I Am Not The Ghost That You Are To Me (Part -10)

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settlement-agreement-001Terry shadeWhat we are looking at below is the settlement agreement signed on Jun 27, 2006 at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, I apologize for it’s lack of legibility but the defendant was asked by the judge to write as he read his verdict, representing myself a decision issued in my favor, I was naive then to settle for no monies, but I won’t make the same mistake this time around.
All Parties have agreed to not pursue any of the matters above any further, Nelson agrees to pay Mr. Kinden $125.00 as per court ordered, Nelson also agrees to report Mr. Kindenโ€™s file as paid in full with Equifax credit reporting agency and Transunion credit reporting agency and provide Mr. Kinden with copies forthwith. Nelson will request the above from the credit reporting agencies but is not responsible or liable for the removal, lastly forthwith provide a letter to Mr. Kinden that it has no financial claim against him for one 1995 Dodge Neon or any other monies.
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1995 Dodge neonIn March of 2004 I purchased a vehicle, a 1995 Dodge Neon a few weeks later three to be exact, the engine failed, the finance company requested I have the vehicle towed to a dealership in Hamilton for a new engine install, which I did. As the days turned into weeks then months, after making numerous inquires into the status of the repairs without a response I purchased another vehicle, and life went on, until I discovered the finance company added it to my credit files, I contacted the credit bureau’s to inquire, who refused to honor or listen to any of my requests. I would receive a summons to appear in court from the finance company shortly there after, which I attended. The credit bureaus, Tranaunion and my nemesis at Equifax Canada, Adrein Mochas would play with my credit files like a doodle pad, adding and removing derogatory information at will, unauthorized charges to my credit cards, services such as cable, internet and phone services were all over chargered, and services added that I didn’t order just to mention a few. After a two year court battle the credit bureau’s with the help of Royal Bank of Canada would destroy what was left of my life in the years to follow. From 2005 to Sept 9, 2009 dogde newI would be Bullied, Mopped and eventually fired, which is where we last left off in Part 0. Today six years later, denied an education twice and fired from numerous jobs, I still fight for Justice and my very own sanity and existence. At one point during proceeding the Judge stated and I quote “We all know what these credit Bureau’s are like” and they are the root of all my problems, a disorganized crime unit, so be very cautious of them.
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I have finally got one matter pending, a Human Rights Violation that is due for litigation in 27 days, the story I will post here, also keep checking back or follow us to get all the details which will be posted before the trial begins. I am posting a link to the voice recording I made the day I was illegally sent home due to disability, only to be fired two days later. See the complete Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario file here.