STAND UP TO BULLYING (The Invisible Murder)

stand-up-toI have found through life that the only way to defeat a BULLY is to expose him/her or they to society, because when someone, for instance A boss bullies you, like it’s a matter of life and death to him to destroy you, and really he has never even taken the time to talk to you, and really don’t even know you. It always made you question your work and performance, double checking knowing you always put an extra effort in all your projects, but it was never good enough. It would leave one to think, what a terrible person to have only destruction of another human being as his motivation every day and to be able to look you in the eye after and laugh with no remorse, or guilt. I think someone as this should be separated from society, because it don’t matter how you look at it, it’s murder.
m1I ask the question? how is it possible to hate someone, even before you ever meet them, that’s outside my realm, based solely on words of another, common since, morals and conscience tell us, if we shoot someone dead, according to our law it’s classified as murder, but we are free to take a life by slowly taunting, destroying another member of the human family, programming them until they have a fatal accident or commit suicide, is it any different then slowly poisoning their food, the last time I looked that was classified as murder. A medical fact the prolonged exposure of bullying will over time change your normal process of thinking permanently, and I concur. It also effects your self confidence, self respect and self esteem, being slowly programmed to trust no one. I would be very interested in finding out how you would cope if you had to wake up every day to face only fear, anxiety, having to meditate and prepare yourself mentally to go some where that you feared and did not want to go “WORK” but went anyway because of determination and you just had to because it was their goal to make you quit.
the_key_to_workplace_bullyingI think it’s in all our best interest to stand up to the bully’s, stop them in there tracks, I know awareness won’t stop it but it will help, decrease the number of conscienceless deaths. I do not ask for my sake as it’s to late for me but for maybe your Mother, Father, brother, sister, son, daughter, niece, nephew etc because EVERYONE can be a victim. If someone is bullying you for no apparent reason stop and ask them “Why are you bullying ME”? BE A FRIEND NOT A BULLY.empower-me