Canadian Society for Social Development

Now Known as “Make a Change Canada”

ss-cover Today is Friday and the end of what I consider one of the best weeks I’ve had in years, I received an email from “Mary Alton” Service Coordinator of “The Canadian Society for Social Development” out of Nelson, British Colunbia, approximately 6 months ago I applied for their web estentials program. After contacting a few agencies I had to decline due to “yet again” lack of funding. Today’s email was to inform me I had been offered A “Sponsorship”, “Scholarship”, I am in a state of shock and amazement, and lost for words, I accepted that offer with honor. I do want to let Mary and The Canadian Society for Social Development know that I am forever grateful for all the assistance, as I cannot stress how much it means to me at this crucial time in my life.

A little about The Canadian Society for Social Development, they offer the Web Essentials and Web Advanced programs (IBDE), Online Web Technologies and Design Training, an excellent alternative for those wishing to enhance their career with a college certificate and valuable technology skills. IBDE provides individuals facing challenges to employment the opportunity to enhance their skills in a flexible and supportive learning environment. IBDE Web Essentials is a six-month, online, college accredited, web technology skills training program that gives students the opportunity to build a fully functional e-commerce ready website. Each year an increasing number of people living with disabilities or chronic health issues are looking at self-employment as a viable career option, such individuals as those who have an interest in becoming employed or self-employed, who already have basic computer skills, who may find it difficult to work outside their homes, who find it difficult to attend regular scheduled training programs in their communities and those who have the desire to learn and strive for their own independence.

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  1. Congratulations…!
    a well deserved moment!
    Thank you for all you share….
    Take care…You Matter…


  2. Congratulations! This sounds fantastic. You are so well worth it!
    You help so many people every day with your words and actions, so it’s so fair and great to hear that you get support too. All the best//Lotta ๐Ÿ™‚


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