Conservative Government Rejects “National Bullying Prevention Strategy”

carfan.jpeg.size.xxlarge.letterboxI orignally posted this article on Dec 17, 2012, but it totally got losted in the shuffle, but still worthy. After the suicide of Mitchell Wilson September 6, 2012, a motion (National Bullying Prevention Strategy) was put to the “House of Commons” by New Democrat MP Dany Morin on Nov 21, 2012 at which time Mr Harper and his Conservative Government rejected that Motion. So what’s next? are we domed? no it is time for change though, the kids are the future, some of us are set in our ways, and don’t welcome change on any level, we have to adjust to the need of the new people’s. I see the rejected motion as a message from the Federal Government, simply a lack of empathy and sympathy for all the victims who’s lives were cut short by the silent killer Bullying. Well it’s now certainly obvious that based on Mr Dany Morin’s: “Statement by Dany Morin on rejection of his Bullying Prevention Motion” on Nov 21, 2012, Mr Morin states; “Today, the Conservative Government once again remained indifferent to an issue that affects too many Canadians and have missed an opportunity to take a leadership role in the fight against bullying”.
Conservative MP Chris Alexander (Ajax-Pickering) spoke about the tragic consequences of bullying and what could be done. Yet, the Conservative party voted AGAINST the National Bullying Prevention Strategy. Contact M. Alexander to ask him to vote YES for the SAKE OF THE KIDS.
He said: Mr. Speaker,
I rise to put a question asked by students of the Pickering family of schools. That question is: How do we use our collective voices to uphold everyoneโ€™s right to live in a safe, caring and inclusive community?ย 
The โ€œI Am Who I Amโ€ campaign was developed at Pine Ridge Secondary School after the devastating suicide of grade six student Mitchell Wilson, a victim of years of bullying by his peers.ย 
At a time when adolescents are navigating new waves of social norms, online media, endless fads and personal insecurities, the โ€œI Am Who I Amโ€ campaign challenges students to stand up for each other. It seeks to promote integrity, honesty and non-violence.ย In the wake of this yearโ€™s human rights day, all of us have a role to play in breaking this cycle of intimidation and violence by taking a stand against bullying.ย Let us speak out against bullying among teenagers.ย Let us speak up and speak out on behalf of victims. Let us celebrate the unique individuality of every Canadian. I applaud the collaborative efforts of the 19 participating Pickering family of schools for saying โ€œI Am Who I Amโ€.
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4 thoughts on “Conservative Government Rejects “National Bullying Prevention Strategy”

  1. Youยดre blog give me courage to be more brave in my daily life too. Itยดs not ok to accept when people treat each other bad.Itยดs not ok that schools and goverments donยดt act. Itยดs not ok that grown ups donยดt act. What kind of world do we get in the future if we stop caring for each other?


    • Thank you for the kind words and for sharing, I will state..I ran sacred from them for many years, but not any more, stand up to them and lose the fear, they are just another human like yourself, be strong and stand firm…cheers ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What a wonderful blog you have created spreading awareness about bullying. I don’t know if this already exists yet, but I think it would be great if there was “anti-teen bullying ” forum, or chatroom. A place where kids who are bullied can log on and meet other kids who are going through what they are, and they can get advice about what to do, or talk to a counselor all in private. Just a thought.


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