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West Africa: Ebola virus claims humanitarian hero’s life


30 August, 2014

drAlmost 2,000 people have been infected and more than 1,000 killed in an Ebola outbreak that his terrorized communities across four West African countries. The deadly illness has also taken a very heavy toll on health workers and humanitarian staff responding to the growing crisis.

The virus has infected 170 health workers across Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia, and killed 81, according to the World Health Organization (WHO). Among them was Sierra Leone’s top virologist, Dr Sheikh Umar Khan who died on 29 July having spent two months at the front line of the government’s response in the eastern town of Kenema.

“He died because he loved his people”

Dr Khan had built a reputation for himself as an expert in viral haemorrhagic fevers, in a country where few doctors had experience in this field. Since 2005 he had been the Physician in charge of Kenema Government Hospital’s Lassa Fever program, for some of that time doubling as a United Nations consultant on Lassa Fever.

Michael Vandi, a public health officer at the hospital, knew Khan well. “He was dedicated worker” said Vandi. “He loved his job because he loved his people. He died because he loved his people”.

Vandi described the 39 year old doctor as social man. “He was approachable by all. Always respectful.”

“A hero for all of Africa”

Khan, who hailed from the northern Port Loko district of Sierra Leone, tested positive for Ebola on 22 July and was immediately sent to an Ebola treatment centre run by the NGO Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) in the far eastern district of Kailahun.

Initial reports suggested his condition was improving and there were plans to evacuate him for further treatment in Europe. But his health later deteriorated rapidly.

It is unclear how he contracted the disease. According to MSF staff and health workers at the hospital he took meticulous care to avoid infection. But still, the threat of infection was high.

Many in Kenema describe Khan as a hero. “That man is not just a hero for Sierra Leone” said one motorbike taxi driver sipping sweet tea in a Kenema teashop. “He is a hero for all of Africa.” At the hospital he is revered. Since his death banners depicting his portrait and “RIP doctor Khan” have been strung up throughout the compound.

Ebola is real

Khan’s death may prove to have some positive effect. For many, seeing the country’s leading virus doctor succumb to Ebola has forced them to accept the virus was real. During the early stages of the outbreak the denial of Ebola’s existence made it harder to contain the outbreak.

But Khan’s death was the turning point for many, including the man in the Kenema teashop. “Before, we did not believe Ebola was there.” he said. “But after Dr. Khan died now everybody knows it is real.”

World Humanitarian Day

Last week, the world marked World Humanitarian Day – a day when aid organizations celebrate the spirit that inspires humanitarian work around the world.

This year, the day paid tribute to those who are committed to making a difference by selflessly dedicating their lives to saving others. The 2014 campaign focused on the stories of individual aid workers, like Dr Khan, celebrated as ‘Humanitarian Heroes’.

At a time when more people than ever need urgent humanitarian help worldwide, record numbers of aid workers have been kidnapped, wounded or killed as they carry out their life- saving work.

“Despite the risks they face to their safety and their health, aid workers from around the world remain undeterred,” said Louis Belanger, World Humanitarian Day Spokesperson. “This year, we want to celebrate and honour them.”


Our Purpose is to Heal


28th August 2014 – By Jennifer Deisher – Contributing Writer for Wake Up World

There’s much going on right now. It’s easy to get caught up in the drama of it all. It’s easy to raise your hands to the Heavens and cry “Why?!?” or “Where are you, God?!?” Even if you’re awake and aware of the true nature of our being, these can be very stressful times. Even if you are one of the very fortunate people who understand that there is a Divine plan well under way, it is still a difficult time for humanity. We are all working very, very hard right now. It doesn’t matter if you are working on being awake or working on staying asleep (Yes, I see you “ego”), we’re all still just trying to work our way through the labyrinth of it all.

There are a great deal of atrocious acts being committed around the world right now, but the darkness always shows us where we need to find our Humanity, our Balance. Some of us are busy blaming other people for the tragedies that have happened of late. Some of us know that there are things that must happen for people to awaken and realign their souls to one another, the Earth (Gaia), God, and/or Spirit (depending on your unique expression). Some of us are questioning our faith. Some of us are certain we are on the “right” path to a new social paradigm, despite (or because of) the chaos in our world. Some of us are thinking “an eye for an eye” by advocating committing more atrocious acts to make up for the atrocious acts that have already been committed.

In all this confusion, it’s easy to forget why we’re here. Our purpose…

We Are One

What one thinks, we all think. We are each just one delicate piece of an intricate whole. What we do to another is what we do to ourselves. Our purpose – right here and now – is to heal. We are here to remember why we are here with each other and Mother Earth right now, at this divine time and place in our human history. We are here to heal ourselves and our Mother of our emotional and environmental scars, so that we can can evolve and flourish into a new paradigm. It doesn’t matter where you work, where you live, or how much money you make… It doesn’t matter what you believe or what “religion” you subscribe to… For there is only ONE true faith, and that is unconditional Love. In the end, we all want to live in peace and comfort, and we all want to love and be loved. It is the common thread that binds everything in the Universe.

We embrace our purpose of healing by healing ourselves first and foremost, and the way we heal is with Love. We heal one another by learning to trust and forgive with our hearts wide open. Through Love, we learn beyond measure that we are beautiful and valued. Through Love, we learn that everyone else we meet is also beautiful and valued. Through giving and accepting love, we heal ourselves. And through healing ourselves, we can increase the positive energy of Gaia’s morphological field.

But things become so “complicated” sometimes, although Spirit is actually quite simple. and in those times it does us all well to become, once again, grounded with Mother Earth. She whispers her answers in the wind. And she whispered to me today…

Healing the Trauma

There’s drama to get caught up in if we allow it. If you’re here, reading this, it’s most likely because you already feel the Shift in progress. It can make us anxious for others to feel it, understand it and embrace it as well. But, we don’t want this Shift to come about by way of trauma or tragedy. We see humanity walking an inevitable path toward enlightenment. We want peace, not war. I want happiness, not chaos. I want Love, not hate or fear.

