Peer Support: One Way You Can Stop School Bullying

pp-header-top-2013-05-23bullying-interventionA key to preventing or stopping school bullying is to make sure your school has an easy-to-use and confidential reporting system in place. Reporting can help you track incidents and look for trendsโ€”and stop those patterns and trends in their tracks. Encourage your colleagues to report incidents they see or hear about. And because students witness bullying much more often than staff, peer support is essential to reducing the effects of bullying and harassment. While kids may not want to step in right when a friend or a classmate is being bullied, let them know that they can take a stand by reporting incidents anonymously.cpi2013-logo-headerFrisco Independent School District has launched an app that includes a bullying hotline for reporting peer abuse. The district has also produced a video featuring a group of students urging other kids not to be silent when they witness bullyingโ€”but to help other kids in need. CPI_logo-75x75Itโ€™s a great piece to share with your students and inspire them to take similar action. By Erin Harris | Posted on 09.04.2013. Don’t forget to grab your free Bullying Prevention Resources Guide, a great source of information and starting point…lotsa luv. empower-me