An Aspiring Web Developer

An assignment, I was asked a question, that question was: If you were an aspiring web developer or web marketing professional, what aspect of the internet and internet technology would fascinate you most and why? The following is my answer:
successTop1As an aspiring web developer or web marketing professional the aspect of the internet and internet technology that would fascinate me most and why is to be totally honest I am fascinated by just the idea of the internet and the World Wide Web, and how it was created, and now a chance to use my creativity to design and development. I began to discover the virtual world, which really fascinated me, a network of computers all around the world that could communicate with each other through a phone line or a cable modem.
With the technology to explore and discover a virtual world and the real world, which without the internet would not be possible, a learning experience like none other.
The possibilities are endless, the ability to work and communicate with people half way around the world, to even share images and documents. It’s now a fact of life that you don’t even have to leave home as just about anything that you require can be ordered over the internet, and delivered right to your door.
poppyWhat fascinates me most of all is that for years I have only dreamed of being a part of the internet and the world wide web, while working in the IT field for more than 6 years I observed and listened to the tech personnel whom shared their knowledge, it was then I realized just how much I enjoyed the world of Information Technology, and now to have this opportunity to contribute as a Web Developer myself is totally awesome.

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