Which One Will You Be?

downloadA bank teller was approached by his manager regarding a costumer in the line up, he requested that he (the teller) try to short change him (The Customer) some how because his manager did not like the customer, due to issues he had with him in the pass. The customer filed a complaint with the ombudsman, because the manager refused to help him with his issues. The teller took the customer’s money for his bill payment but once the customer left the bank, the teller threw the paper trail away, pocketed the money and did not post the transaction to his account (deposit). When it all came to light the teller got fired and fined for his fraudulent acts, but the evil manager worked on. It happened they would run into each other again, at which time the teller was yelling and screaming and ready to kill the customer for ruining his life, but the customer said you are the one who for your own reasons caused my wife to loose her baby because you did not post my deposit for payment causing our phone line to be disconnected, leadI was at work and she could not call for help and almost died her self, and your angry at me because you got fired and will never work in another financial institution again, when I should beat on you like there’s no tomorrow! but I am not your type of people, and also I know you will always remember your mistake, I BET YOU WON’T STICK YOUR NOSE WHERE IT DON’T BELONG ANY MORE, as the customer turned to walk away, saying “I am happy with KARMA” The Moral of this story…there are leaders and there are followers, which one will you be???…lotsa luv (Based on actual Events)

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2 thoughts on “Which One Will You Be?

  1. I hope I will always be the leader….
    this was really a good lesson in the balancing of Karma…
    sad….but I like the thought within it…
    Thank you for sharing….
    Take Care…You Matter…


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