Emploi Quebec (The Bullies Within)

3d man tied with text fraud PREVIEWOne of my biggest Bullies since moving to Quebec has been none other than the employment agency that are sworn by legislation to assist with returning clients back to work, or assist with the requirements to integrate clients back into the work force. Since I relocated to Quebec in 2010, I have not collected Social Services (Welfare), but some how managed to incure an over payment, they have done nothing to assist me, rather they did everything they could to prevent me from returning to work or obtain retraining, such as centre de formation du transport routier, Quebec Government trucking school. While there I was called fag, queer, etc. laughed at, singled out and refused by the instructors to assist with my studies, the reason they are there. Now for the first time with my professional background I am not able to even get a response from employment agencies in Ottawa for positions that I applied for, they send me emails for bilingual positions only, but they have been sending me monthly invoices for an Social Services over-payment of $585.00, which I am only made aware of now. images (3)They did support me financially while attending CFTR trucking school sending all the monthly statements (pay stubs) to an the address that I only spent two weeks at in Saint Jerome, even after numerous attempts and notifications of an address change which they denied to change, mtg_logoeq_01also having to move due to the harassment & Bullying by the land lady, whom also refused to hand over my mail, no doubt ordered by them (Emploi QC). As in past claims with employment insurance (Service Canada) over payments appeared on my claim out of thin air, as now it seems Emploi QC has started the same fraudulent acts of hate as well, sending a monthly invoice for an Social Services over payment with no details of when, where or why.I have not called them to inquire nor will I, as all I receive is deception and dishonesty from the call centres. Yesterday I received a letter from Emploi QC, for a job workshop, to bad it was on May 22, 2013. I am also adding a link to my google drive with files & evidence of their wrong doing, fraud, Bullying and discrimination. You can view the file and all documents, the complete HRTO file here , and click on CFTR Saint Jerome.

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3 thoughts on “Emploi Quebec (The Bullies Within)

  1. Sorry to hear that in Canada you are still referred to as a fag and queer in any situation, not to mention in an employment situation. I can’t understand how your private life has anything to do with your ability to be trained and perform your work, since last I checked heterosexuals didn’t have to worry about that. We still have a long way to go….


    • You are right, we do have a long way to go, and yes homophobia is still there, I have been an victim of hate crimes all my life, that caused me to stay in the closet, I always would hide my sexuality for the most part. When I filed my Human Rights claim there was one question I did not answer on the application, the dreaded “What is your sexuality” they would send it back to me due to the question not being answered. I did not answer because when I read it, I thought to myself, If I answer and tell the truth, they will not help, and I was right, it’s been an interesting challenge this last 7 months, but I am determined to take it all the way to the top, and get the closure I need, it was always a double negative to me, I would hide it at all costs. So normal name calling or labels do-not threaten or concern me, I have no fear of it, but being pushed aside, disrespected and my rights to equal treatment taken away, that’s when you will see an ANGRY OLD FAGGOT... 🙂


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