“Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

veryinspiringblogaward-1I am pleased and surprised to announce that I have received yet another award “Very Inspiring Blogger Award”! I was nominated for this prestigious award by Vashti Quiroz-Vega at a blogger whom I also consider an excellent fiction writer, her skills as a writer and blogger, are next to none, this due to my favorite categories for movie’s or hard copy books are without a doubt “Fiction”, knowing that I would like to personally say thank you for your inspiration at theses troubled times. As in excepting any award there are rules we must follow, which are; 1. Display award logo on blog, 2. State 7 things about yourself, 3. Nominate 15 bloggers for this award. Seven facts about me. 1. I am an Anti-Bullying Activist 2. I am currently writing a book on my life experiences with Bullying 3.Terry shade I am a member of the LGBT community 4. I work in Publishing & Marketing field 5. I am a volunteer supporting the LGBT community and youth 6. I moderate four online websites 7. I am new to blogging but enjoy writing and mostly love to read, anything of interest really. Now I must chose fifteen bloggers for the award, as I find when reading your blogs one is as interesting as the one before, maybe a different topic but interesting in deed.
shine-on-awardI am also pleased and very surprised to announce that I have received yet another award “Shine On Award” at the same time, I am speechless but I am very honored to both of you thank you. I have already received this award from “Mike’s Monday Blog” last month, so I have decided to share them both in one post, and past both awards on together, to my choice of fifteen bloggers. Thank you to kiss Me Under The Pink Blossom Tree, I also want to add a quote of yours that I found still makes me think, it goes as follows; At the end of the day, it is me going to bed with me, I am the one that needs to face myself, only being with a guy can take me so far, I need to love myself, I need to live with who I am. You are an inspiration in your own way, and I am also assuming and very confident that you inspire a lot of people, great blog’s, so I would like to dedicate the following video to you all for your kind words and inspiration..lotsa luv…Terry
My fourteen choices for the awards are:
1. Gigis Rants and Raves
2. Tarnished Sophia
3. Kiss Me Under The Pink Blossom Tree
4. Motivating For Positive Change
5. Witless Dating After Fifty
6. Behind The Mask of Abuse
7. Bears Paw Print
8. K G Visions
9. Centrist Canuck
10. The Art Studio By Mark Moore
11. Writer Obsession
12. Cranky Care Giver
13. Meta Rvhee Noia
14. The Penelope Jones

Other Awards:
The 6-Award


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Eye Catchers is B.P’s new Webstore, stop by and like us……


13 thoughts on ““Very Inspiring Blogger Award”

  1. I am honored you included me in not one but two awards. However, I have decided to not “do” awards. Thank you so very much though! You deserve these awards and so much more for how you are bringing awareness to others. Congratulations!!!!


  2. Thank you Terry for these two awards, I am so very grateful. Also thank you for doing what you are doing, I am inspired by you as I also am against bullying, I was bullied growing up. Oh and thirdly, thank you for using a quote from me, it means so much! All the best, Caterina


  3. Thank you very much for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award! How cool is this? So cool that you who are definitely younger than my kids likes reading my blog and comments on your posts! I appreciate this and will have to delay my writing my receiving the award post for when I get back from vacation! For 10 days I am going AWOL from blogging! Never done this since October when I went to Florida! Take care and thank you! Robin


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