The Day I Died

THE DAY I DIED A film about a secret video that destroys the friendship between two teens and leads one to the brink of a tragic decision.
BULLYING NEEDS TO STOP 3.2 MILLION children in grades sixth through ten, nearly ONE out of every SIX kids, are bullied each year.
This film will be an engaging and poignant story that surfaces the honest and raw truth behind bullying. It’s a story that should be told. The script, from writer ADAM C. BLOOM, will be directed by MICHAEL EMANUEL and produced by MICHAEL EMANUEL and DAVID REIVERS. It will be executive produced by TED STANFORD, GLEN REYNOLDS and CORBIN BLEU, from HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL and DANCING WITH THE STARS, who will also star in a pivotal role as the first year drama teacher who serves as the moral rudder in our movie.
We know that we’re asking for a lot of money… $500,000. We also know that’s a steep mountain to climb and that’s why we think it’s important for you to know that we are dedicated to getting this movie made, one way or the other. Not reaching that goal will not stop us. Yes, in a perfect world, we would raise the full $500,000 and have all the funds we need to go out and make this film the way we want. However, if we don’t reach our goal, we can, and will, use whatever we do raise here on Indiegogo and put it towards this anti-bullying cause and getting this story told. This story and this cause is something that we’re passionate about and if you’re reading this, chances are you’re passionate about this, too. We sincerely hope that you consider donating to this cause and, if you do, do know that we’ll be using every last penny towards making THE DAY I DIED. We will make a change!
16-years-old Cameron is struggling to come to terms with his homosexuality. He is too ashamed to share what heโ€™s going through with his prejudiced father, or even with his best friend Kelsie. She is outgrowing their friendship, and so desperate to fit in with the popular crowd that she fails to notice the physical and emotional abuse Cameron is enduring at school from other boys who suspect heโ€™s gay.
When Kelsie stumbles on Cameron during a moment of sexual exploration with another boy, she secretly captures the moment on her cell phone. In an attempt to gain favor with the popular kids, she betrays Cameron by showing the tape to a fellow classmate. The tape spreads like wildfire, and Cameron is now the victim of brutal bullying. As his world seemingly collapses around him, Cameron is so desperate for relief that he is drawn to the brink of a tragic decision.
We chose INDIEGOGO for two reasons. Firstly, if successful, INDIEGOGO allows us the creative freedom to make the film the way we feel it needs to be made โ€“ based on reality. Bullying is malicious, anxiety-provoking, and can be deadly. We want this film to represent that, and in turn, bring awareness and positive change to schools and communities around the world.
Secondly, INDIEGOGO’s crowdsourcing format allows us to connect with our audience in a unique way. Through both our INDIEGOGO and Facebook page, we look forward to hearing from and working with our backers and supporters to both raise awareness of our film, as well as bullying at large. This will be a collaborative effort and we NEED YOUR HELP!
INDIEGOGO is the best funding platform available, and because of its success, we have been so fortunate to witness many great art, music and film projects brought to life. This film, The Day I Died, is as much yours as it is ours… and we need you on our team. The more people that get involved, the more people we’ll reach, which means the bigger change weโ€™ll make! Please help us by donating and spreading the word. Share this link; “Like” us on Facebook; tweet about us; email your friends, family and co-workers!
Together weโ€™ll make a difference in the lives of those victim to bullying.
If you want more information, want to read about our team or if you’d like to contact us, please go to our website or find us on Facebook.

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