That’s What Friends Are For!

With all due respect, almost four years ago a young man, who would become a best friend, only meeting by chance, whom I owe my life and a debt of gratitude, because out of the goodness of his heart, stood up and supported me. The world needs more like this young man who has the ability to step up to the plate and help a stranger not because he was asked to but of his own free will, thank you….Maximie Aubry
SEMC 3MP DSCI Maxime Aubry have been a close friend of Mr. Kinden for more than four years, more than 2 of which we shared an apartment in Gatineau, knowing that I hereby give notice that during that time I was well aware of all the issues he was experiencing in all aspects of his life, not limited to Richcraft Group by no means, as on Aug 1, 2011 we relocated him to Saint Jerome, QC to attend a trucking program at CFTR, where he also experienced harassment and Bullying also that during Mr. Kinden’s time employed by the respondent he was the victim of Harassment, Bullying and discrimination on a daily bases, he voiced his concerns about the name calling and treatment he was receiving at work, the fear he experienced, stating he wanted to quit many times because of the victimization he was subjected to by the respondent while at work.
I had to with the motivation of other friends force, if not convince him not to give in to them by quitting, rather to go every day, ignore them while searching for another job at the same time.
On many occasions, at least twice a week having to go to his room to wake him from a nightmare, where by I was awaken at all hours of the night by his yelling and screaming.
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20120831-shadow-monsterThis was a concern to me as it appeared he was being attacked, fighting someone off him, as if to be tortured or experiencing and subjected to pain, this was also interfering with my sleeping pattern, having to wake early for work myself, at times I had to call on Mr. Gauthier who lived in the same building, a few floors above for assistance as Mr. Kinden was in his room depressed and had broken down to tears, speaking of what had happened that day at work that he was no longer able to take any more, I was not sure of what to do or how to handle his situation.
images (4)On July 10, 2012 Mr. Kinden returned home from work early stating that he was sent home not to return until he acquired medical clearance. Over the next few days not having a family doctor desperately trying to obtain a medical report but with out any luck. On July 16, 2012 I accompanied him for a meeting at the Richcraft trailer in south Ottawa, I was not familiar with the three gentlemen who arrived at different times, only to be told they were letting him go handing him an envelope containing his final pay and R.O.E.
I would also like to add despite all his efforts of applying for other positions of employment were in vain as were and are his efforts to obtain medical treatment or a family physician.

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