For many of us, and I’m no exception, this sense of global chaos manifests as a deep-seeded trauma. And they are traumas! They cause many of us to feel fragmented and at times fearful. Even if we say we aren’t going to let it enter our emotional field, it still gets in. Particularly those of us who are empaths.

Personally, I was led to the ancient Hawaiian healing technique of ho’oponopono, and I knew that this was the simplest, most loving and spiritually conscious way that I could begin to heal from these latest traumas. . It recognizes that, as the human race, we are collectively responsible for the situation we find ourselves in and speaks of Accountability, no matter how indirectly. There are many other healing techniques that may also resonate for you. You may also like to read my previous article “Healing the Trauma Drama“.

If trauma is in your “field” at all, it is there for you to heal it. If it is in your emotional field then you are being divinely called upon to heal it. If it is in your mainstream news field, heal it. If you are in Syria, Russia, Gaza, Israel, the United States, or are caught up in their ‘war’ energy – heal it. If it is around you, within your energy field, it is there for you to heal. That is our purpose in this reality; to restore our energetic being to pristine consciousness, free of the energetic traumas that continue to feed the duality of our existence.

Humanity is rapidly evolving right now, in many ways but it’s not always possible to embrace it on a spiritual, genetic, social, and emotional level. We can’t always see it but we can feel it. We need to have emotional intelligence right now, and that can only be found within. We are the ones we have been waiting for. We are a shining example of a Love that is so Divine it is beyond measure across the multiverse and *NOW* is when we are being called upon to apply it, to put our training and words into action – walk the walk, so to speak. Now is the time when we must come together – as one Humanity – and heal. We can send out vibrations of Love and rift the fragments of time into something beautiful and divine. We have that power. The power of unconditional Love. It’s the one thing that every single one of us has in common.

Everything you see and feel is a by-product of what we, humanity, together, have created. And if we consciously choose to, together, we can heal. If we do not, we continue to repeat the energetic cycles and will ever know what else is “out there”.

Together we can create Heaven on Earth, at one with Gaia and each other. It is our birthright. It is our beautiful future. It belongs to us. It starts with us. And it is simple…

  • I am divine. I am life. I am Love.
  • I am one with God, Gaia and Humanity.
  • I am healing me, healing you, healing me.
  • I am loving me, loving you, loving me.

View Source: Wake Up World


Can Boomers Stop The Bullying At Work?


If you saw a young child being pushed around on the playground, chances are you would intervene. But are you equally proactive when you see bullying at work?

While this may sound like a hypothetical question, it’s anything but. According to a 2014 survey conducted by the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), 27% of Americans have been bullied at work, 21% have witnessed it and 72% of us are aware that workplace bullying happens.

Real bullying involves more than just bad management and obnoxious behavior.

How Bullying Can Harm A Victim’s Health

It also means health-harming behaviors that can include verbal abuse, offensive conduct and intentional sabotage. And workplace bullying doesn’t just harm the victim. It leads to poor morale, high turnover and low productivity, which impact the entire organization.


What to Do When You Work for a Bully

The problem is now so widespread that lawmakers in 15 states have introduced legislation aimed at prodding employers to take the matter seriously or face consequences. (Tennessee already has workplace bullying laws on the books, but they only apply to public sector employees.

Why Boomers Can Be Effective

So what are you willing to do about it? I ask because many boomers are in management and as a result, some are in a good position to take action. Even if you’re not among your employer’s leadership team, you still might be able to make a difference.

If you’re well respected by colleagues, have good relations with key influencers at your employer or have strong job security, it’s likely easier for you to speak up and get management to take bullying seriously than it is for your younger co-workers.


Tips for Women Who Work With ‘Mean Girls’

That is an important advantage. Just like on the playground where bigger kids target weaker ones, the majority of workplace bullying is inflicted from the top down. According to the WBI survey, 56% of it is attributed to bosses, compared to 33% that’s blamed on peers. Given this inherent power imbalance, it’s no surprise that few victims stand up to their abusers.

I want to emphasize that not every boomer is in a position to stand up to workplace bullies.

Many older workers are in precarious job situations and know that if they speak up, they could be fired. That’s especially true in environments where bully behavior is a celebrated part of the workplace culture. (Wolves of Wall Street anyone?

Are Boomers the Guilty Party?

And let’s be honest. There are all too many boomers who are bullies themselves.

“Boomers are among the guiltiest of the bullies,” says Gary Namie, director of the WBI. “It is our generation that revered command-and-control management style.”

In fact, Namie argues that younger generations (including the boomer’s kids who were groomed on the intolerance of bullying throughout their school years) will be the ones who make bullying unacceptable sometime in the future.

That may well come to pass. But it doesn’t mean that employees in their 50s and 60s don’t have a responsibility to stand up for what is right when they can. In fact, given the role boomers have played in fostering this problem, quite the opposite.

The next time you witness bullying, consider taking the following steps to set things straight. I’ve broken them out for people in upper management and those who aren’t.

If You Are In Upper Management

  • Monitor peer managers for bullying acts Then, if you see any, quietly but firmly stop the abusive conduct.Namie advises that you have a private conversation with your colleague about the destructive effect the conduct has on subordinates, coworkers and the entire organization. The message coming from a peer or a higher manager is much more effective than any dialogue the bullied target might want to initiate.
  • Implement a workplace bullying policy It should spell out the ramifications of workplace bullying and the impact of violations, as well as an easily-understood reporting procedure.To be most effective, managers should get training on how to respond to reports of bullying, plus how to enforce policies and procedures. WBI offers online and in-person training options for employers interested in implementing policies.
  • Stick to your guns Even the best anti-bullying policy will be a mockery if there is no follow through. When bullying occurs, you must be willing to follow the designated procedures, even if that means standing up to a valued colleague.

