Will We Speak Up or Be Silent (#5)

silent killerTerry  KindenWell now for the final entry, number (5) my opinion, I will personally say “SPEAK UP” it’s the best for all concerned and good for nobody, once again the blogger’s inquiry, “Will We Speak Up or Be Silent”? highlighted below, our first point of view we heard from a Christian “Jesus Needs New PR” , our second point of view comes from a political stand point, “The Political Informer” and from Dr. ALAN L. BERMAN, then form a “Bully’s” point of view By Ryan Legg. all opinion’s from predominate members of society. As we “NOW” answer your question with number 5 of 5 reason why you should speak up,..…and “the blogger wrote”: “With so many cases of bullying going on, I wonder if I should share my story as well…But I am unsure. Does reading about others who were bullied help to create a sense of care and community…or does it make those being bullied right now feel even worse to see that it has always been going on? I don’t want to make anyone upset, I want to let them know they’re not alone”. Yellow lineimages (2)I will now take a look and enter my opinion on numbers one to four, first number (1) from Mathew at “Jesus needs new PR” (Public Relations) he comes across as still holding back unreleased anger, understandable from a victim of “Bullying” I have often wondered if the anger will ever subside, considering that in all honesty “my opinion, a survivor of Bullying should be classified or categorized as a survivor of attempted murder, really how different is it then slowly poisoning someone’s food until they die? “Bullying” is yet to be categorized but is “THE SILENT THREAT”. He also makes good points about society’s role, because of our theologies, which is so true, something drilled in our heads as kids will control us forever until we change our theologies, but I won’t ramble on, it’s all in each post. Number (2) “The Political Informer” also has anger hanging around, he also has a rude and insulting point of view, also his view interested me on Justice or the lack there off, and he also suggest social media to expose your Bully, with pictures and recording the incidents is also very important. Post number (3) from a well respected member of the community, DR. ALAN L. BERMAN whom has testified many times in a court of law, a trained professional on Bullying and Suicide and how they are connected. I found his description of the state of ones mind before committing suicide very accurate, that you truly and honestly believe that the “ONLY” way to escape is to end your life. His conclusion was very interesting and foreseeable, 8401992918_c457febed4_zI quote from (#3)… “It is further my opinion that clinical depression and suicide are a foreseeable consequences of a school district’s failure to constrain a known bully from victimizing other students. Then we hear the side not heard often, it’s in fact rare that a “Bully” will admit to his wrong doing, to acknowledge and except responsibility for the pain and suffering he has inflicted on another. He also made a statement that I certainly concur with “Because of these factors, Jared High was unable to resist the impulse to end his suffering through suicide”.
In closing: the Christian’s final words are: “Let’s speak up Let’s be the good voice of God in a culture who needs to hear that God is good, that God loves them, that we love them… and that we’re not going to be silent. Not anymore, Not today, Let’s speak up”.
The Political Informer ended by saying: “I would say to many…Stand up and Speak out…..~ God bless and good luck”
The Doctor finished with: “It is my professional opinion that Jared High’s state of mind at the time of his suicide was distorted and irrational, that his thinking at the time was characterized by feelings of hopelessness and ‘tunnel vision’ such that he could see no alternatives”.
The Bully Finished with: “Sometimes it’s the little things. So, from one bully to another: level up. Be a better person. Because the alternative is good for no one”.
I will just add that if you are being Bullied, or a survivor, speak up and Speak LOUD, it’s your only defense against the “Silent Killer”
I’m sure we all know who Kathy Griffin is? she has also added her opinion, and a great one I might add, watch and see who’s hands she believes are covered in the Blood of all the kids that have died at the hands of “BULLYING” lotsa luv… my friends

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7 thoughts on “Will We Speak Up or Be Silent (#5)

  1. I never thought my one little question would spawn a 5part post from you, but am glad that it did. My next post will now most definitely be about my bullying experiences. Thank you for letting me know that I should speak out.


    • Your welcome, I could not personally answer your question without help from others, a group effort is the only way to conquer Bullying, I look forward to reading your next post…lotsa luv cheers


  2. Oh I love Kathy! As a therapist and a parent, her message just goes right to the core. Adults who teach bigotry, homophobia, and don’t actively challenge bullying all have the blood of these dead kids on their hands.
    Bullying is learned behavior. Taught by dysfunctional families, coaches, teachers, churches, political groups. Little children are born kind, treat them and others with kindness, and they remain kind all their lives. Bully them, bully others, bullies are born.
    Turn your back on a bullied child, as I saw so many teachers and administrators do so many times in my children’s high school, and in my career, and guess what? You are the adult. You are responsible.
    At least now, unlike when my children were in school, there is awareness of this horrible epidemic, and help available.
    Adults, teachers. Guess what? We’re watching you! We’re watching what you do, and what you don’t do!
    If your child is a bully, seek family therapy for the whole family immediately. Your family is in serious trouble.
    If you are an teacher, pastor, coach, principle, if you work with kids, and do not step in to help a bullied child, you are in serious trouble and you must not be allowed to continue to work with children.
    We have had it with bullying and we are not going to take it anymore.
    Thank you for your blog. Keep it going on. Please!


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