Will We Speak Up or Be Silent? (#2)

silent killerTerry  Kinden To continue our quest to answer the blogger’s question and concern, “Will We Speak Up or Be Silent”? highlighted below, our first point of view we heard from a Christian “Jesus Needs New PR” , our second point of view comes from a political stand point, lets look at their answer(s) or opinion, another from society’s prospective. So lets continue to try and answer your question with number 2 of 5, from “The Political Informer”, “the blogger wrote”: “With so many cases of bullying going on, I wonder if I should share my story as well…But I am unsure. Does reading about others who were bullied help to create a sense of care and community…or does it make those being bullied right now feel even worse to see that it has always been going on? I don’t want to make anyone upset, I want to let them know they’re not alone”.Yellow line The Political and Physical Side of Being Bullied by The Political Informerimages Girls picked on because they don’t fit in with the preconceived notions of popularity…Boys ostracized because they refuse to give up on their values, or fit in with the rather unintelligent group of muscle-flaunting dimwits….The stories are endless and disgusting. Take for instance, this one girl, Audrie Pott, who hanged herself after “being sexually battered while passed out at a party, and then humiliated by online photos of the assault” Or this guy, 15 year old Benji Backer who was bullied (and cussed at) by his teacher for being a conservative. Not only are both of these stories incredibly saddening (especially Audrie’s), but they both show different ends of the bullying spectrum. One side is based on how you act, and how you look….The other is what you believe, and what you support….Benji pointed out that teachers, and a large portion of the media, are against bullying homosexuals. As are many Conservatives and Libertarians. Yet Benji points out how hypocritical many of those in the media are. If teachers expect bullying to end with homosexuals, they should want it to end with every type of bullying possible, including political views. But as many of you have seen, and personally experienced, that is not always the case. Bullying-Versus-Free-SpeechBenji Backer was lucky. His bullying problem is actually being investigated by the school. What will come out of it is uncertain, but at least the problem is being acknowledged and investigated by the school principle. However, Audrie Pot had to take her life to bring her bullying to light. And that’s what kills me. Even though those responsible have been arrested it took the death of a high school girl to bring about that justice. Which I would argue is not justice. So now your filled with depression with some hatred and possibly a clenched fist. What can be done to end this you ask? For one, you can empower your children to take a stand against bullying. Group HugNone of that loving peace talk that many so called “experts” spread who have never even experienced being bullied. You take a stand by being strong. Which doesn’t always mean beating the snot out of the bully (which does work pretty well). One strategy you could use is by utilizing social media. Spread the word. Get a picture of the bully and then tell the world what kind of person that bully really is. The more people know that he or she is a no good sucking bully the more pressure will be put on him. This strategy could bring heat on you from the bully, but that’s when you get any buddy you can and make a stand. Standing against a bully is never easy, but it sure beats the heck out of “ignoring it.” As if that has ever worked out well. How many stories are out there of kids who have killed themselves because of bullying?
I would say to many…Stand up and Speak out…..~ God bless and good luck!

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  1. Chapell in 2006 did a study on bullying in college where 44% of students observed teachers bullying students. All ages need to look at their involvement in this, even unintentional.


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