Algonquin Careers Academy (The Bullies Within)

This post is slated for removal ONLY when the victims funds have been returned, received and verified. But let it be known that there are those that need medical attention, and are a danger to society.
All the statements made here in can be confirmed by evidence contained in the following file:
Academic AwardIn regards to Algonquin Careers Academy located at 1830 Bank St Ottawa, ON K1V 7Y6, (613) 722-7811, This is the question I asked the ACA Campus Director,round here Nicole Davoudi to answer along with select others, but they have yet to volunteer an answer: In regards to the student loan, seems I did not qualify for OSAP, as I live in Quebec, leading me to ask why according to The Ministry of Colleges and universities of Ontario did Algonquin Careers Academy help and submit an application to OSAP (student assistance program for residents of Ontario) for training assistance when they were well aware that due to my residency as a Quebec Citizen I did not qualify for student assistance, also OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program) played right along with the game, rather I would have to apply in my province of residence (Quebec)? As per our ethics, The Guidelines state:-1(a) No post on this site is meant as an act of revenge, or meant to criticize any person or Group, and or disrespect of any person or Group, (b) except for in the process of awareness and taking of action, (part 1(a)) may not apply, resulting in infringement or rejection of the Bully’s rights there by the following individuals fall under that rule, Mrs. Carrie-Lynn Barkley, Instructor/Mrs. Nicole Davoudi, (B.A. Phsychology) Campus Director/Rima El-Zoor, Student Services/ Audrey Kirk, Financial Aid Administrator Perfect attendance(FAA). These people knowingly processed an application for studies for the sole purpose of Bullying that would eventually lead to Mobbing by my classmates, and other students as time went by. I asked Mrs. Barkley my main instructor one day in class, why did I have to apply for OSAP when I am a Quebec Resident? her response was, because Quebec don’t have a study program for Paralegal, the Ontario Government covers it, I thought to myself how strange, but due to her professional standing, I didn’t question it. I was aware what was happening as I have been in this position many times and I am well aware of the tell tale signs of Bullying and Mobbing. I have just recently joined Linkedin, and see that Carrie-Lynn Brakley has viewed my profile this morning, but hides her face picture. Let me say to you Madame, you should be ashamed of your self as a legal professional, a member of and an officer of the court, not to mention a teacher and instructor in the legal field. As a Bully you have lowered yourself and your standards, you all have, and are a disgrace to the professional positions you occupy.
Moot CourtSome of my achievements while at ACA that no one can take away were: Negotiation Evaluation Completed Oct 5 Total points 26.5/30 = 88 %,Mediation evaluation completed Oct 10 Total points 23/30 = 77%, Completed Evaluation Dispute Resolutions and Mediation Part A 23/25 – Part B 16/20 = 39/45 = 87 %, Advocacy and Moot court Oct 18 39.5/45 = 88%, Below you will find email comincations with staff and personnel at ACA college during the time I was trying to get to the bottom of my situation, which never happened. I have included the email from OSAP confirming the current process of my application, I also filed a complaint with Ontario Ministry of Colleges and Universities whom confirmed on January 21, 2013 that I did not have grounds to file a complaint, pointing out the reason being my residency. Also to read the director’s response to my concerns, quoting she would need more information, total deception and knowingly supplying false information. On Nov 28, 2013 I had no other recourse but to submit my letter to the College of dis-enrollment due to lack of funding, but incurring cost of $12,850Exhibit E
To: Hi Audrey: Just one other thing, considering the uncertainty of the student loan, I want to say I did get an approval email from OSAP on Aug 29, 2012 and it’s the reason I attended the Paralegal program. Now I have incurred cost for books and tuition, I feel really terrible about this situation so if the college would prefer to suspend my studies as Nicole stated today, until the issues are resolved, then return at a later date, I will respect that decision. This being the result, could I please ask for a written notice to that effect, and if possible a current transcript. As per our conversation this morning, I received a call from Canada Student Loans at approximately 9:30 am, after receiving approval from OSAP on Aug 29, 2012 and 2 months of attending Algonquin Careers Academy incurring debts for tuition & books, they inform me I don’t qualify for funding. Knowing that I would like to request that you please dis enroll me from the Paralegal program.
Date: Fri, Aug 31, 2012 at 4:54 PM:
Subject: OSAP Update:
Your Master Student Financial Assistance Agreement (MSFAA) is on file so you are that much closer to getting your OSAP funding. Check the status of your application to see if there is anything else that you have to do (e.g., provide documentation such as a marriage certificate). When your study period starts your school will confirm your enrolment, which will then release your funds. You don’t have to go to the financial aid office at your school to get a cheque or loan certificate – your OSAP funds will be deposited electronically.On Thu, Dec 6, 2012 at 1:00 PM, Nicole Davoudi wrote: Hi Terry, I am requesting more details regarding your complaint of harassment. Which teachers and administration staff in addition to students bullied and harassed you? In order for me to better understand your complaint , more details need to be disclosed.
Thank you
Nicole Davoudi, B.A Psychology
Campus Director

Algonquin Careers Academy
Ottawa Campus
Phone # 613-722-7811
fax # 613-722- 4494
cell # 613-668-9902
You can view the complete HTRO file here:
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  1. UPDATE: Numerous Bloggers have just recently June 2014 indicating that this blogger above is the CYBER_BULLY Carrielynnb Carrie Lynn Barkley of B.P, spreading vicious rumors, a lady whom is suppose to be a professional, a lawyer at that, Madame you should be ashamed of yourself and should be charged under Canadian Legislation, which I will see to very shortly.

    I don’t believe any thing you say now, the post and evidence speaks for itself, sorry but you are a Bully and a disgrace to the profession, sorry if the truth hurts but you should worry about your own life and not be so quick to aide and bit in destroying another human. Also what I would classify as fraud and if you read the post it clearly quotes I dis-enrolled myself due to lack of funding, and the post includes a link to my LinkIn profile, also the short time I did communicated with you, a picture was on all your sites and you had the kids then. yes I’m sure they got student loans to study in Ontario, that is possible and I could have done the same thing had you and your colleges not screw me around and wasted my time with lies and deception, you were deceptive then as you are now, how dare you come hear and insult my intelligence! YOUR A BULLY AND WAS AN ACTIVE PART OF A MOBBING GROUP AGAINST ME, I have nothing more to say to you, but thanx for dropping by…. 🙂


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