Three-Time Best Moment Award !!!

three-time-best-moment-award-winner-1After the second award I was amazed and lost for words, now I am so very thankful to my dear friend Mike at Michael’s Monday Blog, I find it hard to believe that a man of your professional position would recognize someone such as I,round here while your blog has inspired me these last few months, and thank you very much for that, you just make Monday a better day. I am on a quest to bring awareness of what is happening around us, that most of us don’t see, and really didn’t care about until now. Kids are killing them selves, due to Bullying, believing that their life is over, and they really do believe that no one cares and life is so terrible they don’t only want to die, but take their own life. heart (2)I may not be able to stop Bullying, but just to make a difference, for example, Bullying has come full circle, anti-Bullying awareness is making kids think and recognize Bullying. Grade 5 students in Ottawa, Ontario, After hearing the news one day asked their teacher if they could write letters to the Prime Minister, regarding his campaign using Bullying attack adds towards the opposition, asking him if he could talk about what good he is going to do for the country if he wins rather then trying to make us dislike his opposition by Bullying, also for personnel reasons most of all, the reason I do what I do and I take it very seriously, at a higher risk for Bullying and suicide which hits very close to home, the LGBT people.
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A quote from Michael’s Monday Blog: “Have you Thanked God Today” God is awesomely magnanimous and deserves to be praised all the time. We should not wait until He does something for us before we extend our gratitude to Him. Aside from material things, the air that we breathe in is 3672_10151296294056890_639953673_navailable to us in every second of each day. Guess what? Man would have required us to be thanking Him every second of each day. And when we offend him, he simple stops the air from flowing our way. You know what follows. But our God is awesomely patient and merciful.

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