The Psychological Path to Committing Suicide.

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largeSuicide is hard to understand, especially when someone you love commits suicide. Discover the real reasons for suicide and how to help. Itโ€™s the sad truth that most donโ€™t want to hear or see but itโ€™s a reality thatโ€™s happening all around us, we cannot turn a blind eye any longer, so you first must understand and accept it for what it is and ask yourself, What is Suicide Really? Sure, according to a dictionary definition, suicide is when one voluntarily decides to take oneโ€™s life. But what is suicide? Outside of the dictionary, you want to know how suicide works. What progression does one follow when one commits suicide? Many years ago, a famous psychologist, Roy Baumeister, explained the progression toward suicide in the human mind. One does not simply decide to commit suicide; one is led to that decision by a series of prior events and decisions. Seeโ€ฆ

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