United Nations Day



UN staff members dressed in their national costumes to celebrate UN Day © UN Photo

UN staff members dressed in their national costumes to celebrate UN Day © UN Photo

worldsmileyUN Day marks the anniversary of the entry into force in 1945 of the UN Charter. With the ratification of this founding document by the majority of its signatories, including the five permanent members of the Security Council, the United Nations officially came into being.

24 October has been celebrated as United Nations Day since 1948. In 1971, the United Nations General Assembly recommended that the day be observed by Member States as a public holiday.

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Peanut Allergies Lead To Bullying In Schools, Newfoundland Doctor Says (VIDEO)


When a Newfoundland school district reinforced a ban on peanut butter substitutes earlier this month, the head of a company that produces them called it bullying.

n-NUT-ALLERGY-largeAs one doctor in Deer Lake, N.L. tells it, students are using those very products to harass kids with serious nut allergies.

Pediatrician Dr. Susan Russell cheered a move by the Newfoundland and Labrador English School District to ban peanut butter substitutes such as Wowbutter in schools that already have nut-free policies, The Western Star reported.

She said students have smeared Wowbutter on allergy sufferers or their belongings, or even pressured them into eating it. One student, she recalls, was chased down a corridor by someone who said they were holding a peanut butter sandwich. The bullied student now doesn’t want to go back to school.

“The risk is being bullied causes significant psychological harm, but, in this case, there is a real physical threat,” Russell told the newspaper.

Allergy sufferers who come into contact with peanuts can experience anaphylaxis, which is characterized by narrowing airways, throat swelling, a drop in blood pressure or losing consciousness, according to the Mayo Clinic.

It can even be life-threatening; Dr. Richard Lockey, an allergist with the University of South Florida, said sufferers can die from anaphylaxis in minutes, though it’s rarely been reported to happen days or weeks after the initial event.

In an interview with CBC News, Russell said as many as half of kids with food allergies have been bullied, and that 80 per cent of the harassment happens in school.

Beatrice Povolo, marketing director for Anaphylaxis Canada, last year told CTV News the problem is growing.

“The results we have seen in some surveys that we have done is 30 per cent of parents have reported that their child has experienced some form of bullying,” she told the network. “This is concerning, because this seems to be more prevalent than previously known.”

A New York Times article published last year noted that in half of all cases of allergy bullying, the parents were not aware of the situation.

Scott Mahon, president of Wowbutter Foods, was disappointed earlier this month when the school district banned its products from certain classrooms, saying that it would “make life difficult” for certain families.

“We’re supposed to be teaching our kids to accept and embrace and acknowledge the needs and uniqueness of others,” he told CBC News. “Now the school is saying, ‘no, we understand this is a safe product, but we don’t want to take the time to educate and deal with it.”

But Jeff Thompson, the school district’s associate director of education (programs), said it knows that Wowbutter isn’t dangerous, but added that it can be difficult for schools to monitor.



What goes around comes around: Victimization leads to bullying


OTTAWA, October 14, 2014 — Bullying is a significant public health concern. It is associated with notable health problems and academic difficulties for children who get bullied and for those who bully them. Common knowledge suggests that children who are chronically bullied may eventually react with aggression towards their aggressors or others as a way of getting back or protecting themselves. A recent study published in the American Psychological Association’s journal Developmental Psychology by professors John Haltigan and Tracy Vaillancourt from the University of Ottawa confirms that children who are bullied by their peers are more likely to become bullies than bullies becoming victims.

The study included 695 Canadian children who researchers followed yearly from grade 5 (aged 10 or 11) until they entered high school (aged 14 or 15). Each year, the children were asked how much they were bullied by their peers and how much they bullied other students. Participants and their parents were also asked to provide detailed information about their mental health well-being such as how depressed, anxious and hyperactive they were.

Results indicate that for most children, instances of bullying—whether as a victim or a perpetrator—were low for the duration of the study. However, for a subset of children, 6% of the participants, there was evidence that children started off as victims and then became bullies. This victim-to-bully group had higher levels of mental health problems than children who were not involved in bullying or who were bullies only. Similarly, children who had experienced higher levels of victimization but who did not bully others had higher levels of mental health problems compared with children not involved in bullying or who had bullied others only.

These results suggest that aggression does beget aggression and that there is a significant mental health cost associated with being the victim of bullying behaviour. Moreover, identifying children who are frequent targets of peer abuse and providing them with intervention services may help prevent the development of future bullies.

Media inquiries

Danika Gagnon
Media Relations Officer
University of Ottawa
Office: 613-562-5800 ext. 2981
Cell.: 613-863-7221

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GLAAD Presents Spirit Day 2014


Spirit Day

Everyone is encouraged to go purple & participate on social media for Spirit Day on Thursday October 16th. Millions wear purple on Spirit Day as a sign of support for lesbian, gay, bisexual & transgender (LGBT) youth & to speak out against bullying.

Spirit Day was started in 2010 as a response to the young people who had taken their own lives after facing bullying incidents. Spirit Day has since garnered widespread support from celebrities, TV news & entertainment programs, corporations, organizations, schools, local communities & even national landmarks. This year actress & trans activist Laverne Cox, the Emmy nominated “Orange is the New Black” star will light the iconic Empire State Building in purple on October 16th.

This is first time that the New York landmark has taken a stand against bullying & gone purple for Spirit Day. Sarah Kate Ellis, President & CEO of GLAAD stated, “By recognizing National Bullying Prevention Month & lighting in purple for Spirit Day, the world’s most famous office building is supporting countless kids across the world. At a time when eight in 10 LGBT youth are harassed at school, it’s critical that we let them know it’s okay to be who you are.” Spirit Day is made possible by the generous support of its national partners PepsiCo & Wells Fargo, as well as official partner Comcast-NBC Universal & supporting partners American Eagle Outfitters & Kirkland & Ellis.

