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highway407-etr-556x371Well the following is a copy of an email I received from The “Office of The President” 407 ETR Express Toll Route, a express highway that runs east to west across Metro – Toronto, parallel to Highway 401, a fast way to zip across town. As a continuation of my last post “T.K Delivery Services” here it is apparent that while I was in Newfoundland my Ontario plates were being used to travel this highway incurring a debt of more than $1500.00, and a couple of weeks later finding a debt of more than $450.00 in unpaid parking tickets with the city of Brampton, seems I was in two places and had two separate lives on the go at the same time. After contacting the President’s office and supplying proof that I was out of the province at the time of the so called incidents, the following was his response, only after almost a year making a monthly payment on the accounts, money I never did get back.

Subject: 407 ETR Investigation Details
Date: Mon, 23 Mar 2009 14:45:35 -0400
From: SHollett@407ETR.com
To: terry_kinden@yahoo.ca

Mr. Kinden,

I would like to advise that my review into your concerns has been reviewed. I have determined the following:

1302128125091_ORIGINALAccount was opened on February 23, 2002 for licence plate AKVW 735, of which you are registered as the owner. The account has accumulated an outstanding balance of $303.15.. Having said this, I am pleased to advise that a total of $271.07 is in the process of being adjusted. The new balance is $32.08.
Account 821 128 859 was opened on April 11, 2004 for licence plate ASVJ 861, of which you are registered as the owner,. The account has a zero balance. I have determined the same on this account, therefore a total adjustment of $44.33 is in process, having said this, the account will have a credit balance of $44.33.
Account 102 934 181 was opened on February 28, 1998 for licence plate 074 XJK, of which you are reviewed as the owner. The account has accumulated an outstanding balance of $1,597.22. I have determined that they were adjusted and appear on the July 2006 invoice, however, the interest was not taken into consideration. I am pleased to advise that the balance of $1,597.22 will be written off.

407_shieldI have determined that there has been address changes at the Ontario Ministry of Transportation that 407 ETR was not provided with, also based on the information that you have provided determined that you were in fact out of the province. Having said this, I would like to advise that there is a total credit of $12.25 on account 821 128 859. I am in the process of putting together a letter for you to confirm the above noted adjustments.

Please allow 1-2 billing cycles for the adjustments to appear on your invoices.



Samantha Hollett
Office of the President



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  1. You are very fortunate because I know of other people with a similar circumstance that have been told that because they owned the plate they owned the charges and 407ETR wouldn’t budge. Perhaps continuing pushing them back is working.


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