand why they prefer other men. Indeed, the men themselves are often surprised to discover that they are homosexual or bisexual. In one study, 12 of the 60 married bisexual men interviewed were past 40 when they had their first homosexual relationship. These men reported that the first experience came entirely unexpectedly.

The researcher went on to conclude that ‘Men who live in conventional marriages and at the same time have significant love-sex relationships with members of their own sex are largely an invisible group in our society. However, there is evidence to suggest that they are not rare, only rarely identifiable’.”

Throughout history, homosexual men have been wooing and marrying straight women in order to provide a safe cover for their true sexual orientation. But, as the previous excerpt states, not all married homosexual men realized their true orientation until years into their marriage. And, even then, they may be too ashamed to acknowledge their feelings for fear of reprisal.

“As more homosexuals come out of the closet, society is finding it increasingly necessary to abandon the old, monolithic stereotype of gays as sexual perverts. “Society is beginning to recognize that gays are individuals who must be judged individually, if they are to be judged. Yet, at the same time, the old strictures against homosexuality, which are part of a larger prohibition against any sexual promiscuity, continue to find support among large segments of society.”

Some women will deny that the man they love is “truly” homosexual. Some women marry in the belief that with the “right woman” (themselves) their husband will lose his attraction to men.

Homosexual men may feel shame for their sexual orientation. Some men may be confused by their lack of sexual attraction to women and their strong attraction to men. Some men may hide behind displays of “manly” behavior to their attraction for and to women.

Adultery is a shattering experience, moreso when the “other woman” is a man. When a husband commits adultery with another man, it is overwhelmingly destructive to the wife, producing feelings that cannot be understood by women who have husbands who cheat with women. Some wives may fight to get their husband back from the other woman. When her husband’s lover is another man, she can consider her chances as being slim to none.

All marriages face challenges of various proportions. The homosexual or bisexual issue may be an insurmountable challenge for the majority of husbands, wives, and families affected by it.

Posted in Marital Problems, Pat Gaudette

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Northern Gateway Pipeline: Urge Canada to listen to First Nations

First Nations
Dear Melvin,

THANK YOU for signing Amnesty International’s petition on the CARE2 Petition Site for environmental activist Laisa Santos Sampaio.

Will you take action on a human rights concern a little closer to home?

A Canadian company, Enbridge, is proposing to build a pipeline that could have significant implications on the rights of Indigenous peoples in Canada.

The majority of First Nations whose lands and waters might be affected by the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline have called on the federal government to reject the project.

Amnesty International has heard from First Nations along the pipeline route in northern BC about the continued vital

First Nations are concerned about Northern Gateway  The proposed pipeline is intended to transport a daily average of more than a half-million barrels of bitumen and oil from the Alberta oil sands to a new facility in Kitimat, B.C. where it would be loaded onto tankers for export. Approval of the project would lead to : • pipeline construction across roughly 1000 rivers and streams in the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples in Alberta and British Columbia; • the transport of bitumen, oil and industrial chemicals across these territories and through coastal waters vital to other Indigenous nations; and • an expected increase in demand for oil sands extraction on Indigenous peoples’ lands in Alberta

First Nations are concerned about Northern Gateway
The proposed pipeline is intended to transport a daily average of more than a half-million barrels of bitumen and oil from the Alberta oil sands to a new facility in Kitimat, B.C. where it would be loaded onto tankers for export.
Approval of the project would lead to :
• pipeline construction across roughly 1000 rivers and streams in the traditional territories of Indigenous peoples in Alberta and British Columbia;
• the transport of bitumen, oil and industrial chemicals across these territories and through coastal waters vital to other Indigenous nations; and
• an expected increase in demand for oil sands extraction on Indigenous peoples’ lands in Alberta

importance of salmon and other wildlife to their cultures and livelihoods. We have also heard about the lasting harm that is still being experienced as the result of a long history of government decisions imposed on their communities – and the deep rift of mistrust that this has created.

Despite a lengthy public review of the Northern Gateway proposal, fundamental issues of Indigenous peoples’ ownership of the land, and their right to make their own decisions about its use, have never been properly addressed.

What the federal government does next will be a crucial test of its willingness to uphold human rights standards vital to Indigenous peoples in Canada and around the world.

Amnesty International believes the government must listen to First Nations.

<< Please write to Greg Rickford, Minister of Natural Resources, urging his government to live up to its human rights obligations by guaranteeing that the project will not proceed against the wishes of affected First Nations.

