Absolute Software (Cyber Bullies)

Dell notebook#C51withGoodale. This case of Cyber-Spying is an obvious case of CYBER BULLYING, so lets talk about This Dell Machine I purchased at Canada Pawn in Gatineau, Quebec On Dec 22, 2010, (Receipt included) on Nov 6, 2012 a friend was using it and he informed me that he got a white page on which said this is a stolen machine, the message included the direction to turn it in to the Ottawa Police ASAP. I wish I was there at the time to see that, but unfortunately I was away. I took the machine to a friend for safe keeping. Since I purchased it I tried to register it with Dell but they would not let me. It crashed at least 3 times a week, every week, due to missing files, the on screen message was always “Windows cannot start due to missing BOOT files” they would keep deleting files on the machine, and it crashed at least three times a week, having to re-install the windows program, and this continued for nearly two years. Receipt for dell Laptop2I made numerous calls and sent emails to Absolute software in British Columbia, requesting and inquiring as to why their software was installed on my P.C, as I did not purchase or install it, I requested they deactivate it which was never done. The pictures clearly show that it was activated on my machine which cost $39.99 per month, software which I was not paying for. So who is Absolute Software? Absolute software is a company whom provides software programs, in this case Computetracethat if you have sensitive information on your machine and someone steals it, or you lose it, this software enables you or them (Absolute Software) once reported, to track it’s exact location, in normal cases, contact the police, also what I find amazing, they can also delete all the files and shut the machine down, which they did to me hundred’s of times, so it is inoperable. A few days before I purchased it a friend went to the pawn shop to buy something or another, he asked me to go along, not doing anything at the time, so I did. While there I noticed they sold used laptops, not having a computer at the time, Absolute Software2I thought maybe I will buy myself one for Christmas. A few days later (payday) I went back but they only had one left, all the ones I saw a few days before were now sold. After which they traced my movements, and they were aware of my location at all times, not sure why, but they were able to make my life a living hell, no matter where I went, where I worked or what I tried to do, I always wondered why landlords were harassing me, employers harassed and fired me, but it didn’t take long (4 months) to figure out what was happening once discovering the software on my machine, knowing that, do you think we are being watched on-line? yes your dam tooten we are, “PRIVACY” is something we don’t have here, in Canada anyway, this company is owned and operated by X-Coppers and I truly believe their soul purpose is to spy on us, without our knowledge, if your like me, an innocent citizen it’s nothing to be concerned about, I guess it’s just the fact of the matter, so don’t be fooled because really what else do they have to do, except look out the window and spy on unsuspecting victims? I am including a link to their website, if you value your privacy, make sure if you have this program, I suggest you remove it @ย Absolute Softwareย 1013929_10151421941871890_1749615641_n, don’t take my word for it, there are others who are well aware of these incidents and the cyber-Bullying I experienced, So ask yourself this question, Why do you think my life situation is what it is today? desperately trying to get rid of me and shut me up is why, well I will say again.
HTRO file @ย Kinden v Richcraft