The Bullying Basics: Facts, Tips, and Help for Kids

kids-safe-playground-106677930cpi2013-logo-headerpp-header-top-2013-05-23As a parent, how do you help ensure your kid’s school and community are safe?

It’s important that children understand the different kinds of bullying and why people bully. eSchoolToday provides information and resources in their “Your Basic Facts & Tips on Bullying” lesson that go far beyond the basics. Kids also learn how they can prevent, cope with, and handle the effects of bullying, even if they’re just witnesses to the event.

eSchoolToday has tips for parents, too. One suggestion is for parents to develop a simple plan with their kids, empowering them to work on the issue. Another is to find out the school policies, including if there are anger or emotional management classes for kids.

For more help, our School Bullying Resources and References page is dedicated to helping prevent and control school and youth bullying, such as 10 Ways to Help Reduce Bullying in Schools. CPI_logo-75x75In addition, we offer a Bullying Behaviors refresher option for CPI Certified Instructors in your school district. What suggestions do you have for helping keep your children, school, and community safe?
Oh and don’t forget your free Bullying Prevention Resources Guide also from our trusted friends at CPI . empower-me


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  1. A great post! I talked about bullying with my boy and his friend today, they play on the computer a lot. And I really want them to know how to be careful. I admire your work and your blog so much.


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