Seems my demon has struck once again, the Law Society of Upper Canada regulates legal professional’s in Ontario, but have decided to move over to Quebec to Bully me, yes a Bully from 2004 to 2006 during my last encounter in the courts.
We are well with in ours rights to offer our help and assistance in preparing your legal documents so you can get started and protect your self from them, they operate on greed only and would not think twice about ripping the life from you, as they did to me. Due to there ignorance towards my issues 6 years ago they are now regulated by legislation in Ontario only, so don’t be concerned we just wanted to be up front and honest, unlike their quest for greed, we are still available to help with the interpretation of legislation and assistance completing the required documents no matter your country of residence, but there are restrictions if you live in Ontario.
All the Bully’s are coming out of the woodwork all of a sudden, they must be experiencing a degree of fear now, I don’t forget what you did and how you disrespected me, I got your letter today, the Law Society of Upper Canada, informing me it’s against the law to offer legal services in Ontario, if your not an licence Paralegal, First and foremost I live in Quebec not Ontario and if I am asked to interpret legislation for another Canadian or a resident of the United States etc, that is not your concern, I am free to assist and help whom ever I choose for the rest of my life.
I am not offering legal services rather offering assistance and providing the knowledge required, for FREE I might add, so as the common man can stand up and protect himself with the required tools, saving lives, jobs, relationships and less of a strain on a financial position, and the system, but mostly not having to depend on a system that is not from the heart but rather the pocket book.
Their notice was out of context which clearly indicates a concern on their part, I refuse to let them Bully me again as the attempt to intimidate me, you can consider it there fore ignored, and all future attempts to contact me, by mail etc, will be immediately destroyed upon receipt.
I will say thanx for acknowledging that I do have an ability to provide “legal Services” also it’s nice to hear you visited B.P a Blog rather than your reference as a website, regardless stop by any time, we welcome Bully’s too ๐Ÿ™‚
Nul & VoidHere at B.P we strive to supply relevant information on all aspects of Bullying, Mobbing, Harassment and Discrimination, we are now proud to offer legal services, or assistance in filing a claim or application, if you need help with a legal matter we can now help you file an application in a court of Law or a Human Rights Claim, @ we are here for you a growing team, Reach Out.


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