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I am Human ~ I am entitled to work and live anywhere I so choose within this country ~ I have Rights ~ I do-not succumb to Intimidation ~ I am Human! ~Terry.K~

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582fre2Let me say now that, when reading these blogs I write, keep in mind that they are based on fact, which I always make available at bottom portion of the article, why I say this? when telling people these stories caused me to lose friends, because they believed I was crazy, well I’m not crazy and I swear it contains no fiction, slander or revenge against anyone, I’m trying to save what’s left of my life and if that slander’s or insults anyone, then I suggest you not interfere in another’s well being… but wait it gets better, if you didn’t believe in magic or miracles, then stay around I may put you at an impasse, anyway the story goes like this..in March of 2002 after I was relieved from work by my family Doctor, at the time I was working as a Warehouse Manager for a little more than eleven months in Mississauga, Ontario at Universal Electric Motors, a small HVAC distributor with just four employees including myself, it was this employer that would finally draw the 7744re2last blow of harassment and Bullying daily, which is another Bullying story by not the employer but a new hire, whom called me names continually, laughed at me, and referred to me as Mr. Pink, just a sales guy, not in the best of moods in those days, for one, due to the misfortune of a large sum of money being stolen from me by some of my nephews friends, I was at my wits end and suffered a major panic attack, back then they always put me out of commission, I didn’t get out of bed or eat for more then 3 days, and then only due to pressure from friends, I decided to return home to Stephenville, NL arriving in late March. On an EI sick claim, not willing just sit back and do nothing, waiting to die, I asked my doctor if I could return to work, after fifty questions, he agreed. With the help of the local HRSDC office (Service Canada) a program to assist EI claimants to return to work, TK Delivery 1I started a business assisted by the Business Development Center of Bay St George, I started a delivery business, “T.K Delivery Service” which after just one month was starting to show profit but was domed from the get go, receiving resistance from the local businesses, some threatened me and harassed & Bullied me, so I filed a complaint with the Local detachment of the RCMP, only to be denied that right,I was just chillin at home one evening when a knock came on my door, upon answering it, surprised by a uniformed RCMP officer, a one constable Butler, so I invited him in, once the door was closed, he turned to me while yelling, saying that someone in town was delivering alcohol to minors, insinuating me, I immediately asked him to leave, which he did, knowing this, it resulted in filing a complaint with the Ministry of Complaints against the RCMP in Surrey B.C. In mid October 2002 the business would come to a complete stop, mostly due to fear from retaliation, at the time I was making deliveries under contract for 42a3โ€œChester Fired Chickenโ€ and Hong Kong Restaurantโ€ etc. not receiving calls, I stopped by to visit and to inquire to the status, I was informed by management that they were told not to use my services any longer, who gave that order is unknown, it didn’t take long for the business to go under, but it was not hard to see, HRSDC (Service Canada) applied an over payment of $1100 for working while on claim, that like all other fraudulent accounts created in my name , I paid until I couldn’t any more, on Oct 31, 2002 I returned to Ontario, where it just continual. I often wonder if in fact, and if so, are we really SAFE AND SOUND??? I have lived life looking over my shoulder, in fear of the ones that I thought were sworn to protect me, a lack of trust and constant anxiety, now I know of no other way, and I never take any thing for granted, so watch who you trust because they just might destroy you, ask yourself How many people has had this experience and are dead now, not this guy.

I am human


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The New Bullying Prevention ยฉ 2015

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