It’s Settled…

The image has been cleared and given B.P’s approval, we also apologize for any inconvenience this issue may have caused. We have lost four followers who will not be returning until the image is removed, sadly we have accepted that fact and expect not to see them again..cheers…lotsa luv the lightempower-me


5 thoughts on “It’s Settled…

  1. This issue is now closed, I will not get involved in such Drama, I could care less about pictures or why you choose them, I have more pressing issues to worry about, a face picture shows who you are, and that your not hiding that fact, I have told the last complainants all future issues be reported to WORDPRESS, and I will not be involved, so if you have any issues with a blog or it’s contents, contact wordpress, THIS ISSUE IS CLOSED……………,


  2. I still did not get an explanation from you why my gravatar is intimidating or offensive. I have posted about this and you did not air your side other than state now that it has been approved.
    I am sorry that it had come into this. I am the last person you will get trouble far but you initiated it. I must defend myself.
    I will still support you cause because I believe. I have to unfollow you now so your four more important followers will come back. I am less important follower from a Third World country so I guess I have to give way.
    Thank you.
    May God bless you.


    • I do not think it’s offensive or intimidating, I spoke for others without thinking, it’s your choice and yours alone, all further concerns should be directed to wordpress because to me it’s just Constructive criticism, accept it, learn from it …lotsa luv to you


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