Three Ways To Knock Down An Adult Bully

Just a reminder, this the number one reason -1. Donโ€™t feed the beast. According to anti-bullying expert Joel Haber, Ph.D., what bullies want is support from peers, friends, and family. There have to be two sides in order for people to take one. So if a bully tries to instigate an exchange of any kind, donโ€™t take the bait.

The New B.P

images (2)When we think of bullying, usually kids on a playground or teens using social media platforms come to mind, not adult neighbors or coworkers in a conference room. However, the young bullies of yesterday can (and do) turn into the adult bullies of tomorrow. According to recent data, adult bullying is on the rise: In a 2012 survey of workers, 65 percent of American participants reported being bullied at their jobs, and adult bullying also happens online and among social circles as well. Recently several friends confided in me about their own experiences with bullying, and having been on the receiving end myself a time or two, I could relate. Although the circumstances were different in all of our situations, we all felt the same way when it happened: helpless. But we realized that even though we couldnโ€™t control the bulliesโ€™ actions, we could control the way we reacted. Iโ€™veโ€ฆ

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