photo7942heart (2)As Bullying Prevention begins our “My Project Love” our first mission is to raise $500 to sponsor a child in a developing country for the period of one year, a monthly rate of $39×12, this is a obtainable goal, it not only helps the child, rather the entire family, so please show your support, $1.00 is appreciated…donate now..On a personal level I have once in 2006 sponsored a child through Plan Canada and it was the most rewarding feeling one could have, if you are able to sponsor a child on your own, that be great to…even a dollor is greatly apprieated….thank you so very much and lotsa luv – See more at my page on Crowdrise about my Fundraiser or you can even create your own fundraiser to sponsor a girl, click here, to learn more you can watch the video of Girls Without Voices.

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