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TerrybpMy pick this month for The it Gets Better Project’s monthly video comes from a world renown and well respected personality of the world from the financial community none other then Madame Suze Orman. She relays some very interesting and important facts about traveling that yellow brick road of life, she goes on to say nothing in life comes easy, it will not come knocking on your door or be handed to you on a silver platter, for the majority of us anyway. I concur, specally if your of the LGBT community, if you want success, fame and fortune you must “fight” for it and never back down and remain with us. Sparking me to refer to the link at the top of this page “Kinden v Richcraft” which is a continuation of my fight that I began ten years ago, when I finally decided to stop and stand up for myself, I read about other situations similar to mine, speaking up will without a doubt disrupt your life dramatically, including a strain on your health and possibly destroying your reputation for sure, as for me I will continue my fight because I have traveled the road far to long to turn back now, and one other very important factor to me is that all my Trails and Tribulations will be of assistance to those who come after me, and to make a change in the fight against “BULLYING”. I may not have lived in peace but I still have a chance to die in peace…or am I just a DREAMER…lotsa luv ๐Ÿ™‚Yellow line

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EYE CATCHERS is B.Pโ€™s new online Webstore, stop by and like us.