The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

Loyality awardI would like to say thank you for another nomination for the “DRAGONโ€™S LOYALTY AWARD”, to the narrator Migotka, at “Oleanderia”, a (female cat), she has a great blog about everything and anything life can throw at us. I don’t get to read all your post, as for me it’s next to impossible due to the quantity of emails and post alerts I receive, to learn more about the award and it’s background, please check out this blog. As far as the rules go I am now to Post seven interesting things about myself:
1. I Battle everyday With Generalized Anxiety.
2. I am an Anti-Bullying Activist.
3. I am a proud member of Blogger’s for Peace.
4. I am also a proud member of “The New Civil Rights Movement”
5. I am an Ally for the LGBTQI community.
6. I moderate four anti-Bullying websites, B.P on WordPress, B.P on Twitter, B.P on Pinterest, and B.P on Tumblr.

Shadow, My roomate
Shadow, My roomate
7. I am currently Fighting for my own life and right to live.
Now I am to nominate fifteen or so blogger’s for the award which in no particular order as follows: first is Brenda and her friendly Fairytales blog, ladybluerose, The Bonny Blog, Cindy Knoke, Arvhee Noia, Reocochran, Coach Muller, Sage Doyle, Patricia at Patinspire, Valzart, Red, Nigel Borrington, and a special thank you to Panic Yesterday, Amediablogger, Set Your Paths Straight, Bette A. Stevens, Richard A Cross, Soul Gatherings Theresa, Susan Irene Fox, and last but certainly not least, Secert Angel.empower-me

11 thoughts on “The Dragon’s Loyalty Award

  1. Thank you so very much for this Dragon’s Loyalty Award! I feel I am a loyal reader but sometimes feel a little behind, too. I am so grateful that you gave me this nomination! You are definitely a hard worker for the best causes! I am sorry to hear about your battle for your life. I should go back to see what you are undergoing… Take care, my dear friend and you are in my prayers for health concerns, now.


  2. Terry: Congratulations on your being nominated for the Dragon’s Loyalty Award, much-deserved to a man who works tirelessly for Bullying Prevention across the world. We need more people to commit themselves to the cause like you do; you make a positive difference in the world. Also – thank you so much for passing along the nomination…you’re a tough act to follow!


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