Richcraft Construction (The Bullies Within)

n2I have yet to talk about my main case of Bullying & Mobbing, it still causes extreme pain and brings back terrible memories, that I rather not subject myself to but now it’s time two speak up about it, because the day I was fired, one year ago is approaching July 16, 2012. After just one week of employment I realized that the history of “Bullying and Mobbing” that I experienced while at “Tega Homes, Handyman Personnel and SunGard” to name a few was starting all over again, and not just parnoida like some would have me believe. I decided because “Bullying, Mobbing, harassment and discrimination, are hard to prove in a court of law without strong evidence, and I was so sick of this treatment, so the last month (July 2012) I was employed at Richcraft, I recorded with my cell phone (Follow the link bottom of page to listen) for 8 hours a day, those last days, and got the evidence I needed to finally prove what has been happening, not any fault of my own but rather being pushed out all the time and no one believing me or anything I say. When Bernie (foreman) told me to go home, I didn’t argue or get defensive as that’s what they wanted. I left and went home and made a Doctor’s appointment at “Appletree Medical Group” costing me $250, over the last four years every doctor’s office I called or visited, refused an set an appointment or would not honor my (Government) health insurance, I would be fired four days later. What is needed though, is to use the illegal actions of “Richcraft” to set an example, and show employers that employees have equal rights, because in all honesty, if I was not the victim of Bullying, Harassment and Discrimination, what other reason would I have to record while at work? I just recently got notification from the HRTO of a Summary Hearing via conference call on Sept 11, 2013. I have to dial in with a conference ID, I can now finally talk about it without anger, but I will never be able or want to share the same space with them, due to fear of an anxiety attack, call it a gut feeling, but I see the Supreme Court of Canada in my future.
mia4 (2)305201_10150992323751890_399547934_nThe employer has since refereed to “ode behavior”, considering my level of fear & anxiety while on site, could possibly be the human instinct of flight or fight, reaction, the body’s way of identifying and protecting it self when danger is identified, and I looked over my shoulder all the time, not knowing what to expect next as they continually Bullied me. The medical condition of Schizophrenia and the stopping of medication was never mentioned by myself, also an issue they were concerned about, I wasn’t on any medication, nor have I taken any since late 2009 due to the lack of a family physician, and I certainly would not mention any medical history to Mr. Pilon or any other employee due to lack of trust, Mr Pilon whom was the main individual that on a daily bases insulted me with name calling and most times with holding assignments, and when he did give an assignment it would be tasks that involved sweeping only, always clean up of drywall dust units, requiring myself numerous breaks to go outside the unit until the dust cleared, Mr. Pilon made himself clear he did not agree with me going outside, leaving the work area, due to health reasons I ignored him and would continual despite his disagreement.
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555660_10150992323681890_1287656775_nOn the morning of July 13, 2012 rather than at home arguing with my employer on the phone as they say, I proceeded to “Appletree Medical Group”, 368 Slater Street, Ottawa, for an appointment at 11:30 am to get medical clearance for employment. I finally saw a doctor at approximately 3:00 pm, I was told by the attending physician, in order for him to preform an employment medical he would need medical documents from my employer requesting the type of medical they required. When arriving at Appletree Medical Clinic when I registered I paid $153.00, the charge for an employment medical, they refunded my payment due to the missing employer medical documents. (Exhibits P, Q) Upon returning home I called Mr. Panaro but got his voice mail, leaving him a message that I could not get a medical without a written request and medical forms from my employer.
The next morning Mr. Panaro returned my call informing me of a meeting at 11:00 am on July 16, 2012. I attended the meeting accompanied by Maxime Aubry for 11:00 am but while on route received a call from Mr. Panaro changing the time of the meeting to 12:00 pm, we proceeded anyway arriving early at the Richcraft trailer. Shorty after 12:00 pm three individuals arrived which included Mr. Beauvais, Mr. Panaro arrived first and another individual whom I was not familiar with arrived 15 minutes later. Upon his arrival he indicated that they were letting me go and handed me an envelope containing my R.O.E and final pay, I accepted there terms and we left the site without incident.
On July 10, 2012 at approximately 3:10 pm I was sent home by Mr. Beauvais, told to return once I had clearance from my Doctor, I did not return to the work site or the south end of the city until July 16, 2012 at which time I was dismissed, the issues and incidents Mr. Pasaro describes that occurred on July 13, 2012 and July 16, 2012 are not factual and did not happen or take place, to the best of my knowledge. 524366_10150992314286890_1060359054_nIt felt good at times, 41 degrees with the humidity out side, my only relief from the heat and humidity was to head down in one of the basements to try and cool down, the basements were a little cooler. Bernie would walk in sometimes, not sure the reason, but I remember one day 39 degrees, Bernie walked in and in passing said go slow Terry, we wouldn’t want to find you dead. my colleagues from what I could see were all working in units with AC, I was working in the heat and did mostly sweeping which was very dusty at times. I once said to (Yannick) Mr. Pilon and I quote ” you are my boss, if you asked me to shovel shit against the wind I would without question” Well I didn’t shovel shit against the wind but I got all the worst jobs nobody else wanted to do, like digging a hole 3W x 6L x 6H I called it my grave which could have been done with a backhoe in 15 minutes. I was given 2 days to dig the hole with just a pick & shovel but I dug that hole just the way they wanted in 4 hours, I will say there are few things important to me now, one of which is clearing my name and the pursuit of “JUSTICE” or die trying, I am following normal procedures which include the Supreme Court of Canada as the next step, if results are not produced, then I qualify and will bring my case to The High Commissioner of Human Rights Office in Geneva, Switzerland…..more updates to follow.
You can follow this link to listen to the last conversation we would have, that final day, hear the Boss himself send me home once I inform him of my disability;, also you can see the complete HRTO file at this link;

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