What Happened?

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โ€œHuman Rights that do-not apply to everyone are not human rights at allโ€ ~Volker Beck~


The following is the Applicantโ€™s view of The Facts and legislation in the Matters of โ€œKinden v Richcraftโ€File #2012-12852-I, filed Oct 29, 2012 with the โ€œOntario Human Rights Tribunalโ€ under the โ€œOntario Human Rights Codeโ€R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER H.19. I have suplied at the end of this post, a list of other important Posts and Articles that relate to the issues here.
Most importantly I want to bring your attention to (Exhibit 1-5) page 6 from Kinden v Richcraft, HTRO File #2012-12852-I, itโ€™s the document that explains โ€œWhat Happenedโ€ which is the same terrible treatment (Hate crimes) thing thatโ€™s been happening for more than 15 years, the Application (Exhibit 1-5) was filed with The Human Rights Tribunal of Ontario on Oct 29, 2012, due to being released from employmentโ€ฆ

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