“Interesting Blog” Award and Nominee’s

round hereIt’s certainly an honor to have been nominated for the “Interesting Blog” award, that shows me that I am obtaining my goal of reaching out and spreading the word that Bullying and disrespecting others is no longer acceptable in today’s society. I am also new to blogging (5 mos) and still learning the process, I was nominated for the “Interesting Blog Award” by syannecenteno of http://syannecenteno.wordpress.com/, I discovered your Blog just a couple days ago via the WordPress reader, upon reading your blog and discovering your credentials, an anti-Bullying advocate, I especially took interest in your knowledge on Bullying and the amazing ability to speak out and help others, also your speaking wpid-interesting-blog-awardengagements, that included seminars for “The Bully Project” not forgetting your exceptional knowledge and first hand experience in other fields of interest, such as National Association of Anorexia and Associated Disorders including severe anorexia, suicide attempts and self-mutilation. I was very impressed and enjoyed reading your blog, “BRAVO” very interesting in deed, knowing that I am honored you have chosen Bullying Prevention for the “Interesting Blog Award” a sincere thank you and lotsa luv 🙂 Now as the rules go I have to list five random facts about myself…so here goes – I am a lover of all categories of music, it speaks to me, for me and about me – I am currently writing a book on my life experiences as a victim of years of Bullying & Mobbing – I am currently studying law, and volunteer in the legal field, to support LGBT youth equality – I was born in and proud to be a Newfoundlander – I am a Anti-Bullying Advocate and a firm believer in equal rights and freedom to the entire human family. Now I am suppose to nominate five bloggers for the “Interesting Blog Award” this is a very difficult decision to make, Why? well I see it as putting one before others, saying this one is better than that one, when I firmly believe that we are all equal in every way, shape and form, and selecting from a list that I found to be of equal interest or I would not have continued to read or followed for that matter. So in all fairness and to give my followers an equal opportunity, I will put them all in a hat and draw five names, and the five lucky followers are:

1. Me and My Rainbow Family

2. My Art Studio by Mark Moore
http://theartstudiobymarkmoore.wordpress.com03-2 (2)

3. Commentaries on Life, Culture and Education

4. Michael’s Monday Blog

5. Oh Not Another Compelling Blog

I want to congratulate all five blogger’s because you all have very interesting blogs, and I look forward to reading more and hearing your views and opinions, because we are all entitled to have our say on what ever ale’s us…cheers 🙂 Now there are five questions I must answer, the first question is;
1. What inspired me to start a blog was I needed and wanted to connect to the population, society on the seriousness of Bullying, to help spread the word, also I was determined for many years not to let anyone ever experience the hell of growing up like I did, especially the LGBT community also to bring awareness of the lasting effects and try to reduce if not put an end to the conscienceless death by suicide of our youth.10-3 (2)
2. A cat or Dog person and why, well I don’t have a preference, to be totally honest, I’ve had cats and dogs as friends and loved them all as I do with all animals, I don’t agree, rather I dislike cruelty toward animals because they have as much right as we humans and deserve the same respect and right of passage.
3. I believe the biggest social issue in America, the world for that matter is our failure to respect each other and recognize our differences as people and individuals, if we don’t try harder to live together in harmony, then our problems will exceed and surpass our current struggle of Bullying, discrimination and Harassment of each other.
4. The grossest thing I have ever eaten was when I pored a nice cold glass of milk and began drinking until, well we all know what sower milk smells like, once getting the smell, well lets leave it at that, normally I have taste buds for every thing.
5. What I like most about writing is the ability to express yourself in a way that provides an opportunity to say or express what you would normally not have the chance or the ability to say, the right of expression in a whole new and different light.
In closing the rules state I must give the five nominees my five questions they must answer which are as follows;
1. What is your personal definition of Bullying?
2. Do you see the Bible as (a) a book of love or (b) a book of Judgement and why?
3. Do you agree or disagree with marriage equality and Why?
4. Do you think Bullying legislation is required where you live?
5. Should Bullying ever be justified?

I am hopping I have stayed within the guild lines and rules, as long as there is Bullying, I will be here and I shall report it to society, cheers and lotsa luv…(T.K)Celebrities2611
Guild lines to follow;
1. Thank the person who nominated you…
2. List 5 random facts about yourself…
3. Nominate a minimum of 5 blogs for the award…
4. Answer the 5 questions and Ask the nominees 5 questions of your choice
5. And finally, let them know you have nominated them.

3 thoughts on ““Interesting Blog” Award and Nominee’s

  1. Thanks a lot for this nomination. I really do appreciate it. Wishing you loads of luck on your campaign against bullying. Once more, thanks a lot 🙂


  2. That’s very kind of you to nominate me for this recognition; but there are far more deserving people doing stellar work on blogs who should feature in your list long before my blog should.


  3. I really, really enjoyed reading this :). Love this blog. Keep speaking out against bullying! You’re amazing!


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