Redhead Randy Anti-Bullying Horror Film


Published on Oct 26, 2012
946247_340760649388172_2060155743_nThe cast and crew of the feature film “Red Head Randy” want Lady Gaga to be apart of our film. The movie is the first horror film with an anti-homophobic bullying message. Click here to learn more about the film. To make a donation please click here – Red Head Randy is a feature film about a high school student named Randy who is bullied and beat up for being a homosexual. Classmates tease him about his red hair, his clothes and the way he talks. They call him derogatory comments like faggot, ginger kid & foreign freak everyday. <img The kids gave him the nickname “RedHead Randy” and created a cyberbully site where they posted mean and hateful things about him. They made his years in highschool a living hell. Feeling lonely and abandoned Randy committed suicide to escape from his life. Like many other children who have made this deadly decision, Randy felt he had no other way out. 12817_226464054151166_1077426802_nBut there was something very different about Randy. His sadness turned to pure anger. Randy cried so much that his tears turned to blood. He had become so enraged in vengeance that his spirit turned evil. The anger he felt tainted his soul. It became possesed at the moment of death. His spirit returned to earth to seek revenge on all bullies, everywhere, but first, he must start with the kids who bullied him. Randy warns his victims of their demise by writing “Red Head Randy was here” with the blood he cries on the walls. To visit RedHead Randy on the web, click here. Help us make the 1st Anti-Bullying Horror Movie! Lets scare the S**T outta Bullies and stand up for equality for the LGBT community! Please support us on indiegogo. Bullying, cyber-bullying and discrimination against homosexuals needs to stop! Its time to treat everyone equal. We strongly feel that if this message is sent in the form of entertainment it will truly reach millions of kids. Like us on facebook
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374383_281263355337902_854607056_nWe are also looking for kids ages 12-17 who want to act! We are having auditions for more cast members. Please go to to submit your information online! No acting experience needed. Red Head Randy is brought to you by Raymond Deane Films, Phill Hammond Consulting and Media and Two Time Emmy Nominee Jamie Lamm, executive producer and host of Fearless Music.empower-me


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