Preventing Bullying as The School Year Starts

Preventing bullying as the school year starts (8/20/13)
Preventing bullying as the school year starts (8/20/13)

bullyingIt’s a time that many kids look forward to, in a little over two weeks school bells will be ringing. But for some kids the start of a new school year can mean the start of bullying. Each day in the United States 160,000 kids will miss school because of bullies. To put that in perspective thatโ€™s more than the population of the city of Eau Claire and La Crosse combined. But there are steps you can take to make sure your kids feel safe in the classroom. The start of a fresh school year means new clothes, new friends, and new teachers. But for some students a new school year can mean the start of seeing their bullies face-to-face. 181e1332561492o4036โ€œHaving that conversation with kids as they are heading back not just who are victims but kids that are potentially bullies themselves to really stress kindness,โ€ Gunderson Health System pediatrician Kelly Hodgson Kline said. Kline stresses having conversations with your kids no matter the age. She says it is key to ending the bullying cycle. โ€œGiving kids the ability to speak up whether itโ€™s to tell the bully themselves Iโ€™m not putting up with this anymore or the child that’s witnessing the bullying who thinks they canโ€™t do anything that their voice matters,โ€ Kline said. 1002191_620225798017260_1433146276_nโ€œIt is sad you see (bullying) happen every day and I think we really need to focus on each individual and what they are going through like inside and outside of the classroom,โ€ KinderCare teacher Danielle Stultz said. Stultz says giving kids individual attention and addressing bullying when it happens makes a difference. โ€œItโ€™s something a teacher has to do when they see it if you see bullying happening you have to stop it right when it happens,โ€ Stultz added. But relying on adults to prevent bullying isnโ€™t always the answer. Kline says adults only intervene about 4% of the time which is why itโ€™s important to encourage kids to say something if they see bullying. โ€œThey have a powerful voice and to not be a bystander but to be whatโ€™s called an upstander to take a stand to end that bullying cycle,โ€ Kline said.

Published on Jan 30, 2013
Cyber-bullying-234x300Education Minister Ruairi Quinn and Children & Youth Affairs Minister Frances Fitzgerald today launched a new Action Plan on Bullying. The Plan sets out twelve actions to help prevent and tackle bullying in primary and second level schools. These proposed actions build on the excellent work that is already underway in many schools to prevent and tackle bullying. The report makes it clear that preventing and tackling bullying requires support from parents and wider society and is not a problem schools can solve alone.

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  1. My sister posted this on FB “We found out that Jenny has a kid in her class that has been bullying her from last year. I’m going to talk to the teacher but I’m not sure what to do about it? The kid is such a pain in the ass. She tries to ignore it but he goes a little too far. Thoughts?” So I hope you don’t mind that I am going to tell her about your brilliant blog? You really are doing so much good.-Dave


  2. What if everyone just decided to do what is right and loving? I pray that all of the returning students and teachers find this school year to be one of joyful learning and expression. I pray that all ‘would-be’ bullies develop self-esteem and respect for themselves — and, others. PEACE-


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