“What is a Human Rights Body”

Vote fro prideI have to do a post on “Human Rights “ what is it and what are the purpose of all the Agencies, Ministries and Groups? My answer to those questions seems to have two answers or definitions, the first is what we are lead to believe they represent and their purpose, the second is what they really represent and what their purpose really is. Some of the definitions that I know, and have beenround here lead to believe are 1. The basic rights and freedoms to which al humans are entitled, often held to include the right to life and liberty, freedom of thought and expression, and equality before the law. 2. Then there is Sociology, the rights of individuals to liberty, justice, etc, the fundamental rights, esp those believed to belong to an individual and in whose exercise a government may not interfere, as the rights to speak, associate and work. So knowing that to be legislation, the law of the land, I submitted a claim to a Human Rights Body seven months ago, the evidence a voice recording, informing a employer of a disability, rather than request more information so as to accommodate an employee, the employer took advantage of the situation and fired the employee, not even considering accommodation as required by law. Why because for six months prior he and his staff, recruiting on site contractors Bullied and mobbed the employee due to his sexuality (Gay). knox_county_courthouse_nebraska_courtroom_1The Human Rights Body in this case is well aware of the file and the contents, all the evidence, which includes quoted statutes from legislation that has been infringed upon by the employer without a reasonable doubt. So why do the Human Rights Body hesitate? To be totally honest, from where I sit, it seems that it’s not the employer that is the major player, or the respondent in this case, it’s the Human Rights Body that is the real problem, causing delays, misinformation, with holding information and important details, not responding or answering my concerns, a total lack of respect by individuals that hold positions requiring them to abide by a code of conduct, policy & procedures and above all else “ETHICS” They are entitled to their time, and the benefit of Doubt, after which the Matters are moved to the Supreme Court of Canada (Divisional Court) I have the case prepared in the required format for registration in that court as the Human Rights Body’s time is running out. I didn't changeIn closing, if the day ever came that “YOU” would need to utilize this Service, a Human Rights Body that yes your tax dollars pay their wages, would you feel safe and confident knowing your life was in their hands? Myself I have full faith and believe in the court system, it gave me partial closure in 2006, but now it’s time to slam the door and lock it. All the information and evidence is available for public viewing here.
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  1. Sigh. Red tape and political b.s. everywhere you look. I hope that your fight ends soon (and in a good way) so you can finally move past all this ridiculousness and ignorance.


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