If You’re Not in a Leadership Position

  • Enlist support from upper management Namie recommends securing assistance from a manager who is senior to the bully by at least two levels — not the bully’s immediate boss.
  • Get coworkers to join with you Donna Ballman, a labor attorney and author of Stand Up For Yourself Without Getting Fired, says: “You should discuss with coworkers that you are going to complain, maybe get at least one other to come with you if you can, or even put together a complaint signed by other non-supervisory coworkers.”
  • Help the victim find another job Sometimes the best — and only — way to assist a bullying target is to help the person find another position, either by transferring within the company or by going elsewhere. According to the WBI, in 61% of cases, bullying stops only when the target loses her or his job.

Case in point: I recently heard from a 25-year-old who was forced out of her first job by a female bully boss. She explained her situation this way: “The incompetent HR manager, who was willfully blind to the problem, allowed the bully free rein. No matter how many people complained to him, no matter how clear it was that she was a toxic presence in the office, the HR manager always claimed to need ‘just one more person’ to come forward before he could do anything. When those are the office dynamics, the only thing you can do is what my immediate boss did for me, which is help the junior worker leave the situation.”

If an internal transfer is possible and desirable, offer to make a personal introduction or recommendation to the hiring manager in another department. If a transfer isn’t feasible, make job introductions to key people in your network elsewhere; pass on information about promising leads; offer yourself as a strong reference and serve as a strategic sounding board during the search process.

Help the bullying victim keep perspective while navigating this difficult situation. It’s worth you mentioning that as stressful as a job change may be, it is almost always better than continuing to toil under a bully boss.

Nancy Collamer, M.S., is a career coach, speaker and author of Second-Act Careers: 50+ Ways to Profit From Your Passions During Semi-Retirement. Her website is MyLifestyleCareer.com; on Twitter she is @NancyCollamer.

View Source: Forbes

Today’s Thought: After all the dirty laundry I have exposed over the last two years, it’s not even half my story!


PM’s remarks reprehensible: Inquiry necessary to take real action to STOP the ongoing tragedy and PREVENT these senseless deaths.



carolyn=-bennettPrime Minister Harper’s dismissal of the growing over-representation of Indigenous women and girls as victims of violence, homicide and persons who go missing as isolated crimes to be investigated by police illustrates just how out of touch he is. Moreover, the callous tone of his remarks yesterday, and failure to show any empathy for the families and loved ones of those who have been lost, shows a lack of compassion and leadership.

His characterization of this ongoing national tragedy completely disregards the scope of the crisis, which was confirmed only months ago by an RCMP report. That report doubled the 2010 estimate of the Native Women’s Association of Canada of 600 missing and murdered Indigenous women and girls in recent decades to almost 1200 since 1984. Even more disturbing than the shocking number of Indigenous women and girls involved was the finding that their proportion of the homicide rate is growing drastically, from 8 per cent in 1984 to 23 per cent in 2012. That means that today almost one in four female homicide victims in Canada is Indigenous, despite the fact they represent roughly only 4 per cent of the female population.

In the face of these appalling statistics, the Prime Minister’s continuing refusal to call a national public inquiry completely undermines his credibility when he claims to be tough on crime or to support victims.

Just yesterday he again stubbornly refused to call a national public inquiry claiming, “we should not view this as sociological phenomenon”. This flippant dismissal of the profound impact of root causes on this chronic problem disregards even the watered down conclusions and recommendations of the Conservative dominated Parliamentary committee that issued a white washed report on this issue last spring

While the Conservative majority on the committee refused to listen to the many experts and witnesses who testified to the need for a national public inquiry, even they disagreed with the Prime Minister’s discounting of the sociological root causes of this chronic violence. In fact the Parliamentary committee devoted a third of the study and an entire chapter of the resulting report to the root causes of this worsening crisis. Unfortunately the final recommendations ignored the evidence and instead simply cited inadequate existing government initiatives, most not even specific to violence against Indigenous women and girls.

It is clear that only a national inquiry would have the scope and resources necessary to identify the root causes of the violence and outline concrete measures to deal with this ongoing tragedy. It is the only way to provide justice for the victims, healing for their families and to put an end to the violence. Harper’s steadfast refusal to call a national inquiry flies in the face of the repeated urging of the victims’ families, every provincial and territorial premier, Indigenous leadership, the international community and civil society. As I have said before, he is on the wrong side of this issue and of history. This is not a women’s issue, not an Indigenous issue, it is a Canadian issue that touches the hearts of all Canadians.

Today’s Thought: Never Stripe A Man of Everything


RCMP Harassment, Bullying Still Exists In Force: Liberal MP


Who Protects The Protectors?

VANCOUVER By Tamsyn Burgmann, The Canadian Press

Harassment and bullying hasn’t been stamped out inside the RCMP workplace despite high-level assurances that action would be taken, says a Liberal MP who has met with dozens of Mounties.

MP Judy Sgro wants a judicial inquiry into “horrible and graphic” conduct within the country’s national police force after hearing a slew of allegations during a series of private forums across the country.

“Every one of those sessions was emotionally draining and very sad,” Sgro told those who attended a Liberal party-hosted breakfast in Vancouver on Friday.

“It continued to diminish the image we all have, and that we want to have, of the RCMP being there front and centre to protect people.”

Sgro and Senator Grant Mitchell heard from participants in Ontario, Vancouver, Newfoundland and Alberta between April and October 2013.

Some 18 to 80 people assembled for each session, including both civilian and operational members, current and former.

Participants alleged recurring incidents that happened with the direct knowledge of superiors, claiming they were dismissed as hazing, character building or “just the guys blowing off steam,” Sgro said.

They also spoke about work environments where abuse escalated to the point where some members’ careers were destroyed, and others suffered from physical and mental ailments or family breakdowns.

