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If you have purchased a new Laptop or Desktop within the last year, chances are you have a webcam or they normally come with one built in (depends on the model) you may just have a useful tool to help combat cyber bullying and keep you and your family safe while online and not even know it. I’m not saying it’s a new concept, but it is long over due, I’m surprised that it has not been made public, especially those of us that are concerned about online safety, security and the treats we face online everyday.
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We are not always aware and at times have to be reminded of some things right under our noises, tools, options or just every day items laying around the house that have more than one use, their real potential. This one enables you to record your desk top, your computer screen, meaning, no need to worry any more about your family or even yourself while online, you will now have the proof on video, if a intruder invades you or your family’s privacy, knowing you will always be good to go and safe to surf the web and have fun.
I had this option for two months before I realized it’s real potential, only wishing I had it this past 2 years. I can’t stress enough how great it is and how much better I feel online because I’ve had really bad experiences of cyber Bullying while online as well, and the first thing I do now is turn on my webcam. It will continual recording until you push stop or turn off your computer, not only will you have video, but it also records all sounds.
The following link will take you to my facebook where I have included a video so you can see exactly how it works, just click this link to see the demo:

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