Plan: Where are They Now?

plan-2bannerslide-1-728Plan Canada founded in 1937, Plan is one of the worldโ€™s oldest and largest charities, working to end global poverty. Inclusive of all faiths and cultures, Plan has only one purpose: to improve the lives of children. This month’s “Blogger’s For Peace” post, B.P honors Plan Canada, back in 2007 after hearing and seeing so many advertisements about the poverty so many children in the under developed country’s were living in, they barely had food to eat or clean drinking water, and worst was their living conditions. Considering the current state of my own life at that time I had to do something, so I decided to sponsor a child, a little girl of 10 years old with two little brothers and mom and dad. The first letter I received from her, it was amazing to hear about how grateful her whole family was to me, saying Thank you over and over again for the help. I didn’t understand why they were so grateful after all it was only $ 30.00 a month, until after reading on, finding out her dad worked 50 hours a week for $1.00, that’s right “one Dollar” I now realize just how greedy we really are, and take all our rich’s for granted. Knowing they now had clean drinking water, regular meals every day, medical attention and a more suitable place to live, and all for my $30.00 a month, was a feeling like no other. So if there is only one charity you will support this year I recommend “Plan” A former sponsored child who is now a teacher talks fondly of his memories of being sponsored while growing up in rural El Salvador.

forpeace6Reach out to HELP a child, You can make a difference, Child sponsorship is a unique and personal way for you to make a difference in the life of a child, family and community. You’ll receive regular updates and can exchange letters with your sponsored child to see the difference you’re making. All it takes is about $1 a day, just $37 a month. Your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable gift. Former sponsored children have accomplished big things in Zimbabwe. Plan Zimbabwe held a celebration honoring 25 years of changing lives in that country. Among those in attendance were some of the first children sponsored by Plan in Zimbabwe.

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