Sgro alleged that widespread and systemic issues prevail, even though RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson told her and a House of Commons standing committee that the force is “making progress” in bringing about positive change.

In February 2013, Paulson released an action plan entitled “Gender and Respect” that included 37 items to help the force respond to harassment complaints.

“We’ve taken a big step forward,” he told the committee on the status of women, outlining reforms to combat what he described as “misuse of authority.” He said there was not “systemic” sexual harassment.

On Friday, Sgro said Paulson attempted to convince the committee “changes were really going to happen.”

“Well, what ended up happening was they ended up re victimizing many of these very people,” she said.

In particular, Sgro cited Bill C-42, which amended the RCMP Act she said threatens dismissal for members of the force who speak out in a disparaging way.

“The reason you have not heard anything more on this issue for the last six months is because it’s shut down everyone,” she said.

An RCMP spokesman in Ottawa responded to a request for comment by emailing a lengthy statement previously posted online.

“The RCMP is committed to providing a safe and respectful work environment, free of discrimination, offensive behaviour and harassment,” the statement said.

It said the force amended its internal policy last year and that employees are currently completing an online course called Respectful Workplace.

Several high-profile lawsuits have been filed by former Mounties since Cpl. Catherine Galliford went public with allegations of harassment within the British Columbia division in 2011.

Last year, an RCMP watchdog investigation found 90 per cent of 718 complaints filed by employees between 2005 and 2011 alleged bullying, while four per cent concerned sexual harassment. Almost half the complaints were filed by men.

In Vancouver, a support group of about 50 male RCMP members meet quietly each month as they await the protracted grievance process to wind through, said Sgro, noting she hasn’t heard of this happening anywhere else.

“Because of the culture of the RCMP, you can’t show weakness … the minute that happens, you become a liability,” said a former B.C. RCMP senior constable attending Sgro’s talk.

Richard Jaques, who retired in 2008 after 13 years of service, said he regularly observed female officers excluded from promotion and said he believes the behaviour was driven by jealousy.

“When a lot of the young female officers would come into the RCMP, I would sit down with them and tell them ‘this is a male dominated organization,'” Jaques, who is seeking nomination to run as a Liberal candidate, in an interview.

“I would be up front and I would tell them that. And that they would have to work twice as hard, twice as long and twice as fast to get any respect.”

A report outlining the findings of the cross-country meetings will be presented after Parliament resumes in September.

Follow @TamsynBurgmann on Twitter

View Source HuffPost Politics Canada


Korn Stands up to “Bullying” in New ‘Hater’ Video

Warning: The video below may be considered too graphic for some audiences, viewer discretion advised.

korn-239 In Korn‘s new video for “Hater”, the band seeks to project a positive message, one of empowerment and strength, to those who have been scarred by bullies.

Over the past two decades, Korn frontman Jonathan Davis has been vocal about having been bullied as a youth.

Lyrics aren’t the only way Davis shows his distaste for bullies. Several of the the singer’s prominent tattoos serve as symbols of his struggles against those that beat him down, mentally and physically. On Davis’ left shoulder is a large HIV.

“He got this tattoo as a way to get back at all of the teens in high school who used to bully him and make fun of him,” notes fan site Korn Row. “Now that he has grown and moved past all the taunting, he views the tattoo as a symbol of the fact that he has been strong enough to overcome that adversity and become a successful musician.”

Director David Yarovesky assembled shots of people covered in white paint being drenched in blood, scarring themselves, slitting wrists and worse, as their innocence is stripped and suicide becomes an avenue of relief. Interspersed with the bloody images are stories from real people about surviving bullies’ attacks.

“In the end, I guess I want to say thank you to the boys because you made me who I am today,” says one of the girls in the video. “I’m one badass chick. So, thank you for being a dick.”

The video accompanies the band’s latest single from The Paradigm Shift, Korn’s current album.

View Source Radio.com By Jay Tilles – Aug 21, 2014


Celebrating International Youth Day in Cameroon

Originally posted on MY World:


By FAHFED and Club des Jeunes Aveugles Rehabilites du Cameroun (CJARC) under coordination by Ntiokam Divine, Global Youth Digital Advocate post-2015 and MY World 2015

During International Youth Day 2014, Sought Out Cameroon gathered 3 groups for a discussion on the post-2015 agenda, the IYD2014 theme of Youth and Mental Health and MY World. Here is a report on what they had to say:

159Challenges for Visually impaired people:

  • They are marginalized because of their disability
  • They are not inclusive in decision due to the disability
  • They lack of materials in their institution
  • They are urban
  • They are well and duly registered under the Government

096Challenges for Young Women:

  • They are unemployed
  • They were not able to continue their studies
  • They need some materials for training
  • They need to reinforce their capacities
  • As volunteers of the Association, they are well and duly registered under the Government

053Challenges for Refugees:

  • Unable to feed themselves…

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Featured Image -- 14099

Originally posted on Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger:

“The Deep South (here in Northeast Georgia) is rife with a violent culture that plays itself out in a disrespectful culture all over our district, home, school, and work included.  We needed to change the definition of “bullying” and identify the participants (bullies, victims, and bystanders.)” – Yvonne E. Richardson,  Middle School Teacher



developed & written  by Kendall F. Person, thepublicblogger
video short-documentary edited by  Crystalkay Fairrington

Young Robert Troy was still wearing his soccer cleats and found it difficult to maneuver the usual sharp turns, so he willed his legs to run even faster. The rains made the ground slick, and on more than one occasion, he stumbled, nearly losing his edge. Making a quick turnabout, on 1st Street, he hoped to make his getaway a lot sooner, because he was running out of breath. He jumped over ole Ms. Bernard’s chain link fence, nearly high jumped…

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Ravi Karkara featured in 2014 Ministers Reference Book of Commonwealth

Bullying Prevention:

Don’t have “Fear” this is a must read….. :-)

Originally posted on MY World:

It is my privilege to share with you the 2014 Ministers Reference Book of Commonwealth which is Designed to help commonwealth member countries work ever-more closely with each other to build a peaceful and prosperous community.