Thank you for taking action. What Canada does at home matters for human rights in Canada and abroad.

unnamed (4)

Alex Neve
Secretary General,
Amnesty International Canada

P.S. Thank you for speaking out for Laisa Santos Sampaio. You can find her case and others like hers on Amnesty's Individuals at Risk webpage. People with the courage to stand up for their rights need to have the backing of Amnesty International supporters like you.

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Accessibility and Accommadtion

Justice consists not in being neutral between right and wrong, but in finding out the right and upholding it, wherever found, against the wrong – Theodore Roosevelt (1858 – 1919)
Terry-courtfrom: Ter Kin
to: “HRTO-Registrar (JUS)” ,
date: Fri, Apr 4, 2014 at 11:13 AM
subject: Case and Accommodation Request 2012-12852-I


In regards to the file 2012-12852-I and the evidence and Witnesses to appear to be presented at the hearing are as per all emails, Exhibits and evidence contained in the file located on Google Drive (Cloud: Exhibits A-Z) email to follow again. Also a Witness list will not be released until the day of the hearing to protect the innocent from harassment by “The provincial Government of Ontario, now known as the respondent”.

Also we are requesting “ACCOMMODATION” that the hearing be postponed due to lack of legal Representative, due to disability “Mental Health” a direct result of the Respondents actions, Mr Kinden is not willing or able to represent himself. We have made applications to “Quebec Legal Aid Services, Ontario Legal Aid Services, The Human Rights Legal Support Center (HRSLC) and numerous other legal agencies in Ontario and Quebec all Denied”.

Until such time as Mr Kinden can obtain Legal Council or Council is appointed, we are requesting accommodation to that fact.


Melvin T Kinden

A message to Mr Kris Singhal owner/President Richcraft Group of Company’s Ottawa, Ontario
April 7, 2014 at 12:53pm

Everyday at noon I drove off site to the IGA, Mac’s or MacEwen store in the local neighborhood just to get away for an hour, eat my lunch but in early Febuary I was at the MacEwen gasbar and in the washroom and the lady from the front opened the (locked) door & just closed it again, I was shocked and to make it worst she never even apologized, now the merchants even started bullying me when I went in too make a purchase, and would not let me use there “PUBLIC” washroom facilities.
A little more gas but I started at lunch time heading a few KM’S north to a mall parking lot to chill and eat my lunch in peace, I never did go back to any of the merchants (total of 4) in Riverside South area

Mr you think your GOD? because you seem to have a GOD complex, maybe it’s because you own half or more of OTTAWA, do you think your above the law? let me say again, you don’t scare me with all your intimidation and scare tactics. Yes you have money and power to pay people to do your dirty work, I certainly felt and seen that over the last two years. Let me tell you again, Bernie and Yanick assaulted me while at work, I don’t know where your from but here in Canada that’s against the law and I will do what ever is necessary (within the law that is) or until I stop breathing to bring Berine and Yanick to Justice, I will not rest until they are charged for their illegal acts, because I am just getting started..SIR…..

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Statement from Minister Blaney to Mark the International Day of Pink

think pinkOTTAWA, ONTARIO–(Marketwired – April 9, 2014) – The Honourable Steven Blaney, Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, today issued the following statement to highlight the International Day of Pink:

“Each year, the second Wednesday of April marks the International Day of Pink, commemorating the occasion when two students in Nova Scotia, witnessing the bullying of a gay student wearing a pink shirt, decided to step in to help him. They then wanted to do more to help people who were being bullied, and embarked on a movement to encourage students to wear pink shirts in a show of solidarity against bullying.

The International Day of Pink is a day for people around the world to stand together to support diversity and end discrimination and bullying. Each year, millions of people wear pink to show that together, we can make a positive difference.
Bullying, including cyberbullying, affects many young Canadians across the country and has, in some cases, led to tragic consequences. Our Government has made it clear that we will not tolerate any form of bullying, and have taken strong action to enhance the safety and well-being of individuals and communities through education, prevention and enforcement activities.

This includes the national anti-cyberbullying public awareness campaign, StopHatingOnline, to share information on the impacts of cyberbullying, including potential criminal consequences, how to prevent it, and how to report it when it happens. We have also introduced legislation that would make the non-consensual distribution of images a criminal offence.

We encourage Canadians to learn more about bullying and cyberbullying, and to speak out against it. This Government is protecting Canadians by standing up for victims and tackling bullying.”

