Bullying On The Job, What It Is, Who Is Doing It and How To Stop It

Bullying On The Job, What It Is,
Who Is Doing It and How To Stop It
Dr. Gary Namie & Dr. Ruth Namie — directors of the Workplace Bullying Institute

Carrie Clark — a former teacher, physically disabled by a bully’s psychological assaults.

Rhea Settles — a public school educator, K-12 and college level, working to abolish the hate-ism (bullying, mobbing, rankism, etc.) culture innate
in schools, school districts, and college campuses.

Bill Lepowsky — an award-winning mathematics instructor at Laney College and AFT member
who fought back when targeted with false accusations and defamation by
management, and whose initiative in advocating for change in the Peralta Community District led to the creation of a new Board Policy on Civility
and Mutual Respect that is part of the District’s New Manager’s Orientation

The problem of bullying in the workplace is a dangerous and unhealthy
condition in the workplace. This show will look at the history of bullying
in the workplace and the international movement to educate about it’s
dangers and the campaign to create state and national legislation that
limits this workplace environmental condition.

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