For More Info: www.glaad.org
Listen: LGBT Activist Urvashi Vaid Speaks OUT @OUTTAKE VOICES™

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Spirit Day

Bullying Prevention:

As tomorrow is Spirit Day, I am sharing my last years Spirit Day post to remind everyone to go purple and support LGBTQI Youth.

Originally posted on The New Bullying Prevention:

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The Purrfect Café


Welcome to the Purrfect Café!

PTS is excited to announce our new monthly program – The Purrfect Café!

catOn the 3rd Tuesday of the month, Starting October 21, come and enjoy the company of some fluffy felines in our lounge with coffee, tea and cuddles.

Visiting kitties from the Village Kitten Rescue will be present and attendees will be able to respectfully pet, purr and play with VKR’s cats. Cats in attendance may be available for adoption. Persons with allergies to cats: please see the allergy notice below.

Although cat cafes are a relatively new trend in North America they have been enjoyed for years elsewhere in the world, and with good reason – cat companionship has been shown to help reduce stress and anxiety and to lower blood pressure. Purring in particular “has been linked to lowering stress, decreasing symptoms of Dyspnoea, lessening the chances of having a heart attack, and even strengthening bones.” See here for more information on the benefits of animal companionship.

Respectful Interaction
To help ensure the comfort of kitties and humans alike we ask that you please respect the following guidelines:

  • No teasing, chasing or striking the animals.
  • Approach cats calmly and slowly with your hand extended.
  • Respect kitty consent. Do not hold a cat any longer than it wants to be held.
  • If a cat is hiding or keeping its distance, respect that boundary.


The cats will be provided with food and water, toys, climbing trees and litter boxes. PTS staff and volunteers will supervise the event. The space will be cleaned before and after, and furniture covers will be used.

Notice for Allergies

If you have severe allergies to felines, perhaps attending this program is may not be the right choice for you. Those with minor allergies to felines who want to participate we will have an abundance of tissues onsite. If you have allergies and choose to attend the cafe, PTS nor the Village Cat Rescue are responsible for any allergic reactions you may have to the cats. Please bring the necessary medication you need to manage any reaction you might experience. After the cafe is over, per our cleaning procedures, we will make every effort to reduce the amount of hair and dander present.

Are you as excited about this as we are? Let people know using the hashtag #PurrCafeOtt!


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People vs. Ebola

It’s estimated that up to 1.4 million people could be infected by mid-January. At that scale, this monster threatens the entire world.

6161250629189632Three weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of us went offline to fight climate change. This week, we’re going offline to help stop Ebola.

The Ebola virus is spiraling out of control. Cases in West Africa are doubling every 2-3 weeks and the latest estimate says that up to 1.4 million people could be infected by mid-January. At that scale, this monster threatens the entire world.

Previous Ebola outbreaks have been repeatedly contained at small numbers. But the scale of this epidemic has swamped the region’s weak health systems. Liberia has less than 1 doctor for every 100,000 people. Governments are providing funds, but there just aren’t enough medical staff to stem the epidemic.

That’s where we come in. 39 million people are receiving this email. Our polling shows that 6% of us are health workers – doctors or nurses – that’s nearly 2 million of us. If just 120 doctors among us volunteer, it will *double* the number of doctors in Sierra Leone.

Other volunteers can help too — lab technicians, logisticians, water and sanitation workers, and transport workers. Volunteering means more than time. It means risk. Ebola is highly contagious. Health professionals have already died fighting it. But if there’s any group of people that would consider taking this risk for their fellow human beings, it’s our community. I and others on the Avaaz team are ready to take that risk with you, traveling to the front lines of this crisis.

Great things come from listening to the deepest voices within us. If you’re a health professional, or have other skills that can help, I ask you to take a moment, listen to the part of you that you most trust, and follow it.

Click below to volunteer, see messages from volunteers about why they’ve made this choice, and leave your own message of appreciation and encouragement for them:


Raising your hand to volunteer is the first step. You’ll need to get, and provide, a lot of information to ensure you’re well matched to an available position. You will likely need to discuss this decision with your loved ones, and you can withdraw from the process later if you choose to. For this effort, Avaaz is working with Partners In Health, Save the Children, and International Medical Corps, three of the leading organisations fighting this deadly disease. We are also consulting with the governments of Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea, and the World Health Organization.

While there is substantial risk, there are also clear ways to contain that risk. Ebola is spread by physical contact, so with extreme care, the risk of contracting it can be minimized. So far, 94 health care workers have died of Ebola in Liberia, but almost all of them have been national health workers, who sadly are far less well equipped than international volunteers. With treatment, the chances of surviving the virus are better than 50%.

Many of us, from police to activists to soldiers, have jobs that involve risking our lives for our country. It’s the most powerful statement we can make about what’s worth living for. Taking this risk to fight Ebola, makes a statement that our fellow human beings, wherever they are, are worth living for:


If Ebola spirals further out of control, it could soon threaten us all. The fact that a weak health care system in a small country can let this monster grow to a size that threatens the world is a powerful statement of just how interdependent we are. But this interdependence is far more than just interests. We are connected, all of us, in a community of human beings. All the lies that have divided us – about nation and religion and sexuality – are being torn down, and we are realizing that we really are one people, one tribe. That a young mother and her daughter in Liberia fear the same things and love the same things as a young mother and her daughter in Brazil, or the Netherlands. And in this unfolding understanding, a new world is being born. Out of the darkest places come our brightest lights. Out of the depths of the Ebola nightmare, let’s bring the hope of a new world of one people, willing to give, and sacrifice, for each other.

With hope and determination,

Ricken, John, Alice, Danny, and the whole Avaaz team.


