In Good & God We Trust

hands godThank you so much for signing up to volunteer for BETTERLegal. We are happy to announce that our first online training will be held on Saturday, June 1st. As we get closer to that day, we will announce a specific time and provide more details to you. Since the program launched on April 2nd, we have had over 100 law students and lawyers like you sign up to participate to use it gets better videos and materials to help support the work that legal services organizations are doing for the LGBT community. In addition, we have already partnered with Lambda Legal, the ACLU of Southern California, the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund and we are working on partnerships with over 20 other organizations who have reached out to us. We are glad to have you on our team and look forward to the amazing things that we will accomplish together! Sincerely, Elliot Rozenberg, Director, BETTERLegal
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god1There are those of us that have a burning or yearning, the thoughts of what excatly is going through the mind at that very moment, putting it bluntly, they shoot themselves, take an overdose or hang themselves, it’s that moment when it will all finally stop, you will be free finally, that’s how bad it can be, believing something so horrific, is the only answer, only to find yourself very dead as well, they end their life (Pain). I honestly can say I know, because at the age of just 19 years old, “I” a failed suicide attempt, as they say “Been There-Done That” I was there and know all the terrible feelings of hurt and pain, and how much you pray for it to stop but never did, until I realized that it was GOD who decided my faith at that moment, he said no my son not now I have things I need you to do for me, but let it be known, I will not decide for you how your life will be, Good or Bad?, nor will I make life wonderful for you, throns of Christ“No” I won’t, as only you have that power, but if you trust me, let me lead the way, I will see you have all that you will need, courage, strength, knowledge and Guidance, you may not see me but I will be at your side no matter what, as long as you follow me you will succeed. at this point I’m Feeling really bad, for my sin and cannot look God in the eye, with tears in my eyes asking GOD for forgiveness, saying over and over how truly sorry I was..he said do not be sorry my son, for I have an abundance of forgiveness just follow me, so I did! the crossA difficult task for some but if you really tried to replace feelings of HATE with LOVE and understanding, you will see it’s a positive step in changing the world. We all have the ability to Hate, we also have the ability to love, always try to choose Love because LoveWorks. In closing, I am sincerely honored for the opportunity to be of assistance and associated with “BetterLegal” and the “It Gets Better Project” So I want to share my sincere gratitude and say thank you very much to Mr. Dan Savage, creator of the “It Gets Better Project” and Mr. Elliot Rozenberg, Director, “BetterLegal” for enabling me this opportunity to participate and offer my assistance for the wellness and security of all LGBTQI people’s …Lotsa Luv ๐Ÿ™‚

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