Disabled Boy Bullied to Death, Dad Says

Una-de-las-peores-consecuencias-del-bullying-El-suicidio1Mitchell Wilson worked so hard to be a normal, happy-go-lucky kid. Lord knows fate didnโ€™t make that easy. The 11-year-old lost his mom to cancer three years ago and was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy the following year. He never could run and jump like the other children. Still he always maintained that goofy grin on his face. He was a joker who loved swimming and go-karting, driving with his dad and making silly jokes with his younger stepsisters. And Mitchell loved to walk. Six times a day, heโ€™d be pounding the pavement around his Pickering home because the doctors told him he had to โ€œuse it or lose itโ€ โ€” that the only way of slowing the atrophy of his muscles was to exercise them. And while he used a walker at school โ€” more as protection from the jostling of his fellow students โ€” he proudly walked outside on his own, his young shoulders pressed back so that he could maintain his fragile balance and not fall.
20110928-230820-gโ€œEverybody in the neighbourhood knew him. He walked in the rain. He walked in the snow,โ€ recalls his dad, Craig Wilson. โ€œEvery step Mitchell had to make was like 10 steps of ours in effort. I donโ€™t think I ever understood how hard it was for him to do the simple tasks.
โ€œHe tried so hard to make it through each day and he was so tired at the end that he could barely make it up the stairs.โ€ Yet he never gave up โ€” until a young bully stole his will to live; A young offender who will likely walk free next week. Mitchellโ€™s father is a big man, tough and strong with a smile that comes easily โ€” until he begins relating what happened that morning, just over two weeks ago, when he went into his sonโ€™s bedroom to wake him up for his first day of Grade 6. โ€œI relive it every morning,โ€ he says softly. โ€œItโ€™s a horrible thing.โ€
imagesHis best buddy was gone. His tormented 11-year-old child had tied a plastic bag around his head, weary of the bullying and terrified of the young mugger he was supposed to face in court next week. โ€œIf he had been treated with respect, if he had been treated with some empathy, some sympathy,โ€ his dad says, โ€œheโ€™d probably still be here.โ€ It was during one of Mitchellโ€™s beloved walks last fall that everything changed.
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  1. That this happened two years ago takes away none of the sting…. none, whatsoever! Sure, I’ve seen numerous reports on bullying, but this one takes the cake. That our most vulnerable – children, disabled, underrepresented somehow โ€“ are constantly under attack and fear of living out a normal life, punctures my sail a bit today. We have GOT to do better. Period.


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