16 Signs You’re Happier Than You Think

I was surprised once reading this article, and also discovered a realization about myself, a great read for sure may I suggest?

Thought Catalog

Our personal happiness is always at the whim of our own self-sabotage if, at any given moment, we donโ€™t feel completely overjoyed. We mistake this for genuine dissatisfaction or unhappiness. I think we are so far from accepting that happiness is not a sustained sensation of joy that sometimes, weโ€™re happier than we think we are. Happiness means interest, it means honing in on the art of learning to just be. Sometimes weโ€™re doing this and we donโ€™t even realize it, and we let our minds talk us out of our own contentment with petty complaints and minor issues that we irrationally expound upon. Part of getting over this is coming to terms with the little ways our lives show us weโ€™re happy even if weโ€™re not conscious of it.

1. Itโ€™s not like it wasโ€“ you can look back and feel gratitude and pride for getting through a roughโ€ฆ

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