Stopping the Silent Epidemic: Workplace Bullying


October is Bullying Prevention Month

5483732859355136SPRINGFIELD, Ill. - While bullying is typically considered a school-yard problem, there are millions of American adults who say they’ve been victims of bullying on the job. According to a 2014 national survey from the Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI), 27 percent of workers report being bullied by a co-worker or boss. WBI director Dr. Gary Namie says these victims face threats, humiliation, work sabotage and verbal abuse. He calls it a “silent epidemic” that typically occurs behind closed doors. “In adulthood, the bullies target people who pose a threat to them,” says Namie. “So, based on envy, jealousy and attributes that they don’t possess, like technical skill and being well liked, people are targeted.” Illinois’ Senate Bill 2943, introduced early this year by Sen. Ira Silverstein, D-Chicago, would require employers to establish a workplace bullying policy. Namie says it’s a good step, but doesn’t think the bill goes far enough because it doesn’t hold employers liable in bullying cases. The bill is currently in the Labor and Commerce Committee. An estimated 65 million Americans are affected by workplace bullying.

October is Bullying Prevention Month, and Namie hopes it raises awareness about the effects of bullying on victims. He says it can traumatize a person, and even result in Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. In the workplace, he says victims often struggle to get employers to take their case seriously, that’s why employer accountability is an important part of anti-bullying legislation.

“All the advice is, ‘Well, you need to confront your bully.’ Well, if you could’ve, you would’ve, and confrontation by a bully target is ineffective,” says Namie. “Not because they’re ineffective people, but because the power of the employer is behind the bully, not the target.”

Namie’s organization has introduced a “Healthy Workplace Bill” in 26 states, including Illinois, but it has not passed in full form. Namie says it defines an abusive work environment and provides protections, both for employees and employers.

Mary Kuhlman, October 8, 2014 Public News Service – ILview source.


MY World reaches 5 MILLION votes – The Celebration!

Bullying Prevention:

Congrats to all

Originally posted on MY World:

September 25, 2014, NEW YORK

Blog by Caya Johnson, Global Youth Advocate



If you were unable to attend, please enjoy the web-stream and picture album of the celebration

_MG_6890The evening of 25th of September during the UN General Assembly week brought together MY World friends from far and near, in person and via live web-stream – and these MY World friends had 5 million reasons to celebrate!

The hard work of dedicated MY World partners brought the voices of 5 MILLION PEOPLE from 194 countries into the United Nations.  MY World has had very extensive support from a range of partners, over 700 organizations, including NGOs, heads of state, faith groups and youth movements who are still currently participating in its roll out and this collective achievement provides the perfect backdrop for a MY World Partner Recognition Event and MY World Award…

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22 Health Benefits of Ginger Root & Ginger Tea


Ginger is not often used by the majority of Americans, even though it commonly appears in the kitchens of countries across the globe. With so many healthy properties to it, it makes sense to start adding this to more of your dishes, or to start brewing a daily glass of ginger tea. It’s easy enough to make ginger tea, simply add boiling water to slices of ginger root. Adding lemon is a way to make it taste better and get more benefits from it.

Prevention and Treatment

For almost 10 years Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea and Camomille Tea have been a part of my daily diet.

For almost 10 years Green Tea, Lemon & Ginger Tea and Camomille Tea have been a part of my daily diet.

Fights Cancer – There are particular cancers that ginger has been shown to help treat, including ovarian cancer. Research has proven that ginger can act to literally obliterate ovarian cancer cells. Even more promising is that the cells actually end up killing and attacking themselves. This is good news for those that already have cancer, and reason enough to start having more ginger show up in your diet if you’re currently cancer-free.

Helps with Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Those suffering from IBS will be happy to note that getting more ginger should spell relief from the symptoms of the condition. The interesting thing to note is that it doesn’t seem to matter how you get the ginger into your system, whether including more ginger root in your cooking, taking ginger supplements, or brewing ginger tea, they all seem to have a calming effect on the bowels and digestive system.

Protects Against Alzheimer’s Disease – If Alzheimer’s runs in your family, or you are just worried about coming down with the debilitating disease, you should think about incorporating more ginger into your diet and daily routine. Research has shown that ginger helps to slow down the loss of brain cells that typically is a precursor to Alzheimer’s. By protecting and preserving these cells you are prolonging the amount of good years you have being alert and coherent and aware of your surroundings.

Weight Loss

Stimulates Appetite – If you have a sluggish digestive system and find that you need to get your digestive fires going before a meal, ginger can help. It may be the case that you don’t produce enough stomach acid, and ginger can act as an appetite stimulant, getting your digestive juices revved up so that you are able to digest your meal better. Improper digestion of foods leaves them fermenting in your digestive tract, and can contribute to weight gain.

Helps with Weight Loss – Losing weight is one of the most significantly positive things you can do for your overall health, and ginger can play an integral role in the process. The reason is because it acts as a fat burner, specifically helping to make sure that the weight you’re losing is from fat, and not just general weight or water loss. Another factor that helps shed the pounds is that ginger helps you feel full, so you’ll eat less and feel fuller longer, reducing your overall caloric intake.

Relieves Tired Muscles – The sort of muscle tiredness you get after strength training is the type that ginger works best on. This means that your muscles will recover better and allow you to take part in cardio workouts on your off days. It means you’ll be more likely to be more active instead of being out of commission on the days following your weight lifting workouts. Increased lean muscle mass generally equates to natural weight loss as you burn calories around the clock.

Helps Manage Glucose Levels – Research out of Australia suggests that ginger can help keep blood glucose levels in check. This is important because these levels have a direct impact on weight loss and weight gain, as well as how energetic or lethargic you feel throughout the day. If you’ve noticed that you get a midday crash it’s likely due to your blood sugar levels, and adding ginger to your lunch might help you stay focused and on task. An all-natural alternative to products like 5 Hour “Energy”.

Helps the Body Absorb Nutrients – When you’re trying to lose weight getting the right nutrients is essential. But if your body is overweight and not used to getting the nutrients it needs, it may have become used to not getting the required vitamins and now it doesn’t properly absorb them. More ginger means that you’ll be better absorbing the sort of nutrients that will help you in your pursuit and get you better results more quickly with the same amount of effort.

