Don't Forget Your Resources Guide
Don’t Forget Your Resources Guide
Quebec Class 1 LicenceWell after being stopped and pulled over three times by the local police in one month, on the very street I reside, they would finally strip away all my licence classes ( 1, 2, 3, 4A, 4B, 4C ) leaving me with a class 5 due to disability so I’m told, I did my road test and passed, with flying colors in Nov of 2011 but the licence has been useless to say the least, considering I applied for 132 trucking jobs since then, last week the most recent, the trucking industry, desperate and in need of drivers, but they never reply, what would I endure if I had a criminal record? I am sure there will be no more jobs for me, it’s been fixed to that result.
A country such as Canada to be subjected to a life of hate and rejection, refused help and harassed beyond reason of law keeping in mind, I stood up for myself in a court of law and defeated the three defendants: Kinden v Nelson Financial Group, Kinden v Outside The Box Financial, and Kinden v Westview Auto Broker, all with the truth and nothing but the truth, only to receive a life of hell that would follow. Now should I fear for my life and have to disappear in fourteen days, if I don’t have to move to the supreme court of Canada to collect, also stay at home and try to avoid them until then, NO I think not, it’s time to wear the wires again!

I don’t need to answer a million questions
Or fear who I’ve become
I can live my life in peace
And mend what you have undone

I don’t have to weep secret tears
Or pray for my days to disappear
Or wonder what I’ve done wrong
I’m living my life without fear

I don’t have to live in prison
Or abide by what you say
Or go where you wish me to go
Because today is my day

So this morning I put on my coat
And ran along the ocean shore
Dreaming of my wonderful future
I’ll be free, of that I’m sure

(Everyone needs someone)empower-me