Centre de formation du transport Routier (CFTR) P-1A

224536_10150250968821890_3239819_nThe following is two notes I wrote on my facebook while attending CFTR trucking school in Montreal in 2011, about being Bullied by the adults that were suppose to be professionals, examples of many incidents of bullying I wrote about while away studying, a diary one might say, about how they followed me and subjected me to Bullying every where I went, even where I was staying, renting a room that would turn out to be a terror, forcing me to move only after two weeks, the first one was called “NOTED” by Terry Kinden (Notes) on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at 12:38am: There are times when we have to stop and step back and take a look at life and ask ourselves why? How can people be so cruel? I have never in all my days walking this planet did any thing to cause harm to anyone, I have showed love honor respect to everyone but at times the hurt has made me say disrespectful things just because I was hurt. At times it can be a lonely world! I have tried so hard to make people like and accept me but there is always someone that will be there to bring me down.This last four months, a fight inside me to go on every day trying to better myself as I have always tried to do,376339_10150388491976890_1376255751_nI felt so proud to be in college, the course load was amazing, when I first started I said wow I am to old to attend college and do this after seeing the course load. I said to myself yes I can do this and gave it my all and have passed all exams but the main goal of the program was to obtain a class 1 licence. There are 20 students in my class, all have been given the class 1 road test accept for me, the college teachers are and have been holding out on me and now they single me out and just make rude comments to me and about me. Last week on Wednesday night they pulled me aside and said due to my vision, they may have to terminate me from continuing. My faith in myself and my ability has kept me going all these years, at this stage in my life I do-not fear death, matter of fact I welcome it when it arrives but for now I will try to push on and hold on to my faith, be brave and fight and take life day by day.”The Bullying Continuals” by Terry Kinden (Notes) on Wednesday, August 31, 2011 at 11:03pm: I was renting a room here in Saint Jerome and have been since Aug 7, 2011 at which time I arrived here from Gatineau, QC to attend CFTR college sponsored by Emploi Quebec. 542499_10150993471056890_754158014_n (1)Thursday Aug 25, 2011 I returned from my classes at approximately 10:00pm and found my bed soaking wet as if someone had poured water all over it. I removed the bedding and proceeded to wash it (1:00am) at which time my landlady (Bernice Houle) asked why I was doing laundry so late, I made her aware of the situation and she very angry calling me names using bad language replied this is not going to work I want you out tomorrow. This is not the only incident in the three weeks I was there also complaining about not cleaning the toilet, sink, floor and shower walls daily etc. I did not or had any intentions of doing these things on a daily basis as it was never discussed or a part of the rental agreement. She also allowed her 3 dogs to enter my room numerous times and drag the garbage all over the floor and leaving it for when I got home, as I said before keep a log. 527237_10150993426726890_1549922818_nI brought this to the attention of a class mate a few weeks ago and with his assistance had already found another place where I would be more comfortable living and doing my studies. I have paid rent to Sept 7, 2011, The morning Friday Aug 26, 2011 she came to my door and opened it again yelling for me to pack and get out, I had already contacted friends in Gatineau the night before and was now waiting for them to arrive but she insisted I move all my belonging to the road and wait for them there which I did. I returned on Saturday Aug 27, 2011 with friends to request the unused portion of my rent returned but she refused. (To be continued)



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  1. So sorry you had to go through that. I’m constantly saddened and amazed by people’s bullying. When you’re younger and get bullied by peers/classmates, you are told “children are cruel” or “they just don’t understand what they’re doing”.

    Ok, that’s all well and good…but what they don’t tell you is that adults are the same exact way. There is no magical age where a bully stops being a bully. They don’t turn 18, or 25, or 40 and suddenly see that what they do to others is wrong.

    It would be better if our loved ones instead told us “people of all ages can be bullies, here’s how you deal with it”…rather than pretending it stops.


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