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Fiona Noakes’s latest is an anthem for nonconformists


Introducing Ottawa’s Very Own “Fiona Noakes Band” New video ‘My Apology’ emboldens those shamed for who they are.

 In the video for “My Apology,” Fiona Noakes portrays a superhero who helps those struggling with their identities. From left, bandmates Benoit L’Ecuyer, Danae Tsikouras, Cliff Chamberlain and Noakes.

In the video for “My Apology,” Fiona Noakes portrays a superhero who helps those struggling with their identities. From left, bandmates Benoit L’Ecuyer, Danae Tsikouras, Cliff Chamberlain and Noakes.

Whether for a casual beer or a night of karaoke, Swizzles is a popular queer venue in Ottawa. For Ottawa singer/songwriter Fiona Noakes, the Centretown bar serves as the set for her latest music video.

“I wanted to have many different walks of life in the video, and so naturally, I thought the perfect setting would be a bar,” Noakes says. “It has real character and is smaller, which makes for a more intimate experience.”

Noakes describes her song “My Apology” as an anthem for those who have been made to feel shame for who they are. The apology, however, is more defiant than remorseful.

“Saying ‘I’m so sorry there’s no glory here for you,’” Noakes says, actually means “not conforming to that person’s expectations just so they can be happy.”

In the video, Noakes’s bandmates embody characters struggling with their identities while she portrays a hero.

“I play some sort of supernatural character who walks up to each character battling their demons, whispers something in their ear that shifts their mentality into thinking, ‘Fuck it, I am who I am and I am not going to care what you think,’” she says.

The video contains queer storylines, although Noakes says that shouldn’t be the focus.

“I don’t think it matters if the character in the video is straight or gay. Romantic relationships, whether straight or gay, all deal with the same challenges, feelings that anyone can relate to,” she says.

She resists being identified as a lesbian singer/songwriter, saying her sexual orientation should not overshadow her career, although she recognizes that being an openly gay musician can serve as inspiration for those struggling to reconcile themselves with their surroundings.

Deniz Berkin, who directed, filmed and edited the video, says the song highlights universal emotions — heartbreak, insecurity and low self-confidence — that are often experienced painfully by LGBT communities.

“I thought it was an amazing opportunity to collaborate on a story that empathized with characters that are often marginalized,” Berkin says. “It’s a theme Fiona and I explored in a previous music video for her song ‘Glow.’”

“It was my first real experience being in a music video,” Tsikouras says. “It was very interesting to see how much work goes into it on all sides — took us a day to film a four-minute video!”

While Noakes says her songwriting is inspired by themes or events she’s intrigued by, she says “My Apology” is personal.

“Growing up I always felt different . . . and got to the point where I tried to conform, but it just didn’t work for me,” she says. “More so after high school I found I could connect with people who felt the same and liked me for who I was, not someone else I was trying to be.”

The video is produced by Francko Edge and features drummer Danae Tsikouras, guitarist Cliff Chamberlain and bassist Benoit L’Ecuyer.

BY LAYLA CAMERON – view source For more on Fiona Noakes, visit fionanoakes.com


S.Korean thriller ‘Socialphobia’ tackles cyber bullying


The cast of 'Socialphobia'. This thriller about Internet-obsessed youngsters is seeking to shed light on a growing culture of cyber-bullying in a country with one of the world's highest youth suicide rates

The cast of ‘Socialphobia’. This thriller about Internet-obsessed youngsters is seeking to shed light on a growing culture of cyber-bullying in a country with one of the world’s highest youth suicide rates

SEOUL: A new South Korean thriller about Internet-obsessed youngsters is seeking to shed light on a growing culture of cyber-bullying in a country with one of the world’s highest youth suicide rates.

“Socialphobia”, which received its world premier at the 19th Busan International Film Festival on Saturday, follows two nascent cyberbullies who become targets themselves.

The first feature film by director Hong Seok-Jae offers a vivid, detailed portrayal of the South’s vibrant yet highly volatile online landscape, where a petty online debate can quickly escalate.

South Korea is one of the world’s most wired nations, with broadband Internet omnipresent and more than 70 percent of the population owning smartphones.

Major Internet portals prominently display hourly updates on the latest trending topics — a practice critics accuse of fanning a herd mentality.

Aggressive cyber bullying, especially targeting celebrities, has been blamed for numerous suicides in recent years including the death of a leading actress in 2008.

It is against this backdrop that the film’s main characters — aspirant police officers named Kim Ji-Woong and Ha Yong-Min — get embroiled in an Internet witch hunt involving a young woman.

Angered by her tweet about a young soldier killed on duty, netizens unearth the woman’s real name, photo and home address.

A group of young men, including Kim and Ha, then organise a trip — live broadcast on a video-streaming website — to her home where they find her dead after apparently hanging herself.

The two young men then become the targets of a cyber backlash, as they are blamed for her suicide.

Seeking redemption, the boys convince themselves that the girl was murdered and set out to investigate her past.

The plot and its characters were inspired by real-life events and Internet commentators, Hong said in an interview with AFP.

“South Korea has such an overgrown Internet community where young people continually form an anonymous clique and look for a battle against some perceived ‘enemy’,” the 31-year-old said.

“For many, bullying seems to have become another form of online game they play,” he added.

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Tackling the trauma of workplace bullying


Josephine O'Halloran: 'Bullies avoid accepting responsibility for their own bad behaviour and they divert attention away from their inadequacy. They are insecure, have low self-esteem and lack confidence.' PHOTO: JOE O'SHAUGHNESSY.

Josephine O’Halloran: ‘Bullies avoid accepting responsibility for their own bad behaviour and they divert attention away from their inadequacy. They are insecure, have low self-esteem and lack confidence.’ PHOTO: JOE O’SHAUGHNESSY.

City Lives – Bernie Ní Fhlatharta meets psychotherapist and counsellor Josephine O’Halloran

Workplace bullying may be the butt of office jokes but it is very serious and can be the cause of anxiety, depression, insomnia and even lead to suicide.

