Confronting Another Bully

WHAT ARE THE RESULTS OF THE FRAUDULENT BANKRUPTCY THAT YOU FILED UNDER MY NAME FEB 11, 2011????? Update September 2013 seems I was being played again, there was no Bankruptcy
Pascal GagnonA few days ago on LinkedIn I requested another one of my Bullies to connect with me, seems he has accepted, I have this message for him, Mr Pascal Gagnon Sir my trustee in Bankruptcy for more than two years now, I’m surprised you accepted my connection request, nevertheless your hear, so now I will ask youround here my trustee, why you ignored all my inquires, answered none of my phone calls, or returned any messages, the results of a Bankruptcy which I still know nothing about, you can give me that information right here if you choose, my reputation you have, I’m only concerned with my “CHARACTER” which is who I really am, due to your lack of respect and ignorance, also you were a active member of a mobbing group (ACA College) against me, I have never done anything to insult you, to disrespect you, so why would you disrespect and Bully me in such a terrible way? someone you don’t even know, I sincerely have no use for you as a human being, nor do I like who and what youlogo stand for, I confront you here as a Bully which is the only reason you are here as a connection to be deleted of course. You are a disgrace to the profession you serve and to this Country, if you have kids chances are they will be raised in your image “A Bully” now that’s a scary thought, keeping in mind I have all the documents and emails (evidence) to prove beyond a reasonable doubt all the misconception, misinformation and witnesses to your cowardly acts of “Bullying” you do not have “ETHICS” because from where I sat for two years, ETHICS you don’t know the meaning of the word. I will take back and clear my name, the chance to voice my opinion to my Bully’s and let them know what terrible humans they are I’m told is a part of the recovery process, I have nothing only anger for you now, but lets not forget Legislation and Justice is the closure required. sorry no luv for you ๐Ÿ™‚ keep your eyes peeled on this link: a file called Bankruptcy will be added soon.