Follow Public Safety Canada (@Safety_Canada) and GetCyberSafe (@getcybersafe) on Twitter, and like us on Facebook (

Jason Tamming
Press Secretary
Office of the Minister of Public Safety and
Emergency Preparedness

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Uganda gay teen commits suicide over anti-gay law

At least 17 gay people, with the majority of them being under the age of 25, have attempted to kill themselves over Uganda parliament introducing the anti-gay law.Uganda_President_Anti-Homosexuality_Bill_protest_3_0_0_0
A Uganda gay teen has committed suicide over the homophobic law, it was reported today (7 April).
The young man, who we will call Denis, overdosed on pills and swallowed rat poison around a month ago.
For the past few weeks, he showed little signs of recovery as he slipped in and out of consciousness. He also lost his ability to speak.
Last Thursday (3 April), Denis was pronounced dead. He was just 17 years old.
Pepe Julian Onziema, a Uganda LGBTI activist, paid tribute to Denis saying he was ‘gone too soon’.
He told GSN Denis was the son of Muslim parents who consider homosexuals to be ‘proof of sin itself’ and ‘not people’.
‘This is the psychological effect of the anti-gay law,’ Onziema said. ‘It is affecting young people the most.’
The Anti-Homosexuality Act, which was made law in February, punishes homosexuality with up to life in prison. Promoting gay rights and refusing to report gay people to the police is also illegal.
Gay rights activists have said they have heard of at least 17 LGBTI people who have attempted to kill themselves over the law. It is unknown how many succeeded in their attempt.
Onziema called on Ugandan LGBTIs to keep safe and to seek help wherever they can, such as on social media.
‘It makes me sad that my community is unsafe. It’s intentionally put at risk,’ he said.
‘It’s like standing by the roadside and being pushed in front of a speeding car. That is what the president has done to us.’ 07 April 2014 | By Joe Morgan

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KPR Schools Counter Bullying During Day Of Pink April 9

ware-pinkDay of Pink – the last of three widespread, annual events devoted to bullying awareness and prevention – will be recognized by schools across the Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board April 9.
In the Municipality of Clarington, Central Public School will see students and staff wearing pink and highlighting peaceful problem-solving in announcements throughout the week led by Future Aces, a group of student leaders.
Clarington Central Secondary School will mark the day with students and staff wearing pink shirts created following a t-shirt design contest, and with I Support Anti-bullying cardboard t-shirts posted in the foyer. Funds raised by sale of the cardboard mini t-shirts, and from lunchtime Wii Bowling April 9-10, will go to Big Brothers Big Sisters.
John M. James PS students and staff signed an anti-bullying pledge, on display in the front hall. Everyone will receive a pink Bye Bye Bullying bracelet to wear with pink clothing.
Orono PS will hold an assembly at 11:10 a.m. April 9, with inspirational speeches, poems, short stories, tableaux, video remakes, readings, and songs. Students will wear buttons they created, as well as pink clothing. The gym will be decorated with posters. S.T. Worden PS students and staff also will wear pink.
In Northumberland County, April 9 will see a sea of pink at C.R. Gummow PS and George Hamilton PS.
The Leadership Club at Grafton PS is organizing an Everyone Counts Day, and asking students and staff to wear either a shirt with a number on it, or pink. Students are creating a display of Diversity Flags, using pictures, words and symbols to show the things that are important to them and that make them unique and special.
Plainville PS students are receiving pink paper glasses to express who they are, with the glasses to be displayed in a giant collage titled Celebrating Us: Look in My Eyes…What Do You See?” In addition to wearing pink April 9, students also will receive pink glasses to wear as a reminder of the need to see all the wonderful things people have to offer one another.472
In Peterborough City and County, Armour Heights PS students will follow up the Day of Pink by watching a presentation of Snow White, April 10 at 12:40 pm. The presentation focuses on the relationship between the bully, victim and bystander, as well as on conflict resolution and cyber-safety. North Cavan PS will welcome the performance of Snow White at 9:30 a.m. the same day.
Similarly, after encouraging everyone to wear pink April 9, Kawartha Heights PS will welcome families to a presentation on Internet safety and cyber bullying, April 10 at 6:30 p.m.
Quincy Mack’s Increase the Peace presentation will come to Keith Wightman PS at 9 a.m., and Roger Neilson PS at 1:30 p.m.
At Kenner Intermediate School, Team Rock – A Student Committee for Healthy Minds has created a presentation on stigma and negative stereotypes. Team Rock members will visit classrooms during the day to offer the presentation.logo
Author: Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board

Boy, 12, Hangs Himself & Dies After Being Tormented By Bullies At School

Kyle Darker, 12, made the tragic decision to hang himself inside of his family home after school on April 1. While his family remains heartbroken at their massive loss, Kyle’s friends claim he was the victim of ruthless bullying at his school. How sad.
kyle-darkerKyle Darker‘s family is now paying tribute to the little boy they described as always being happy and outgoing.

