Certificate Of Insurance (Credit Card Protection Plan)

This insurance would appear to be a must in todayโ€™s world, filled with insecurities, where tomorrow is never guaranteed, where survival is not a reality but rather a dream, where trust is earned not a gift. Gift with a bow where presumed protection from the unexpected, the realization that, it self is a false sense of security.Storm cloud

Credit card insurance

I would purchase this insurance for all three credit cards in 2007, Fingers crossedafter the out come of the trail 2006, the realization in the six months to follow, my Job and financial standing was now in jeopardy.

My main concern was knowing that I could loose my job any day, I took all the necessary precautions that would later prove to be in vain.

I want to say, not as a person of disability, not as a homosexual man, not as a member of any viable minority, or in need of any special treatment,Plate NO I want to say just as a citizen of Canada, why is it these policies I purchased and held up the monthly payments for more then two years, but when the insurance was required, it was made unavailable for the reason it was purchased, โ€œ insurance against involuntary job lossโ€.
credit-cardsI still try to discover the justification and reasons, just as from birth we are programmed for society, to live a life respecting all laws and to love thy neighbor, while sustaining a so called normal existence, a society of rules and regulations that can drive you crazy at times, but we accept them and do our best to abide by them. Why is it than I constantly find myself having to go the extra mile to be entitled to what everyone else takes for granted.

It is said honesty is the best policy, as in the case of myself deciding to purchase a vehicle, retailed at $3500.00, down payment $1000.00, financed $2500.00, upon signing the financial agreement the balance owing is more than $7000.00. Knowing my job required a vehicle and not thinking clearly at all, due to an increase in anxiety and now confusion, at a time when I should have just got up and headed for the exit, I did not not. I would sign that contract that would have a profound effect on the rest of my life.

In closing I have spent my life, turning the other cheek and walking away, never saying a word, taking full responsibility and complaining to know one. Well there comes a time to regain your self respect, self worth and stand up for one self. Iโ€™m well aware that the past is the past, and no mater what, it canโ€™t be changed, but when the past constantly prevents the future from unfolding within normal perimeters, we must fix or make an adjustment to what happen in the past in order to proceed with the future, a future of my choice, knowing yes some will hate me and keep disrespecting me, self gratification, and justice is my salvation..