2014 Ministers HandbookThe report features over 40 articles from leading commentators, including H.E.s David Cameron , Goodluck Jonathan, Executive Heads of UNCTAD, ITC, IMF, UNESCO, FAO and others.  It also has a feature on Hon. Nelson Mandela’s legacy and his impact on the Commonwealth.

I am very honored to inform that the book features my article on Youth Led Development (Page 152-155) among all these other luminaries.

To access, click on the photo.

I hope you will find this useful.


2014.08.21 Ravi2014.08.21 Ravi2

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NDP Leader Charges Feds with “Bullying”


Thomas Mulcair, leader of the Official Opposition, is calling for a Royal Commission on physician-assisted suicide.

The federal government has been “bullying” Canadians instead of governing with respect to recent decisions in health care, Thomas Mulcair, leader of the Official Opposition and the New Democratic Party told delegates on the final day of the Canadian Medical Association (CMA)’s annual meeting in Ottawa.

In a speech that was surprisingly partisan for a CMA meeting, Mulcair said that there have been two examples of the federal government’s “heavy handed and demagogic approach” to health care in the past week. “They unsuccessfully tried to recruit Canadian doctors in their ideological crusade against marijuana. And they tried to force doctors to decide who should and shouldn’t get home mail delivery. That’s not governing. That’s bullying.”

Mulcair is the first leader of the Official Opposition to be invited to address the CMA General Council.

He accused the federal government of being “more interested in defunding public health care, than protecting it” and “in dictating to provinces and providers rather than working with them.”

A recently announced plan to cut $36 billion from federal transfers starting in 2016, “would be a return to the dark days of the 1990s,” said Mulcair. “We’ll never play a constructive role with our provincial and territorial partners, if we return to an era of crippling cuts.”

An anticipated budget surplus in 2015 should be used to cancel proposed cuts to health care, maintained Mulcair.

While money may not be the solution for problems facing health care, it is “definitely a necessary precondition,” he said. “Mr. Harper, it’s time keep your word to protect Canadian health care.”

In keeping with an underlying theme of the annual meeting, Mulcair pointed to seniors care as a primary health care challenge and later told reporters that he favours a Royal Commission on physician-assisted suicide. The NDP is the only federal party with a national strategy for seniors care, including a policy on aging and palliative care.

In his speech to CMA, he quickly moved on to other challenges, criticizing federal cuts to refugee health as “cruel and thoughtless.”

He also decried the “awful” state of some First Nations’ reserves and food security in Canada. “It’s totally unacceptable… that 800 000 children go to school each day without having eaten.” The NDP is the first federal party with a pan-Canadian food strategy.

On the topic of military health, Mulcair slammed the government for shutting down nine Veterans Affairs service centres this year and pledged to reopen them if elected.

“Our military is grappling with the impact of a decade of war in Afghanistan. We have a wave of new veterans. … They need, they deserve, our full support.”

Mulcair said he wrote to Prime Minister Stephen Harper earlier this year, asking him to make military suicides and mental health a personal priority. “He never bothered to respond.” A call to reverse $200-million in cuts in Veterans Affairs, also fell on “deaf ears.”

“The main challenge we face… is to honour these responsibilities,” said Mulcair. “What our medical professionals need, what you deserve, is a federal government that will be a partner in making that change.”

Source: Barbara Sibbald, CMAJ – Aug 20, 2014 Canadian Medical Association

Who is Tom Mulcair, watch this video


Today’s Thought: There is an advantage to “Having Nothing to Lose” and that is YOU HAVE EVERYTHING TO GAIN….


Bullying Partners Could Face Five Years In Jail


Charity bosses say the plans are a “vital step forward for victims of domestic abuse”.

UK, Wednesday 20 August 2014

Two women a week are killed by domestic violence

Two women a week are killed by domestic violence

People in a relationship who consistently emotionally and psychologically bully their partner could face jail under Government plans.

The legislation is aimed at protecting victims whose partners threaten them with violence, cut them off from friends or refuse them access to money.

Home Secretary Theresa May is looking at creating a new offence which would give emotional abuse the same status under law as physical abuse.

Currently non-violent coercive and controlling behaviour is covered by legislation that concentrates on stalking and harassment. This does not explicitly apply to intimate relationships.

Polly Neate, Women’s Aid chief executive, said: “This is a vital step forward for victims of domestic violence.

“Two women a week are killed by domestic violence, and in our experience of working with survivors, coercive controlling behaviour is at the heart of the most dangerous abuse.”

The Home Secretary said: “The Government is clear that abuse is not just physical. Victims who are subjected to a living hell by their partners must have the confidence to come forward.

“Meanwhile, I want perpetrators to be in no doubt that their cruel and controlling behaviour is criminal.”

The Government has also introduced the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme, known as Clare’s Law after 36-year-old Clare Wood who was murdered by her ex-boyfriend in 2009, which enables the police to disclose information about previous violent offending by a partner.

And the introduction earlier this year of Domestic Violence Protection Orders means perpetrators of domestic abuse can be prevented from returning to the home for up to 28 days.

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World Humanitarian Day 2014

Aid workers save lives. All sides to conflict must do more to protect #HumanitarianHeroes


What is a Messenger of Humanity?

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Messengers of Humanity are people who want to save lives and alleviate human suffering. They understand the power of social media and know awareness is a first step to mobilizing action. Through this program, Messengers of Humanity will share stunning imagery depicting the human face of conflict and natural disaster, unbelievable but true important facts and figures surrounding the humanitarian state of the world, messages of hope and action and extremely important information that when shared, could really help change the world. More people than ever need your help, follow this link and become a Messenger of Humanity.