One city based counsellor and psychotherapist, Josephine O’Halloran has seen an increase in recent years in the number of people presenting with issues relating to bullying in the workplace.

“Bullying is alive and happening in Galway in places as diverse as large companies and corporations to small companies,”

Research shows that 15% of people who take their own lives have been bullied in the year before their death. Josephine explains that bullying destroys a person’s confidence and self-belief, which can lead them to suicide.

She describes bullying as persistent, unwanted behaviour, mostly using unwarranted or invalid criticism, nit-picking or fault-finding. It usually focuses on distorted or fabricated allegations or under-performance at work, she explains.

“Bullying is also about exclusion, isolation, being singled out and treated differently, being shouted at, humiliated, the victim of excessive monitoring, having verbal and written warnings and more.

“Some bullies set their target up for failure by setting unrealistic goals or deadlines or by denying necessary information and resources, by overloading the employee with work or by taking work away from them, sometimes replacing their work with demeaning jobs.

“Bullying is a learned behaviour that develops when early negative attempts to assert control are rewarded. People should never keep bullying a secret. Aggression feeds on fear and when bullies know people are afraid or anxious, it is like a magnet which attracts them and they do it even more.”

Josephine is a matronly figure, who admits it breaks her heart to see what workplace bullying does to people.

She cannot break confidences but doesn’t deny that workplace bullying is particularly common in the world of finance and in the health services.

But it can happen anywhere, although she has seen increased incidents of it being reported to her by clients since the start of the recession.

Josephine explains that when people feel discommoded in the workplace, some get angry and defensive and take it out on others while others feel vulnerable and are too afraid of losing their jobs to speak up about it.

Bullies, she says, tend to be weak, inadequate and incompetent people who turn their insecurities outward finding satisfaction in their ability to attack, diminish and control other people around them.

“Bullies are people who avoid accepting responsibility for their own bad behaviour and they divert attention away from their inadequacy. They are insecure, have low self-esteem and lack confidence. In all studies taken on bullying, low self-esteem is a factor highlighted in them all. The perpetrators are often seething with jealousy, resentment, bitterness, hatred and anger too.”

Usually the bully is in a management position or another role with authority, which gives him or her opportunity to exert control over their victim.

Friday, 3 October 2014 7:00 Written by: Bernie NiFhlatharta – view source




This National Bullying Prevention Month, lend your voice to stop bullying.

Not In Our School partners with rock group Galvanized Souls to stand up against bullying. Colin, 11, is the star of their new music video called "Carry On." Colin, who was once bullied, received the birthday present of a lifetime, when his mom created a Facebook page for friends and family to greet Colin "Happy Birthday" that generated over 2 million likes.  Source: USA Today

Not In Our School partners with rock group Galvanized Souls to stand up against bullying. Colin, 11, is the star of their new music video called “Carry On.” Colin, who was once bullied, received the birthday present of a lifetime, when his mom created a Facebook page for friends and family to greet Colin “Happy Birthday” that generated over 2 million likes.
Source: USA Today

According to a UCLA psychology study, 70.6 percent of teens have seen bullying occur in their schools. But if someone intervenes, the bullying stops within 10 seconds.Clearly, being an upstander—someone who stands up to prevent harm from being done—makes a powerful difference! You can move from being a bystander to an upstander when you 1. Safely intervene, 2. Get help, 3. Befriend the targeted person, and 4. Take action to make the world a better place.

In honor of National Bullying Prevention Month, Not In Our School has partnered with alternative rock band Galvanized Souls. Southern California is buzzing about the band, not only because of the impressive caliber of their original music, but because they are also a young band that takes a stand. They have produced some of the most powerful music videos to convey the message to their peers to believe in themselves and to carry on.

Not In Our School and Galvanized Souls are standing together for a campaign called Be an Upstander: Lend Your Voice where we all can take 10 seconds out of our day to stand up for others and stop bullying.

Each week, we’re sharing a featured video and blog about being an UPstander.

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Gay student learns a valuable lesson about bullying, being true to himself



Joseph-BardenBy the time Joseph Barden began his freshman year in high school, he not only knew that he was gay, he also knew how to cover up that fact about himself.

One day, while Joseph was sitting with a group of upper classmen girls he had recently befriended, an openly gay student came by. “David was very flamboyant to put it mildly,” says Joseph.

And when David left, Joseph let loose on a homophobic rant that was not well received by his new friends:


Upon reflection, Joseph realized that the casual homophobia he had been cultivating was “not cool” and wasn’t necessary “to have friends or to maintain friends.”

Drawing on his own personal experiences, Joseph says “it makes you realize that often times the people that are the most virulently homophobic are the ones that are trying to hide something about themselves.”

This is Joseph’s true LGBTQ story

“I’m from Driftwood,” a collection of “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer stories from all over the world,” appears weekends on LGBTQ Nation. For more true LGBT stories, or to share your own, visit “I’m from Driftwood.”

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Bullying Gone Viral: Bystander effect presents itself in social media


This blatant act of violence indicates an utter lack of empathy not only within the attackers, but also within the bystanders

A video posted on Youtube, showing a group of teens bullying and assaulting a mentally ill man, blew up on social media. The Twitter trend #JusticeForCoran quickly became popular on Twitter and Facebook. It showed at least three different people taking turns punching, kicking, and at one point, slamming Coran to the ground. The teens physically and emotionally abused the victim.
Throughout the video, Coran is constantly asking the boys, “What I do?”. At one point, one of the guys taking turns hurting Coran gets into the camera and mocks him. Coran was a seemingly harmless man over the age of 20 who didn’t know any better and who thought he could rely on this group of teens as his friends.

Apparently, the world we live in is one in which people think it’s okay to abuse the mentally ill because they are different and don’t fit into the norm.

