Question Of The Week (NEW)

B.P would like a moment of your time Please, a client has been put to this test and has asked for B.P’s opinion, we at B.P suggested going to the bloggers with a pole question, he agreed and will also follow the majority’s ruling, so take a minute and vote, remember your answers will be his decision…….Thank you and lotsa luv
If an individual was to approached you, and wanted to sincerely apologize, but that person Bullied you and was the cause of you losing your job, totally destroying your life, would you forgive him and accept his apology?
If your answer is “YES” please comment and explain why.
If your answer is “NO” please just click like.


2 thoughts on “Question Of The Week (NEW)

  1. Until a few years ago I would have stayed angry with that person and not forgiven them. Now my faith has grown and I believe strongly in forgiving people because it is the right thing to do. We all make mistakes and if we want God to forgive us for doing something wrong, then we have to be ready to forgive others for doing something wrong when they are sorry.


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