Kyle Hung Himself After Being Bullied At School
Another life has been lost due to the viciousness of school bullies.

Kyle, an innocent 12-year-old schoolboy was found dead in his family home shortly after being released from St, Patrick’s Roman Catholic High School on April 1. A family member immediately called for an ambulance, and Kyle was airlifted to the hospital. Sadly, it was too late for him.

According to the Daily Mail, local police were not treating the death as suspicious, though they did block off the street where Kyle lived as they gathered evidence about his death. It’s been suggested by family and friends of Kyle that the boy was the victim of bullying by some of his classmates.

“Hate bullies so much. RIP Kyle sleep tight little man, had your whole life ahead of you,” a friend of Kyle’s named Jess Davis wrote on his memorial Facebook page after news of his death spread.

Friends & Family Say Kyle Was A ‘Happy’ Child
Even though Kyle was bullied, no one seems to know why. In fact, his family and friends have not had a single bad thing to say about him.

“Tonight we lost our very happy, outgoing, funny little boy. Your loss has left another big hole in our hearts. We are going to miss you terribly sweetheart,” his aunt, Margaret Tunnacliffe wrote online.

A family friend even called out the school for not intervening and helping Kyle with his bully issue.

“This is just so very sad and so very wrong. It’s heart-breaking that this little boy did not get the help and support,” family friend Jean Wilde wrote. “This is just so very sad and so very wrong. It’s heart-breaking that this little boy did not get the help and support. What a lovely little boy, my heart goes out to his parents and I fear for other boys like him that fall prey to bullying. God bless and may you RIP Kyle, my prayers and thoughts are with you and your family.”

When St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic High School was reached for comment, they said the following: “It is shocking and a lot of people will be affected by this. The thoughts and prayers of all staff members and the school are with the family and friends of Kyle.” Wed, April 2, 2014 by Lauren Cox

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Partners for Mental Health

How are we feeling- - - Gmail.clipularToday, we are feeling EXCITED, THANKFUL and (to be honest) a bit ANXIOUS as we launch our second year of the Not Myself Today campaign in workplaces across the country.

We issued a challenge to Corporate Canada to step up and do their part to create and maintain work environments that support mental health. And we are thrilled to say that, so far, more than 110 companies and organizations have risen to this challenge!

They have joined the 2014 Not Myself Today campaign and have committed to organizing events and activities in their workplaces, using the tools and resources we’ve provided, to reduce stigma and help create cultures of acceptance and support for mental health.

Now, are you ready to join these organizations to do your part? Start by telling your own employer about the initiative and encouraging them to participate – it’s never too late. SHARE THE WEBSITE LINK – – with your Human Resources department or manager today. To effectively tackle this issue and drive long-lasting change, we need even more companies and organizations getting involved.

You can also download your own mini-toolkit to help spark the conversation and promote mental health and well-being in your workplace. LEARN MORE.

Thank you,
Jeff, Leslie, PJ, Wendy, Uyen, Krystle, Katie and volunteers across the country
The Partners for Mental Health team

Click The Image to Learn more.....

Click The Image to Learn more…..

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The Great American NO BULL Challenge

FIGHTING BACK: Anti-Bullying Video Goes Viral
nobullCLARK COUNTY — Fighting back against bullying. A Clark County teen is taking a stand and getting national attention, through an online video describing how he was bullied for six long years. Hunter Reynolds is a freshman at Northeastern High School. After school, he works the concession stand at sporting events. But he wasn’t always comfortable standing shoulder to shoulder with his classmates. “I’ve been bullied. Been called gay or a fag. A whole bunch of harsh words. I’ve been shoved in my locker before,” he said.
For six long years, hunter was bullied, in school, online, and via text. At one point he even attempted suicide.
“Sometimes I feel like it would be easier for me to go away,” he said. “It used to be where it would happen at school and you would get home and it’s a relief. But now there’s texting and Facebook. It’s crazy how it’s so hard to get away from the taunting and harassment,” said Tyler Gregory with the Great American No Bull Challenge. Finally Hunter was fed up. So he decided to fight back against the bullies with a special video that depicts his personal story. He’s hoping it’ll win the Great American No Bull Challenge, which is national anti-bullying contest. “If I’ve been going through this I know that other people have probably been going through the same things, and if they know that I’ve gotten through the things I have then they can also,” Hunter said. You can watch Hunter’s video in its entirety here. Voting begins in May on the website nobull challenge.
The Great American NO BULL Challenge is a social action organization that offers youth the opportunity to promote digital responsibility, leadership and social change using creativity, the power of peer-to-peer education and the magic of filmmaking. NO BULL’s Teen Video Awards celebrates and promotes all those involved who brave the Challenge and stand up for change for the most important issues of our time. NO BULL’s annual campaign, national education conference, video-rich education resources, global video contest and awards show impacts millions of teens every year by spreading awareness about anti-bullying and digital responsibility in a unique and exciting way. NO BULL motivates and inspires youth to speak up, affect change at the youth level and demonstrate leadership skills through the creation of short film and public service announcements. April 2, 2014logo