I find it sickening that anyone could do such a thing. How could anyone find this fun or amusing in any way? I can only imagine if it was their sister, brother, or any family member who was being attacked. What then? Society seems to not care about victims unless they share a personal connection. The fact of the matter is Coran does have people who cared about him; and by doing this, that group of teens not only hurt Coran, but also those people who love him.

I feel in incidents like this, when the criminals are minors, they should have all rights to protection of privacy and identity taken away from them. They should be publicly interviewed and held accountable for their actions. They should be obligated to answer the question of why they would do such a thing and why they would think it okay to do so. These teens need to know that they cannot hide behind the protection of being under the age of 18; and society is not going to continue to tolerate bullying, especially the bullying of those who cannot or will not protect themselves.

Their age will not always save them from the embarrassment of allowing people to know their identities; nor will it always allow them to have such lenient punishments. This case is reminiscent of the Slender Man stabbing, with two 12 year-old girls charged as adults, according to NBC.

In cases of such extreme violence, age is not an excuse. The bystanders are the worst of them all.

I feel that this would have never happened if someone would have only spoken up and told someone what was going on or stood up for Coran and tried to protect him. The bystanders’ lack of initiative shows that our society is beginning to grow more cowardly by turning a blind eye to violence.

The end to bullying begins with you.

Posted: Saturday, September 27, 2014 3:00 pm – By A’Shondee Kinlaw – view source




The rates of suicide in Australia’s rainbow community are devastatingly high; six times higher than for straight people. Large scale studies have suggested that gay males are almost 14 times more likely than their straight mates to report having attempted suicide, and almost one in three trans people report having attempted suicide. And so, especially in light of the recent “R U OK?” day, and the very public discourse on the topic of suicide following Robin Williams’ death, I thought it was timely to share with you a psychologist’s thoughts on suicide.

Ask a lesbian, gay, trans, bi, queer or intersex Australian adult at any given time whether they are currently struggling with thoughts of suicide, and you may be shocked to find more than one in six will say yes.

Prior to working in private practice, I worked for ten years on a crisis hotline. I don’t know how many people I’ve talked down from the proverbial ledge, but I know that not a single person was helped through arguing with their feelings. People who are brave enough to tell you that they are suicidal are usually facing overwhelmingly heavy thoughts and feelings, and to try to ‘cheer them up’ with a positive spin or different perspective usually only heaps invalidation on top of pain.

On the other hand, it’s been my experience countless times that after sitting with a person’s suffering unflinchingly and with no agenda, afterwards they are more willing to consider alternative solutions to end their pain.

Working intimately with suicide has also taught me about the resilience of the human spirit. It always saddens me to hear people describe suicide as selfish; given how hard-wired we are for survival, it usually takes a great deal of suffering to override the primal need to take in oxygen at just about all costs. So, if someone you know is suicidal, try asking them what has helped them stay alive this long. The source of their resilience may surprise you, as it often does me. It could be as simple as a smile from a stranger, or as grand as a sense of responsibility to others.

In short, let’s put the ‘community’ in ‘LGBTQI community’ when it comes to suicide.

With so many of our rainbow family enduring a bombardment of suicidal thoughts at any given time, don’t be afraid to hear another’s pain without moving to fix it, or believe in a person’s strength even when they’ve lost sight of it. And finally, seek the counsel of a professional if you are concerned – after all, we’re here to help.

If you or someone you know is in need of immediate assistance, contact Lifeline on 13 11 14 or the Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467. If you want to talk to someone call QLife LGBTI counselling on 1800 184 527. QLife has web chat online at qlife.org.au. Phones & web chat operate 5.30pm to 10.30pm, 7 days a week.

View Source Gay News Network »»» WRITTEN BY // Jacques Rizk – WEDNESDAY, 24 SEPTEMBER 2014


Republic of Korea leaders visit India

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Originally posted on UNAIDS Asia-Pacific:


Republic of Korea leaders visit India to learn about the HIV epidemic and response.

A high-level delegation of parliamentary and private sector leaders from the Republic of Korea visited India from 10 to 15 September to learn about the impact that HIV has on communities and how the country is responding to the AIDS epidemic. The delegation was led by the recently formed Korean Women against AIDS (KOWA) organization, which works through women parliamentarians and senior business leaders to advocate for greater engagement in the Republic of Korea for ending the AIDS epidemic in Asia, Africa and across the globe. While in New Delhi, the group met with Indian parliamentarians and visited the HIV Vaccine Translational Research Laboratory. As part of the fact-finding mission, the group also visited nongovernmental organizations providing counselling, care and support services to women and children living with HIV, as well as the K. B. Bhabha…

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Ask the Employment Specialist: I think I’m Being Bullied by my Boss

Bullying Prevention:

You might be interested in reading this Article, in my opinion it contains some useful information!

Originally posted on JVS Career Voice:

Dear Joanna,

I feel that I am being bullied by my boss over the past two years. I love my work and team, but this manager is making our lives miserable and we are losing faith in this leader and organization. However, I am unclear if it is my behaviour that is instigating this negativity or if it is the manager to blame.

Could you explain the aspects of a bad manager so that I can clarify my situation at my place of employment.

Signed: Unclear re Boss

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dear Unclear,

Referring to an insightful article by Elizabeth Dexter-Wilson, research has shown that employees tend to leave managers, rather than organizations. She reports on the following top eight bad management or leadership behaviours, which I will describe to help…

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The Wonderful Grand Band

The WGB – A Walk Down Memory Lane


Now to relax a little and reminisce (for me anyway) The Wonderful Grand Band is a Canadian music and comedy group formed in 1977 in St. John’s Newfoundland & Labrador Also so they not get lost in the files of time. I had the pleasure of taking in a number of their performances at the Strand Lounge in St John’s at the Avalon Mall during the early 80’s while living and working there.

They had many great shows and I got to meet one personally through another friend I met while in St John’s Richard Hiscock (whom have since pass on from AIDS). That was none other than the late Great LGBT personality Tommy Sexton, whom we also lost to AIDS in 1993. So I want to introduce you to WGB here and now and feature a few of my favorites, starting with Tommy Sexton doing lead vocals on Babylon Mall, this guy was too funny and the life of the party for sure.

