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946841_470100169745544_2074815284_n It has recently come to my attention that a select few Blogs that I follow, I am no longer able to “Like” or “Comment” on your Blogs. wordpressI appeared at one Blog to say Thank you for the referral and kind words, but I am no longer able, so this will be my Thank You. I understand completely, I just wish we could all speak our minds and share our true thoughts, but that’s like asking for a miracle really :-). Yes I am an adult and I always respect the wishes of others, if you would politely say wordpress2“I don’t mind you visiting my blog but I rather you not use the comment or like features please”, I’m cool with that, I’ve been singled out, ignored and or disrespected by select individuals all my life, so it’s been a normal part of my life that now has it’s own “Self-Adjusting Mechanism”, so no worries, I’m not troubled about it ๐Ÿ™‚ wordpress (1)Believe it or not right now the majority of my closest friends are hetro-sexual (STR8) ya that’s correct, as there’s always one or two bad apples that poison the rest and or create problems where there should be none. Now that I am enrolled in “The Web Essentials” program, I no longer have the time that I once did to visit your blogs and read your posts, most of my free time will now be allocated for my studies.

1337 likes on "Bullying Prevention" June 13, 2013
1337 likes on “Bullying Prevention”
June 13, 2013
followed-blog-200-1xOne last thing I want to also clarify the purpose of Bullying Prevention here and it’s not to get Likes or comments, even though they are greatly appreciated, nor am I here to make friends, but I certainly have made a few good friends, with no regrets, and last I am not in search of a partner, there’s a place and time for that and it’s not B.P. they are dating or singles websites. B.P’s blog here on WordPress, it’s one and single purpose is to supply as much relevant information on topic together in one place, and spread “AWARENESS” of the Silent Killer “BULLYING” for the 150+ visitors and site traffic that passes through Bullying Prevention every day. So a great big Thank you to one and all for your support, kind words and just for being there…sending Lotsa Luv to one and all….have an awesome weekend ๐Ÿ™‚
banner3931re2poppyNov 11, 2013 is approaching quickly, so I want to take a moment to remind everyone to show RESPECT & DIGNITY for those who gave their lives so the rest of us (well most of us) can enjoy a free and safe existence, my Dad was one of those men, he served on the Naval Ships During “World War 2” as believe it or not “A Cook” in my eyes he was and will always be the greatest man that ever “LIVED”


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