United Nations

Video Message by UN Humanitarian Chief, Valerie Amos and UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the occasion of World Humanitarian Day 2014 (19 August).

Published on Aug 18, 2014




The Universal Declaration of Human Rights {Video Format}

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What is a Humanitarian?

World Humanitarian Day falls on August 19, the day in 2003 when 22 aid workers were killed in a bombing at the UN headquarters in Baghdad. It’s a day to commemorate all people who have lost their lives in humanitarian service and to celebrate the spirit of people helping people that motivates this work. This year the day will focus on incredible humanitarian heroes from all walks of life. As we aim to create a worldwide momentum of support, we will call on our Messengers of Humanity to take an important social action on this day as a symbol of solidarity.

Human Rights Awareness – Scientology Voice for Humanity

universal-declaration-of-human-rights2 As 2013 fades into the past and a new year 2014 about to begin, lets make a new years resolution to try our damnedest to make the coming year, “EMPATHY” plays an important role in your life…

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#REF4Women: Advocating for Women in Development through MY World 2015

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By Karol Alejandra Arámbula Carrillo, Youth Advocate for MY World 2015

The Red Elephant Foundation (REF) is an initiative built on the groundings of story-telling, civilian peace-building and activism for gender sensitivity. We recognize the many different challenges women and girls continue to face in today’s world.

As such, we look forward to strengthen our actions in favor of gender equality within the international community. To do so, we have become official partners of the MY World Global Survey on the Post-2015 Development Agenda aiming to position gender equality as one of the top priorities of international development.

REF 1We believe global civil society plays a very important role in the construction and follow-up mechanisms of the Post-2015 Development Agenda. Through MY World, which represents a fundamental tool to share some of our needs and interests as global citizens, we can have a real impact towards the adoption of new global…

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My Journey Through Hell (A Personal Story)

Bullying Prevention:

Over the course of the last few years I’ve certainly had plenty of time to read, which is now one of my favorite pastimes, not only do I find I’m not alone in my struggle to survive, sometimes I read stories by others of their life struggles and journey through life, it’s almost as though they have probed my mind……..

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I often hear myself saying that the stories sent to me are so much more tragic then the ones I shared here. But there is much commonality between them, such as the sensitivity of the victims of bullying and how that is exploited by the bullies. Last week’s news about the death of Robin Williams affected me deeply due to learning of his battle with depression. Now that the proof is coming to light that bullying leads to anxiety which can lead to depression and then what can be the end of that for some breaks my heart. For Lisa below to start by saying she doesn’t have the happily ever after story continues to show that we must share and connect through these stories. We are not alone and I, for one, understand what Lisa talks about here. As usual, thank you, Lisa, for sharing it here. ~Alan Eisenberg

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Federal Jury Awards $4.7 Million in Workplace Bullying Case


An employee of a Brooklyn, New York clothing store was awarded $4.7 million by a federal jury after being repeatedly bullied by a co-worker and ultimately physically attacked. The award was for assault, emotional distress, negligence in the employer’s hiring of the bully and punitive damages.

According to the complaint, the plaintiff, a Yemen-born stock clerk, was bullied by a security guard at the store, who repeatedly called the plaintiff “bin Laden” and used other religious, racial and ethnic slurs throughout the plaintiff’s employment at the store. The security guard also made threatening physical gestures.

The plaintiff complained numerous times to the store manager about the name-calling and the threats of physical harm, saying that he feared for his life. The plaintiff also repeatedly asked that the security guard be transferred or that other action be taken – but the store manager did not act. After approximately a year and a half of verbal taunts and threatening gestures, one day the security guard punched the plaintiff, knocking him unconscious. The store manager refused to call the police or an ambulance. Eventually, the security guard was arrested and pled guilty to a criminal charge of assault.

Workplace bullying is not only unacceptable and potentially expensive, it may soon violate new state laws. At least 15 states are considering legislation that would protect workers against bullying. The following five steps can help employers recognize and prevent bullying in the workplace:

  • Create a policy that clearly defines verbal, physical and online bullying, lists the company’s anti-bullying rules and identifies the penalties for breaking the rules;
  • Make sure all employees are aware of and understand the anti-bullying policy;
  • Apply the policy consistently for all employees and in all situations;
  • Encourage employees to report all incidents of bullying to their supervisors or to human resources;
  • Screen potential new employees for past workplace bullying or harassing behaviors.

Thomson Reuters’ sensitivity training, preventing workplace bullying and preventing discrimination and harassment courses provide an effective way to ensure that employees understand various forms of discrimination and harassment and how to avoid and respond to workplace bullying.


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Free & Equal

Navi PillayFree & Equal, Launched July 26, 2013 by Navi Pillay during her time heading the United Nations Human Rights Office. At the end of this month, Navi Pillay will be ending her term as High Commissioner. Watch her video below as she speaks about the importance of LGBT rights and share with your friends and family to show your Thanks and your appreciation to Navi for her hard work.
Free & Equal is a United Nations initiative for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender equality. Free & Equal is an unprecedented United Nations global public education campaign for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equality.

Navi Pillay For United Nations Free & Equal

A project of the United Nations Human Rights Office being implemented in partnership with the Purpose Foundation, Free & Equal will raise awareness of homophobic and transphobic violence and discrimination, and promote greater respect for the rights of LGBT people everywhere.

The campaign will engage millions people around the world in conversations that will help promote the fair treatment of LGBT people and generate support for measures to protect their rights.

Justice Edwin Cameron for United Nations Free & Equal

Published on Aug 14, 2014 - South African Constitutional Court Justice Edwin Cameron appeals to those who can to make themselves visible, to be vocal, and to claim their humanity – telling them, ”in claiming your humanity, you are enriching your own society.” The latest in Free & Equal’s series of activists and celebrities speaking out for a Free and Equal world, Justice Edwin Cameron speaks about how speaking out can start to change the world.