Babylon Mall

R.I.P. Tommy Sexton July 3, 1957 – December 13, 1993″

 R.I.P. Tommy Sexton July 3, 1957 - December 13, 1993

R.I.P. Tommy Sexton July 3, 1957 – December 13, 1993

The Wonderful Grand Band, Newfoundland’s tremendously popular trad-rock band from the 1980s was conceived in 1977 for The Root Seller, a six-part mini-series produced by CBC St John’s. The show was written by Codco alumni Greg Malone, Mary Walsh and White and hosted by Greg Malone and Mary Walsh as Mr and Mrs Budgell, characters from the CODCO stage shows. The Root Seller had special weekly guests including Emile Benoit, Rufus Guinchard, Minnie White, Cathy Jones, and Jimmy Oulton. It was an instant local favourite but only two of these shows, with special guests Minnie White and Emile Benoit, survived at the CBC. The musicians on The Root Seller were – Kelly Russell, Sandy Morris, Ron Hynes, Glenn Simmons, Rocky Wiseman, Bryan Hennessey and Bawnie Oulton.

After The Root Seller the Band continued to play live dates but in 1978, Hennessey and Oulton left to pursue other interests, Kelly Russell was replaced by Jamie Snider, Paul Boomer Stamp took over on drums and Ian Perry became the bass player. Greg Malone re-joined the Band, this time for a live stage show which debuted at Toronto Caravan. This incarnation proved to be wildly successful and in 1979 Tommy Sexton joined Malone to complete the team that fronted the show until the WGB finally split in 1983.

The Album “Wonderful Grand Band” recorded in Stephenville, NL in 1978

The series WGB with Malone and Sexton which followed in 1980 was the most popular show in Newfoundland television history, beating all the competing American shows and even the News in the ratings. The Wonderful Grand Band toured Newfoundland and Canada extensively from 1978 to 1984 and built up an enormous fan base that has been loyal and appreciative all these years.

During the television years the WGB had several cast changes including Steve Annan on guitar, Howie Warden on bass, Kevin McNeil on drums and Cathy Jones and Mary Walsh in the comedy act for the final performance year.
The Wonderful Grand Band recorded two music albums, the Wonderful Grand Band recorded at Clode Sound in Stephenville in 1978 and Living In A Fog recorded in Toronto in 1981. Living In A Fog was released on CD in 2007 and is still selling strong, and the Band’s first album will be released on CD in 2010.

The Album Living in A Fog recorded in Toronto in 1981

The inimitable style of the late, great, and ever-missed Tommy Sexton.

thebandThe WGB’s release of two volumes of the original TV Series on DVD came after years of consultation and planning with CBC where the shows were originally produced in the 1980’s. The DVDs, The Best of WGB Volume 1 and 2, released in November of 2009 were a sensational success bringing to life once again some all-time favourite characters like Mr. Budgell, Nanny Hynes, Dickie, Mavis and Carmel Ann, and included many of the classic hit songs like Sonny’s Dream and Living In A Fog, Go For Love, UIC and the sensational Babylon Mall which features the inimitable style of the late, great, and ever-missed Tommy Sexton. The release and tour were undertaken in part as a tribute to Tommy.
The sold-out reunion tour in 2009 featured Greg Malone, Ron Hynes, Sandy Morris Glenn Simmons Jamie Snider, Ian Perry Paul “Boomer” Stamp.

The WGB plans to release two more Volumes of the TV series, The Best of WGB Volume 3 (from the first year’s TV show which features Rocky Wiseman) and Volume 4 (which also stars Cathy Jones, Mary Walsh, Steve Annan and Howie Warden).The WGB is managed by White. you can visit their official site here.
I want to leave you with a example of who they were with a closer look at an episode of CODCO, but you may have to fast forward as the space is included for commercials, worth the watch though and you are sure to get a laugh. cheers :-)

The First Episode of “CODCO”


Social Good Summit: 10 Inspiring Quotes from Day One


2014 Social Good Summit

The 2014 Social Good Summit kicked off today, and it’s been a powerful conversation about how citizens can use technology and new media to create change in their local communities and in the global community.
The conversation has been held in more than 140 countries and more than 30 languages. From Afghanistan to Tunisia to Gaza to the United States, people around the world have raised their voices about what kind of future they want and their ideas on how we can get there.
Topics included: how technology can empower women; the future of education; the need to address climate change; what we need to save mothers’ lives and fight disease; the opportunity in 2015 to create a bold global agenda to end poverty; and refugees, conflict, and reconciliation.

Here are 10 quotes that inspired us during Day One of the Summit (Tune in tomorrow for a great lineup of speakers that are sure to inspire us too!:

  1. “It’s not about me; it’s about we.” – Singer, songwriter, and humanitarian Alicia Keys during remarks about her “We Are Here” movement
  2. ”The rising tide has to lift everybody.” – UN Development Programme Administrator Helen Clark on the future of development
  3. ”Human beings, although capable of horrific things, are also capable of immense healing.” – Beyond Right & Wrong Director and Producer Lekha Singh
  4. “If you take the hard numbers, then science is clearly telling us that we’re running out of time.” – UN Environment Programme Executive Director Achim Steiner on climate change
  5. “I hope that by 2030 we can talk about gender inequality in historical terms.” – UN Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka
  6. “The opposite of poverty is not wealth; the opposite of poverty is justice.” – Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative Bryan Stevenson
  7. “It’s very difficult to sit back and watch tragedy happen when you know it’s completely treatable and preventable. – Supermodel, designer, and maternal health advocate Liya Kebede on maternal deaths
  8. “Behind each of the 51 million people displaced is a human story.” – UN High Commissioner for Refugees António Guterres
  9. ”Even leaders want to be led.” – Atom Factory Founder and CEO Troy Carter
  10. ”When everyone goes right, we believe it’s okay to go left.” – Audio Now Chairman & CEO Elan Blutinger


Today’s Thought: The Social Good Summit is a very powerful platform to reach the world on issues that matter to us all, I would not be a living example without the impact of Social Media, make your voice heard and support this platform for Social Good.


