On a personal note I want to welcome everyone to our blog, your blog posts are very interesting, so much great readings, on important subjects and important issues that are relevant to us all, unfortunately I can only read certain or select post, comments and emails due to the quantity and time I have available, but will get around to it when I can, but remember if I followed your blog then what you have to say is important and matters to me, and I will share some of it on my blog for other readers.
The web is the door way to the world, information and technology, and yes for some a world all it’s own, with that it’s also a world where we can be taken advantage of as well, so when online, check for profiles, pictures speak words, and information on individuals before giving your complete trust, just one way I protect myself online, and I learnt the hard way, if it sounds to good to be true, then it probably is.
Bullying in today’s society is out of control, I believe Bullying & Anxiety go hand in hand, it takes many forms, shapes and sizes, and It’s not restricted to schools or kids but also includes Cyber Bullying (online), workplace Bullying, which leads to metal and social issues for the victims, in some cases suicide.
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Our list “Find information here” provides links to pages (web & Facebook) where you can find information and help, or just someone to talk to, I recommend “Everyone Needs Someone” to start, all are from legitimate sources, and I will share some important facts right here on my blog. We are always updating the list so check back often, because we aim to be your one and only source to find & supply help and information about Bullying, and life after Bullying, also other organizations we support, all in one place.
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