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awardI just recently received this amazing offering, really from one I know not, Susan Irene Fox and after looking at your blog for the first time, and believe me it’s not by choice, with more than 1200 followers it’s impossible to read each and every post, but the ones I do get to read are well worth it. You see every post is based on a different topic, and or situation and may have a different motive, direction or audience. Anyway back to topic I want to say thank you very much for nominating me for this 6-Award, and your kind words. because yourI want to also share those kinds words with my V.I.P follower’s and the audience in the wings: I’ve chosen to pass the award along to you as someone who is authentic, uplifting and Spirit-led. In the words of Jesus, you are one of those sowers who plants seeds in good soil to see a harvest 30, 60, and 100 times the harvest as you’ve planted. What you do is incalculably valuable. I really and truly don’t know what to say to those words, other than “Thank You” because it is actually my passion and my vision to spread “LOVE” and not preach “Gods” word…I am not a true follower of Jesus, and I don’t attend regular services at my church, ashamed to say but I do believe in a “Creator” a higher power to be totally honest…“if you fill your heart with love, there will be no room for Hate. I always speak my mind, seems we are there, let me say now, I believe honesty is the best policy, meaning you may not like everything I have to say, but I will say it anyway regardless, nothing personnel.You are a mircale bloger Award.2JPG So now there are a few questions I must answer, which are:
Favorite colour? – Blue..A beautiful Sky
Favorite animal? – Cat..He is the most demanding roommate…
Favorite number? – 7 A Gay Symbol or secert for “I Love you”
Favorite nonalcoholic drink? – coffee and more coffee
Favorite alcoholic drink? – Capton Morgan Spiced Rum…..
Facebook or Twitter? – Facebook…..more eyes 🙂
My Passions? – Bullying Prevention, Suicide Prevention and most favorite LGBTQ youth Rights
Giving or Receiving Gifts?Giving – The feeling of Giving out Weights the feeling of Receiving.
Reader Appr Award.2JPGYes Shaun is courageous for holding his own and living with the pain every day, but still yes he moves forward, as we all must and I also praise him for his courage, and may God always walk with him. My Choice of 10 nominations for this 6-Award are: Vida Caramela , Jenness, Tarnished Sophia, Chad Herman, Cindy Knoke, Brenda Davis Harsham, Mary Marrell, No Kind of Magic, Helen Valentina and last but certainly not least Theresa at Soul Gatherings. I want to say thank you all and that means every blogger for sharing your stories and for stopping by B.P on your way home for a pick me up or just to see whats going on, your patroness is greatly appreciated.awesome blossom award2 In closing two things, first I would like to comment on your referral to the difference between “balcony people” and “basement people.” Balcony people support you, engage with you, and uplift you. Basement people put you down, separate from you and judge you. I think Jesus was a balcony person. And I much prefer to be one, too. I agree with you there , I would much rather be a Balcony Person myself rather than a Basement person, I found that concept interesting cause I always referred to them as “THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STAIRS” second I want to share the 30 basic human rights that we are all entitled to just because we are “Human” in simplified form, are you getting yours? 1. We Are All Born Free & Equal. 2. Don’t Discriminate. 3. The Right to Life. 4. No Slavery. 5. No Torture. 6. You Have Rights No Matter Where You Go. 7. We’re All Equal Before the Law. 8. Your Human Rights Are Protected by Law. 9. No Unfair Detainment. 10. The Right to Trial. Sunshine Award11. We’re Always Innocent Till Proven Guilty. 12. The Right to Privacy. 13. Freedom to Move. 14. The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live. 15. Right to a Nationality. 16. Marriage and Family. 17. The Right to Your Own Things. 18. Freedom of Thought. 19. Freedom of Expression. 20. The Right to Public Assembly. 21. The Right to Democracy. 22. Social Security. 23. Workers’ Rights. 24. The Right to Play. 25. Food and Shelter for All. 26. The Right to Education. 27. Copyright. 28. A Fair and Free World. 29. Responsibility. 30. No One Can Take Away Your Human Rights, but where I live now for the last 6 months on Welfare for $545.00 a month, 80% of these rights have been taken away from me and I am left to die……but still always loving and respecting my neighbor. For the complete rules and to download the 6-Award image please go to Susan Irene Fox cheers and Lotsa Luv.

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  1. Terry: A well-deserved Congratulations!!! as more and more people recognize the importance of your blog. You bring much-needed attention to a topic that is on the front lines of our youth, and have, I feel certain, saved lives with your efforts. That you thought of me in passing along the 6-Award is humbling. I send you my gratitude and blessings.


  2. Congrats to you! Thanks for mentioning friendlyfairytales and nominating us for the 6-award!! Woo-hoo. You are doing great work here. I agree, we should all have the right to play. I can’t believe you are living on $545 a month!! How do you manage?


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