William Shatner Sings “O’ Canada”

William Shatner’s got something to tweet about. Canada’s Governor General is giving him a Lifetime Achievement Award, a native of Montreal Canada now residing in California, U.S.A

The famous space explorer from Television and the Big screen takes center stage, his very own rendition of our heritage, and entertains us to a memorable rendition of Canada’s national anthem.
I love Canada, one of the best country’s in the world to live a free and independent life, world renown for it’s people and life style, where the state of free will, and liberty is one of our most protected commonalities, rather than in confinement or under physical restraint, where liberty involves how we imagine the individual’s roles and responsibilities in society in relation to concepts of free will and determinism, where free will and liberty ensures our power to determine action without restraint, which enables us to uphold a more civilized society. (B.P)

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