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Keep in mind this is a fictitious website created as my final project for college, also keeping in mind it is an obtainable goal after completion and a diploma, it’s also OK to dream and set goals for oneself because without goals they are just dreams with no destination….
This is a link to my current and final project, click the image for a sneak peak:

These are other projects I have completed throughout the Web Essentials program:

With sincere Gratitude and Admiration I want to say Thank you to Selkirk College, The Canadian Society for Social Development and a special Thank you to Mary Alton and Easwari Thoreraj… Lotsa Luv to one and all :-)

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Help People Connect with the Bible this Easter

bible appEaster is a time when people who don’t usually go to church might be more interested in learning or reading more about God. For anyone who wants to see what the Bible is all about, the Bible App is a great (and, of course, free) way to get started. Millions of people all over the world have found the Bible App a simple yet powerful way to bring the Bible into their everyday lives. This Easter season, whether you’re a church leader or someone who wants to share the Bible with your friends, the Bible App is the easiest way to help people begin engaging with the Bible.

Simple ways ANYBODY can share:

  • Easiest: Point people to or to the YouVersion Bible App in their app store. And don’t forget the kids! Share with the families you know and help them find the Bible App for Kids in their app store.
  • Very Easy: Wherever you are: with family, at church, waiting in line at the grocery store…strike up a conversation about favorite apps, then suggest the Bible App (or even download it) for anyone who’s interested.
  • Still Pretty Easy: Share verses and Plans you like to your favorite social media platform, from right inside the Bible App. You can even share the Bible App, just by selecting “Share,” right from the main menu.

Simple ways CHURCHES can share:

We understand you have a lot going on during Easter. YouVersion tries really hard to help you get the Bible into people’s hands, whether they’re new to church, they have questions, or they’re trying to start a daily Bible habit. And the Bible App is always completely free.

  • Easiest: Point people to or to the YouVersion Bible App in their app store. And don’t forget the kids! Share with the families in your church or lead them to the Bible App for Kids in their app store.
  • Very Easy: Use our free videos and graphics in your weekend service. You’ll find postcards, bulletin inserts, and posters you can print here, and even ProPresenter slides, all available in several languages.* And all of these resources are available year-round—not just during Easter.
  • Still Pretty Easy: We’d love to give you FREE sticker cards. But don’t put it off: our supplies are limited.

* English, Korean, Spanish (Latin American), Chinese (both Simplified and Traditional), Brazilian Portuguese, German, French, Dutch, and Russian.

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Free, Easy Bible Resources for Easter - - Gmail.clipular

She was always strong, now…

her-storyDear Melvin:
When you took action on Care2, you stood with thousands of others who want to Inspire Change. All through the month of March the Canadian Hunger Foundation is celebrating women around the world the incredible difference they can make towards ending world hunger and poverty, when they are empowered with the right tools, resources and training.

Toyba is one of those remarkable women. She was always strong, she possesses an inner strength that pulled her and her young family through some incredibly challenging times, but now she’s been empowered to use her strength. And she’s dramatically changing her family’s future.toybahanks to generous, caring Canadians, she received a gift of chickens and training from CHF on how to best care for them.

Her story of change and success is inspiring. Toyba is now producing 28 to 35 eggs a week from her 10 chickens. That’s roughly 6 times the 2-5 eggs she was producing before your help; enough for her and her family to eat half and sell the rest every week for a profit. With the additional income she is able to afford clothes for her children, save for tougher days, and buy the cooking ingredients she can’t produce herself.

By making a gift today, you will inspire your own change and give a woman like Toyba the chance to change her life forever.

Plus every dollar you give will be matched at least 3:1 by the Canadian Government – putting even more seeds, tools, livestock, and know-how into the hands of a woman today.

Your gift of $20 plus the $60 match from the Government of Canada will translate into $80 of life-changing support for a woman today! $80 becomes $320. $320 turns into $1,280. And so on.

Our solutions are sustainable and developed with the communities we work in – each solution is customized for the women we are working with to ensure we meet their needs. You can be a part of this special change by making a donation to support CHF’s work today.unnamedP.S. For more empowering success stories like Toyba’s connect with us on Facebook. We’d love to hear about the powerful women in your life.unnamed

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