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Call for Nominations for MY World Partner Recognition Awards!

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Dear MY World Partner,

We are delighted to announce the Call for Nominations for the 2014 MY World Partner Recognition Awards. This year $)A !/ s awards aim to symbolically recognise the critical contribution of partners to the success of MY World (based on activities undertaken from September 2013 onward). Awards will be granted to a selection of partners who have stood out for their performance in the promotion of MY World.

The MY World Partner Recognition Awards will include a total of 5 awards distributed across the following categories:

  • MY World Volunteerism Award
  • MY World Innovation Award
  • MY World Outreach Award
  • MY World Communications Award
  • MY World Outstanding Contribution Award

Send us your nomination!

To submit a nomination for the MY World Partner Recognition Awards, please:

Send the nomination form to awards@myworld2015.org indicating $)A !0 Nomination MY World…

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The World Youth Want on International Youth Day

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2014.08.14 Youth day

On 12 August, 2014 – youth around the world celebrated International Youth Day. The World Federation of United Nations Association & their Youth Federation made this wonderful video in honor of the event:

To mark this day, The World We Want 2015 published a new Youth Report [download here], which analyzes various visualizations hosted on the platform. Thus far, 2.2 million youth have voted in MY World. Their top priorities are:

2014.08.14 youth priorities

Youth issues are similarly highlighted in the World We Want 2015 Visualizations, with top mentions: Women, Development, Education, Employment, Children, Population, Health, Social.

2014.08.14 Youth WWW

What is the world you want?

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Bullying blamed after fatal stabbing


Pretoria -

The spectre of bullying has reared its ugly head in Pretoria again, ending in the stabbing to death of a Grade 11 Soshanguve schoolboy.

Bullying and eventual retaliation have been blamed for the death of the high school pupil on Monday.

Schoolchildren close to the tragedy said the argument and knife fight which broke outside the school had been a long time coming.

While a bigger group is alleged to have been part of the fight, which started when Soshanguve Central Secondary School pupils were dismissed at noon on Monday, there were only two who came to harm.

“One of them lay dead on the ground, another was badly injured and bleeding from his upper body.

“A third boy was arrested by the police,” a witness told the Pretoria News on Tuesday.

The witness asked to remain anonymous to avoid being caught up in any investigation of the incident. He said he had been outside the adjacent primary school when a crowd of pupils emerged from the high school gates at about noon.

“I heard shouting and jeering, then a few broke away and ran across the road. The next thing I heard were groans,” he said.

Confusion among those who were there took over, another witness said. Within minutes, it seemed as if every pupil from the school was in the area where the fight had taken place.

“There was a lot of blood near the wall where the two were stabbed. This was after paramedics and the police had arrived and taken the boys away,” the witness added.

Staff at the school, casual workers on the grounds and pupils, on Tuesday said they were under strict instructions not to say anything about the killing, but some spoke of the events believed to have led to the Grade 11 boy being killed.

A pupil said: “The one who stabbed that boy had been tormented for a while by the other (boy) and his group of friends. He was pushed over the edge.”

No one had any idea how long he might have carried the knife: “It could have taken him a long time to muster enough courage to pull it out and stab.”

Captain Tsekiso Mofokeng, of the provincial police media office, said they were investigating the incident with the intention of finding out if issues ran deeper or if it was a once-off.

He said: “Two of the boys were embroiled in an argument when one, aged 16, pulled out a knife and stabbed the 17 year old in the chest.”

A third, also aged 17, intervened and tried to break them up, and he was stabbed in the back, Mofokeng said.

He confirmed that the one boy who was stabbed had died at the scene, while the other was rushed to hospital.

“The alleged killer was taken into custody,” he said. The identities of those involved have not been revealed by authorities yet.

Gauteng Education MEC Phanyaza Lesufi visited the school and the affected families on Tuesday morning.

“He was there with a team of school intervention officials, and he addressed morning assembly to comfort learners. The teams are on standby to offer psycho-social support for those who need it,” departmental spokeswoman Phumla Sekhonyane said.

Although the dead boy’s family were unable to discuss the incident on Tuesday, some pupils took to social media to vent their anger at the death, and to offer their condolences to the family of the deceased.

They put up pictures of the deceased, and an accompanying collage of him in different poses. One wrote: “Rest in peace my brother.”

The driver of a minibus taxi which transports some of the local high school pupils home said the boys in his vehicle often spoke of the alleged bully and said he treated other boys with cruelty. “They were deeply shocked by Monday’s stabbing, but they said it would definitely have come to that.”

In recent months, Pretoria News has reported on bullying across city schools, including a case of a Langenhoven schoolboy whose ear was almost sliced away, one who was stabbed in the back, a boy who was bullied on a school bus from Suiderberg, as well as a girl who was abused at a Pretoria West school.

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August 13 2014 at 09:19am By Ntando Makhubu

ntando.makhubu@inl.co.za @ntsandvose Pretoria News


Don’t Call Robin Williams’ Death a Waste

51672322586705924536076781748224I was coming home from a long day of working when I saw the news on Twitter. Today, probably sometime this morning, Robin Williams, beloved American actor, passed away in his California home. It is suspected that he committed suicide, probably from asphyxiation.

In the short hour since his death broke to the world, I’ve seen a number of reactions. I’ve seen people saddened and shocked. I’ve seen them skeptical and decreeing how suicide is a “waste.” I’ve seen countless photos, videos, and quotations from the many characters Williams played, each one meaning so much to all of us who watched him in all of his films. In fact, I will be watching my favourite Robin Williams film, Dead Poets’ Society, tonight, in memoriam.

