A Christmas Wish

Season's Greetings Mom & Dad 1979Hi followers, with the christmas season fastly approaching, there is only one wish I have, and that would be to wake up christmas morning and see my mom’s face, just once more to be able to spend christmas day with her, but with the way my life situation is right now, it is and probably will be just a hopeless wish, I really love and miss you so much. Not knowing how much time she has left, before she gets her wish, and that is to be with my Dad again, please forgive me for not being there at such a crucial time in your life, but know it really breaks my heart. The RoseI love you more than anything my dear Mother, there are no words to express how much it hurts me. Also I have not introduced you to my six brother’s and six sister’s, from me to you Lotsa Luv always.Colored curtain Kindensempower-me

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3 thoughts on “A Christmas Wish

  1. Hello Terry, I’m so sorry about your mom’s condition. I can’t imagine the pain you must be feeling. There’s really not much you can do about the state she’s in so don’t torture yourself about it. Have a great week!

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  2. The purpose of this post is to clear the air of any disrespect for my mom, I have received a lot of negativity, cold shoulders and rejection, because it was being assumed that I have not been to see her out of a lack of respect, if I could of I would of, another strike I must thank my abusers for, is christmas not the time of year for family and friends? I know myself it’s the one time of year I get lonely and homesick…I will also add for those who don’t know. It would not be possible to wake christmas and see her face, she has dementia and resides in a seniors home, and nor would I be able to spend christmas day with her, because changes are she won’t even know who I am :-( I quoted at an earlier date “you Don’t want to see me Angry” NO I don’t lash out, I don’t yell and scream, I don’t Bully anyone or call names…NOPE I go to the law when I get angry. The latest and breaking news is for more than 10 years they stole my money and made my life a living Hell, so now “YOU GUESSED IT” it’s going to a higher court, a real court because I’m going to get every red cent back, including the $40,000 plus interest from the Judgement of 2006, that’s not a threat, it’s a promise!!!, I’m putting an end to the sleepless nights….Lotsa Luv..cheers

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