Stepping Back from the Edge


miawLearning to accept my panic/anxiety disorder instead of fighting it or denying it, helped bring stability to my life. I spent many nights lying in bed, praying for a cure. Asking โ€œWhy me? Why canโ€™t I just be normal?โ€ The answers never came nor did a magic pill that took it all a way. As this is Mental Illness Awareness Week, this post continues the ramblings about my ongoing saga with mental illness and shares ways Iโ€™ve learned to cope and overcome.

I know Iโ€™ll most likely deal with anxiety for the rest of my life. The periods in-between episodes grow longer and the severity lessens, but even now I know Iโ€™ll feel that adrenaline race through my body again as my brainโ€™s โ€œfight or flightโ€ response goes awry despite the logical center of my mind knowing without a doubt that โ€œI am safe.โ€ As life goes on, asโ€ฆ

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