But I was compelled to write this article because, like any mental-illness related accident or death, there by the grace of God go I. And it’s not only in poor taste to deride a man who by all accounts, was going though severe depression at the time of his death, it’s also just plain wrong. Suicide isn’t “giving up” or “giving in.” Suicide is a terrible decision made by someone whose pain is so great that they can no longer hold it, and feel they have no other option in life but to end it. It’s a decision you can’t take back, and a decision that will affect your friend and family forever. It is not taken lightly.

Losing a person to suicide may feel like a waste. And I think it’s fair to react to it that way, especially in the first hard days of grief. For someone looking in, it does seem like a waste — especially in the case of Williams, who was a brilliantly funny man and a talented actor. But imagine, if you will, feeling so desperate, so desolate, so incredibly sad and hurt that you honestly cannot see a way out. The feelings leading to suicide are the darkest a human mind can fathom. It’s like being shut into a dark tunnel with no point of light to guide your way. You can hear voices on the outside, but the walls are too thick to get in. And feeling like it’s closing in, like there’s no way out — well, suicide, for that person, is a blessed release. Life, however, is never wasted. Williams did things in his life that touched people to their core. It is a sad, sad loss, but it is not a waste.

Suicide is not a weak decision. It is a decision that takes an incredible amount of strength to make, actually. Someone isn’t weak if they end their life. They are desperate. There is a difference. It’s OK to feel angry at the person for dying. It’s OK to question, to rail against the forces that caused this. But it isn’t weakness. Mental illness isn’t weakness. It’s a disease, a pervasive, sometimes awful disease. The person doesn’t deserve anger and skepticism forever. They deserve compassion. Their family deserves compassion.

Ending a life is incredibly, incredibly tragic. It represents a lost battle with mental illness. In that, it is no different than cancer, or diabetes, or a heart attack. Where it is different is that suicide is a choice. Whether it is the right or wrong choice for that person is solely the business of that person who commits suicide. But for the family left behind, it is devastating.

Don’t rail against Robin Williams, or anyone else, for committing suicide (if indeed, that is the cause of his death). Instead, reach out. Let people know you’re there for them. Find a crisis line in your area to call if you are feeling desperate and like you want to do something you can’t take back. Support the family and friends left behind in the best way you can. Let the people you love know that you love them and that you are thinking about them. Let them know that they are not alone.

Robin Williams taught me innumerable things about how to reach out to people and bring out the best in them. Through his characters, he taught me to seize the day, to make them laugh, to find everyone’s sense of humour, to be a friend. I will miss his work and his bright light in the world. I am so sorry that he felt like there was no other option. I send my love and my compassion to his family.

O captain, my captain, I hope you find peace on the other side.

To everyone who may be reading this, if you need to talk at all — I am available to listen, whoever you are. You are not alone.

RIP, Robin Williams. continue reading….

Posted: 08/12/2014 8:50 am EDT

Posted: 08/12/2014 8:50 am EDT


smilie trek2

Today’s conference call


Mr Dempster

I just want to add something I should have added during the call, these matters are of Workplace Bullying, Harassment and assault, and I will not settle for nothing less than criminal charges being laid against Bernie and yanick if it’s the last thing I do before I leave this world.

You were not there and did not see or experience the hell that I went through during my six months of employment at Richcraft, not to mention Handyman Personnel and where it all started at SunGard.

RBC put derogatory information in my credit files in 2006, and put me through hell, Richcraft being a part of that surnerio, they pinned me to the wall and spit in my face while making me fear for my life. I would have never returned to that site even if they didn’t fire me because I left and ran from that work site in fear that day July 10, 2012

Canada Revenue Agency sexually assaulted me in 2008 with a foreign object during a prostate exam which caused servere pain and bleeding for weeks. They defamed my name, a doctor won’t even see me, even they, the Doctor’s have even assaulted me.

I have tried many times to go to the Local Hospital to get medical attention, but experience major anxiety with just the thought of going and being alone in a room again with a doctor, it terrifies me to the extent I cannot bring myself to go, even though I suffer from insomnia, decreased appetite and grinding of my teeth still today causing extreme pain from earaches, toothaches and headaches. Most times I have to suffer with this pain because I don’t have money to even purchase pain relievers and no one to ask for help because now even the few friends I had, have turned their back on me because they to have had enough and cannot help any longer.

I have received a email tonight to go for an assessment for a possible job opportunity at 8:00 am which I will not be able to attend because I have not not slept in days even though I go to bed and try and sleep to no end

The one thing that amazes me most, from one human being to another, you classify yourself as a Personal Injury Lawyer, may I ask you what you classify just these few details? if not Personal Injury to myself and my well being?

If I may make a suggestion, this situation from my point of view, falls totally on RBC’s shoulders, the guys at Richcraft Bullied, Harassed and assaulted me because they RBC and the staff of SunGard branded me a thief, knowing that during my six years of employment at SunGard I had an estimated income of more than $250,000, and during that two year court battle I struggled to survive, I took no holidays, lived in a junior one bedroom apartment with only internet, telephone, car payment, and insurance, but when they also fired me on Sept 9, 2009 to my amazement I was $55,000 in debt having to file bankruptcy for the second time.

Someone has and will answer for this, I don’t want to get rich, all I want is what was rightfully mine that was unjustly taken away through illegal acts, which is my money. So my suggestion to you and or the president of Richcraft Group of Companies is to bring this matter to the attention of the President of RBC because one way or another, I will get my money back and get the medical attention I desperately require.

In closing I will say that I have the backing of the chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and The United Nations Human Rights High Commissioner, which I have also filed my complaint with in March of 2014.

Consider this as my offering for mediation, if not acceptable than I am willing to go the distance to pursue it in the courts if the HTRO continues to deny me my Human Rights, because in all honesty, I have nothing left to lose, nor do I fear dead anymore, as a matter of fact, I would welcome it. by Terry Kinden Aug 11, 2014

Best regards