Uprising of “RIGHTS”


On Monday, September 15th, as the world converged upon New York City for the United Nations General Assembly and the Clinton Global Initiative, Executive Producers Stephen Schwartz (Wicked, Godspell, Pippin) and Bruce Cohen (American Beauty, Milk, Silver Linings Playbook) presented

Uprising of Love: A Benefit Concert for Global Equality at Broadway’s Gershwin Theatre (222 West 51st Street).

Featuring performances by 16-time Grammy Award-winner Sting and two-time Tony Award and two-time Grammy Award-winner Patti LuPone, and in strategic partnership with the United Nations Foundation, this event strives to support the efforts of United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and the UN’s Free & Equal campaign in calling for equal rights globally for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and intersex individuals, and to raise significant funding for grassroots organizations and activists working toward that goal around the world.

The net proceeds of this event will go directly to Fueling the Frontlines, a three-year, $20 million campaign for global LGBTI rights led by the Astraea Lesbian Foundation for Justice. Astraea is the only philanthropic organization in the United States solely dedicated to advancing LGBTI rights globally.

In a special video message recorded for the benefit concert “Uprising of Love” held in New York City on 15 September 2014, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon talks about the global fight for equality for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people. In his statement of support, he highlights the role of the UN Free & Equal campaign in opening people’s hearts as part of the UN’s push to change the world. For more information about the concert, please visit the Uprising of Love website: http://www.uprisingoflove.org/benefitconcert/

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Westport Teen Releases Anti-Bullying Music Video


“Try To Break Me.”

541de3d2213f6.imageWESTPORT – After moving from her hometown of New York City to Westport at 11 years old, Nina Lee said she struggled to make friends as the new girl in town. “It was a hard transition moving from a place where I had a life to being the new girl in school and not knowing anyone,” Nina said. Describing her middle school years as a series of incidents where she was bullied and ostracized, the now 14-year-old Nina reached into her musical background to respond to her experiences and has recently released an anti-bullying anthem and video titled, “Try To Break Me.”

“It was a challenge for her when we first moved here,” said Nina’s father, Andrew Lee. “I had told her that middle school was going to be difficult, but that everyone is going to a new school and would be in the same boat, but what we didn’t think of is that the kids all knew one another, so it wasn’t easy for her.”
As the video follows Nina walking alone through school hallways, there is a scene that contains an element of reality as she removes a note with the message “you can’t sit with us” taped to her locker.

Nina’s father is outraged by the message.

“There’s a store in Westport that sells ‘you can’t sit with us’ t shirts,” Nina said. “People wear them and sometimes people will say that.” “Those t shirts are giving life to the notion of mean girls and the popular clique,” Andrew said.
While it’s understandable that many may crumble in an environment that Nina said was a series of ‘put downs,’ she turned to her love of singing and acting as a coping mechanism.

“Even if things seem like they’re falling apart, you can always make them fall back together,” she said. “As I got older and got into dance and acting classes, I became more confident.”
Now in high school, Nina said that ‘things have gotten better’ but her experience during the middle school years spurred her into writing “You Can’t Break Me.”

“This was a song I thought needed to be released. My other songs are playful, but this one has a serious message,” she said. “I wrote it for people who are victims of bullying and to try to make things easier for them.” She began writing the song in January of 2014, and when completed, her father reached out to Grammy-nominated New York producer Arty Skye of Skyelab Music Group.

“We put it together with Michael McCabe, who is experienced in video production,” Andrew said.
The video, which was filmed in New York’s upper west side, has had more than 1,200 views since its early September release.

“What I really think now is that bullies are bullies because they’re insecure with themselves.”

“I feel I wouldn’t have been able to write it if I hadn’t had that personal experience,” Nina said.
Since the video release, Nina commented on the irony of the attention she has received from classmates.
she said.
While Nina said that her current circle of friends doesn’t necessarily include classmates, she has found her niche in acting at Music Theatre of Connecticut.
“One message I would have for people is to find a group or activity where people have something in common with you,” Nina said. “Being cool is what you make of it.”

“Some of the first people who congratulated me were the same girls who had been mean to me”

Nina’s father commented on his daughter’s resiliency:
“It was tough for her at the beginning,” he said “I’m very proud of her for standing up for herself.”

The Hour Online – Hour Staff Writer LESLIE LAKE – View Source

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Why I Think This World Should End

Originally posted on Vashti Quiroz-Vega's Blog:

Some of you read the title to this post and were probably shocked by it. It isn’t like me––an optimist––to post something like this. It isn’t what you think. I watched this video and it moved me to tears. There’s so much truth in his words. Some people will be offended––the truth offends some people. If I offend you it’s not what I wanted. I believe this video should be watched and shared. You let me know what you think in the comments below.

Why I Think This World Should End 

YouTube – Prince Ea

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World Day of Bullying Prevention


Has your school signed-up to participate in Blue Shirt Day®

World Day Of Bullying Prevention? It’s easy! YOUR school can join schools from across the Globe! Help raise awareness and promote bullying prevention! Get your school involved! Sign-up today! GO BLUE Monday, October 6, 2014!

Help raise awareness of bullying prevention. Schools, Community Groups and Corporations are eligible to submit the names of their organization, which will be posted to STOMPOutBullying.org along with photos they submit from Blue Shirt Day® World Day of Bullying Prevention.

Want to participate in Blue Shirt Day® World Day Of Bullying Prevention? Please click here and fill out the form completely and submit.

#GOBLUE2EndBullying2014 For more info visit: http://www.stompoutbullying.org/index.php/campaigns/want-participate-blue-shirt-day-world-day-bullying-prevention/